The Grand Canyon Caverns are located just a few miles east of Peach Springs in Arizona and are located some 210 feet or 64 meters below ground level. They are some of the largest and driest caverns in the United States and they boast a hotel suite! Due to the lack of water, there is also a corresponding lack of stalagmites and stalactites in these caverns.

Deep in these caverns is one of the world's most unlikely hotels. Oddly enough for such a wondrously unique hotel, it is part of a 48-room no-frills motel. The title of the article doesn't even do it justice - it's actually the world's largest, oldest, deepest, quietest, driest, and darkest hotel (it was once a government fallout shelter).


Formation Of The Caverns

  • Dry Caverns: Dry Caverns Are Rare And Are Only 3% of the Caverns In The World

Given how dry the region is now, one might not think it but 345 million years ago (during the Mississippian Period), this part of the United States was covered by ocean. The skeletons of sea life settling to the bottom of the ocean created mud high in calcium which eventually formed limestone bedrock.

Then over the course of millions of years, that bedrock was pushed up 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) above sea level. Around 35 million years ago the passages eroded forming what is today the Grand Canyon. Finally, evaporating water left calcium deposits on the walls and floors creating the amazing formations seen today.

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The Largest, Oldest, Deepest, Quietest, Driest, And Darkest Carven Suite

In this setting, one can find the largest, oldest, deepest, quietest, driest, and darkest hotel in the world. Part of the Grand Canyon Caverns the suite is the:

  • Largest: Because It Is Covered 200 Feet by 400 Feet With a Massive 70 Foot Ceiling
  • Oldest: Because The Walls and The Caverns Are Over 65 Million Years Old
  • Deepest: One Must Descend 220 Feet To One's Room Via Elevator
  • Darkest: Not Light Can Penetrate This Deep
  • Quietest: Nothing But The Sound Of One's Racing Heart
  • Driest: Nothing Lives In The Caverns and There's Zero Humidity

Imagine calling this environment one's bedroom! Live where nothing else lives - not a fly, not a mouse, not a bat, and not a bug or any other creepy crawlies. The air is dry and as clean as one can hope to find - it comes in via 65 miles of limestone crevices from the Grand Canyon into the caverns. As the air filters through, the limestone sucks out all the impurities and moisture from the air. Now that's an odd form of ventilation and air purification!

To put its depth in context. 220 feet beneath the surface is the equivalent of going down 22 stories underground.

Anyone wanting to call this home needs to plan ahead - there's only one room available in the caverns (otherwise they have plenty of boringly normal motels up on the surface where normal people reside).

The room is completely furnished and has all the amenities one needs. There are:

  • 2 Double Beds: But Remember Its One Room
  • A Living Room: With A Queen Fold Out Sofa - The Room Sleeps Up to 6
  • A Library: With Old Books And Magazines Like The National Geographic From 1917 As Well as Dictionaries From The Late 1800s
  • Furnishings: Table And Chairs
  • Light: Several Lightening Options For Over Night Stay And Personal Lightening
  • A Bathroom: So No One Needs To Walk Up To The Surface Every Time One Needs To Go!

The check-in time is normally the last tour of the day (4 pm) and check-out is before the first tour of the cavern begins - (10 am). One can check in early and stay later, just forget about privacy as the tours run 363 days a year and plenty of curious people will be gazing into one's living quarters.

The price of the Cavern Suite is not on the company's website but according to Forbes, it is $850 a night for two people.

If one can't make it here, consider staying at Under Canvas Grand Canyon and enjoy glamping by the Grand Canyon.

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Cavern Tour

Finding an available reservation for the cavern may be tricky and out of one's price bracket even if it was. But what won't break the bank is the tours of the cavern. Join the tour and check out the largest dry cavern in the United States 220 feet below the surface.

  • Tour Duration: 45 Minutes (Covers 3/4 Mile)
  • Departs: Hourly
  • Opens: 9 pm
  • Last Tour: 4 pm
  • Adult: $25.95 (Aged 13 and Over) | Child: $15.95 (Aged 6 to 12) | Seniors: $21.95 (Aged 55 and Over) | Kids: Under 5 Free

While in the Grand Canyon, plan ahead and go on a horse (actually mule) back riding tour in the Grand Canyon it really is a must.

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