The magnificent Roosevelt Hotel was named after President Theodore Roosevelt and situated on the immensely crowded Hollywood Boulevard and along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, first inaugurated in 1927 and has a star-studded past. The hotel intended to provide accommodations for people from various parts of the country to shoot their movies. It hosted the inaugural Oscars and movie premiere after-parties. The Roosevelt's guests and the building's spectacular Spanish Colonial Revival-style design served to define Hollywood's impression and myth as a destination of glitz and extravagance.


The hotel hosted a slew of celebrities in its initial years, including Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, and Carole Lombard, to name a few. It has acted as a motivation for directors and creators, who have based their films on this fairy tale setting of Hollywood.

Famous British artist David Hockney executed a multi-million dollar painting on the Tropicana Pool's bottom in 1988. The city's Cultural Heritage Council has listed both the hotel and the pool as Historical Sites.

A Route To History

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, being Los Angeles' oldest continuously functioning hotel, has seen its fair proportion of history and controversies. There are numerous stories to be recounted from the halls of this legendary hotel in the heart of Hollywood, from being a venue for a leading man's adulterous romances to being the beginning point for a future blonde sensation's successful career.

Beginning Of Academy Awards

  • The lavish Blossom Hall held the first Academy Awards in 1929.
  • The only Academy Awards ceremony that could not be heard on the radio or shown on tv.
  • It spanned only fifteen minutes.

Home To Hollywood's Actress

  • Marilyn Monroe lived at the Roosevelt Hotel for two years.
  • Marilyn landed her debut professional photo session at the hotel's pool.
  • She became one of the most renowned actors of all time, but it can be said that she has started her career at the Roosevelt.

Iconic Dance Routine

  • Shirley Temple and Bill Robinson featured in four films alongside, out of which the most notable is 1935's "The Little Colonel," which has links to the Roosevelt Hotel.
  • Shirley Temple learned the moves of the iconic "staircase dance" routine on the hotel's stairwell leading up to the lobby and Mezzanine level from Robinson.

Elite Affair

  • When Carole Lombard and Clark Gable met in 1932 for "No Man of Her Own," Carole was one of the top paid actresses of her day, and Gable was one of Hollywood's early heartthrobs.
  • Both actors were married and had a purely professional partnership on set. They didn't start dating until four years down the line when they reunited at Hollywood's yearly Mayfair Ball.
  • The Roosevelt Hotel was the setting for the two Hollywood royalty's secret relationship. He and Lombard had a relationship for many years until Gable's separation was finalized, and the couple eventually married.

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The Haunted Tales

When it pertains to staying at the Roosevelt Hotel, rumors of sightings and ghosts are common, as they are in other ancient buildings.

The Wandering Spirit

  • Montgomery Clift, who remained at the Roosevelt for three months while shooting "From Here to Eternity," was accustomed to walking in the corridors preparing his parts and practicing his bugle.
  • His spirit appears to perform the same thing, outside his room #928, as well as the corridors of the ninth level outside his room.

Monroe's Mirror Reflection

  • As Marylin Monroe stayed at the Roosevelt for so long, her spirit has been seen wandering the grounds.
  • Her ghost has been spotted around her hotel room, particularly near the pool where she performed her debut modeling job. There have also been rumors of a full-length mirror in her room projecting her image.

The Man In Tuxedo

  • The famed Blossom Ballroom has also been the site of several weird and scary sights and events.
  • Some people claim to have observed a figure in a tuxedo wandering around the hall.
  • Though the man's name is unclear, it was suggested that he was considered for an Academy Award and is still searching for his missing statue.

The sensation of chilly air in particular areas is another mysterious occurrence.

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Places To Explore

Hollywood's Golden Era joins modern aesthetics in earthy tones and rich textures throughout the building. There are a variety of lodgings available, ranging from King Superior suites to Cabanas.

The Gable And Lombard Penthouse

  • The Gable & Lombard Suite is a 3,200-square-foot condominium.
  • The three-story penthouse has a wide rooftop deck with 360-degree breathtaking views of Hollywood and its vicinity.
  • It has a mix of elegant, modern furniture and historical elements that represent old Hollywood luxury.

The Marilyn Suite

  • Visitors who are particularly fond of Marilyn Monroe are welcome to stay in her suite. Room #229, also known as the Marilyn Suite, will undoubtedly transport admirers to Monroe's initial years.
  • This suite has a loft-like, spacious floor layout, white furniture, elegant hardwood flooring, antique Eames items, and a wrap-around balcony overlooking the Tropicana Pool & Cafe.

The Tucked Hangout- Teddy's

  • Teddy's is a famous hangout tucked away between Roosevelt's lobby and the hustle and bustle of Hollywood Boulevard.
  • It is a Hollywood landmark to behold, with vaulted ceilings, warm, sensuous lighting emphasized by a cascading crystal chandelier, and stylish leather trimmings.

Pool And Cafe Tropicana

  • The Tropicana Pool & Cafe faces the renowned David Hockney pool encircled by lush flora and the hotel's unique Cabana rooms.
  • With DJ concerts and private meetings around shimmering fire rings, this enticing refuge attracts Hollywood's elite both day and night.

The Spare Room

  • The Spare Room, housed on the Roosevelt's Mezzanine floor, is a stylish cocktail bar and gaming parlor with custom-made wooden board games such as chess and Jenga.

The Hollywood Roosevelt is possibly the city's oldest continuously operating hotel. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in 1991. Despite its multiple renovations, Roosevelt's rich heritage will always have Hollywood stories to tell.

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