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Summer is over, and soon winter will be on its way. Imagine spending the night under the Northern Lights in an igloo. There are a number of igloos in northern climes around the world, and some of them are listed on Airbnb, offering a selection of dreamy wintry vacations. There are options for both real igloos made of ice and more modern igloos made of glass.

Nordic Countries in Europe have some of the best igloo accommodations and offer a chance to really connect with the wintry world of Santa Claus. One of the best ways to spice up one's trip is to book unique and interesting accommodations. Sometimes the accommodation can be just as important as the activities and tours one chooses to take.


Real Snow Igloo In Finland's Lapland

Some of the best igloo accommodation is found in Nordic countries like Norway, Sweden, and Finland. In Pelkosenniemi in Finland, visitors can book the Snow Igloo. It is tucked away in Finland's mystical Lapland, far to the north of the country. It is nestled next to the lake Pyhäjärvi and Pyhä-Luosto National Park and is a cold but stunning region of Finland.

The igloo is owned by a family-run business called Lucky Ranch and is a rare opportunity to actually sleep in a real snow igloo that they build every winter. Lucky Range is a day tour operator in northern Finland offering not only igloo accommodation but also a range of activities.

At the Snow Igloo, it is possible to see the northern lights. The igloo has real beds and a nice atmosphere with LED lights ad white walls.

  • Rating: 4.81/5.00 Stars On Airbnb
  • Price: 130 Euros ($140) Per Night
  • Capacity: Max 4 People Per Igloo
  • Breakfast: Light Self-Service Breakfast Included

It is always chilling the igloo with the temperature below freezing (otherwise, it would melt). A warm sleeping bag is provided, but guests are advised to bring warm clothing, including thermal layers, a warm hat, socks, and gloves. A headlight or flashlight is also handy.

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Snow Igloo's Facilities & Lapland Activities

In case people get a bit too cold, there is also a warm apartment available. Guests don't need to worry about being cold for the duration of their stay. Just pop over to the warm house with toilets, a shower, a living room, and a small kitchen. Use of the house comes with booking the igloo.

Outdoor activities offered include horse riding tours, snowshoeing, snow surfing, canoeing, and mountain biking. See the comprehensive list of activities offered on their website.

Visitors can also make use of their traditional Finnish wood-heated sauna by the lake (it is great to use year-round).

The igloo is 10 km (6 miles) away from the restaurants and supermarket, so guests may want to bring provisions and necessities with them.

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Floating Glass Igloo In Sweden

Not all igloos need to be made of snow and ice. After all, if one is in an ice igloo, one can't gaze up in bed at the Northern Lights. Another option is to stay in a glass igloo in northern Sweden on Airbnb. The Aurora Igloohotel is a floating glass room on one of the lakes in Sweden that freezes over in the winter.

  • Price: Approx: $371 Per Night
  • Capacity: 2 Guests

These igloos are also nestled in the Sami (Lapland) region of northern Sweden and offer a memorable Arctic experience.

Guests are guided to the igloo out in the total wilderness by a mountain guide. At the igloo, guests can relax in a wilderness free of human influence (hopefully) with the Northern Lights dancing overhead. There is no manmade light pollution here.

Activities include skiing, snowshoeing, and a husky ride. Keep an eye out for reindeer and other Arctic wildlife as well. Guests can also try their hands at ice fishing.

As the igloo is made of glass, it is not only open in the winter. During the spring, visitors can continue to ice fish in the warmth of the Igloo boat through the floor. In summer, Lapland is transformed and is perfect for hiking and exploring. Come in the autumn and see the northern foliage and bright colors, wild berries, and even mushrooms.

Autumn is also the best time for fishing as the fish gorge themselves before winter.