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Airbnb is a massive accommodation listing website. In 2019, it celebrated half a billion guest arrivals. With countless listings, it also has plenty of unusual accommodations. Airbnb boasts over 14,000 tiny houses, over 4,000 castles, and over 2,400 tree houses. The most visited room is a 600-year-old castle in Ireland. But the most visited listing on Airbnb is the Mushroom Dome in Aptos, California.

Airbnb has a stunning range of original accommodation options all around the world. These range from the Seashell House in Mexico's Isla Mujeres, to silos on the Prairies, to a big potato in Idaho (really check one out!). Choosing original accommodation is a great way to spice up one's vacation and make lasting memories.


The Mushroom Dome hosts - Kitty and Michael - have been hosting guests since 2009 and were one of the first Airbnb listings located outside a city. By 2019, they had amassed almost 1,300 reviews (now 1,700).

  • Hosts: Michael and Kitty Mrache
  • Guests: Up to Three
  • Reviews: 1,700 Reviews
  • Rating: 4.88/5.00 Stars

It may seem strange to many that the most popular listing on Airbnb is not a high-end glitzy hotel or other accommodation but rather a more humble mushroom. The "Mushroom Done" has a tiny bedroom, two beds, a kitchen, and a wooden patio.

The Mushroom Dome was originally built as temporary housing for a friend, but later it was opened to short-term tenants. The first to come was something of refugees from the stress of Silicon Valley looking for an escape, but now it attracts people from the world over.

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A Very Peaceful Retreat From Silicon Valley

The Mushroom Dome offers a very peaceful retreat from the stress of Silicon Valley and is on the other side of a mountain range by Aptos. The cabin is in a Redwood Grove, and there is hardly any sound there apart from crickets. It is an ideal place to unwind and restore.

At the cabin, guests can enjoy the 10 acres of private land without fences. Relax on the deck or take a hike out into the woods.

  • Hummingbirds: The Gardens Are Home To Hundreds Of Hummingbirds

While the accommodation feels isolated, it is actually less than 10 minutes to Aptos Village, where one can buy any necessities. The property has many hummingbirds, and it is home year-round to around 300-700 Anna Hummingbirds (in the summer, there are also many Rufus and Allen Hummers).

The Mushroom Dome's Facilities

As of the time of writing (August 2022), they are no longer allowed to rent the Mushroom Dome Cabin by Santa Cruz County. Instead, they rent the land, and guests can still have unlimited access to the Mushroom Dome Retreat.

  • Bed: Queen-Sized Casper Mattress
  • Facilities: A Small Refrigerator, a Hot Air Popcorn Popper, a Coffee Press, an Electric Kettle, A Wine Opener
  • BBQ: There Is A BBQ Grill On The Deck
  • Provided: Towels, Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Blow Dryer

The accommodation has a capacity for three guests - a queen-sized bed and a couch that can be made into a bed. The couch bed is an extra $15.00.

There are two tables - one inside and the other outside on the large deck facing the redwoods.

The bathroom is cute and features a Travertine shower, while the toilet is a Swedish Separett self-contained composting toilet. Be sure to follow the instructions on how to use the toilet to avoid any unpleasant odors (note that this accommodation isn't for anyone grossed out by the idea of a composting toilet). The bathroom has a low ceiling that may require those over 6 feet to duck a little.

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Booking The Mushroom Dome

If one would like to book a stay in the mushrooms, then plan ahead as they can be booked out well in advance.

The cabin is almost always booked out on the weekends - generally, one will need to make a reservation request around five months in advance. So that the hosts can have Saturdays off, they don't accept Saturday arrivals (come on Friday if one would like to stay on Saturday).

  • Check-in: Between 4.00 pm and 10 pm
  • Check-out: Noon
  • Dog: Extra $15.00
  • Cost: $159.00 Per Night
  • Smoking: Not Permitted In The Cabin Or On The Property

If there is no availability, consider their other listing - the Hummingbird Haven which normally has more availability.