The potato is but a humble starchy tuber. Like the tomato, it is related to the deadly nightshade family and has long been a staple crop in many countries around the world. They are the staple food of choice in Ireland and in Poland and feature on the number plates of the state of Idaho. Idaho is certainly an underrated state and is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise.

This lowly vegetable makes American favorites like French Fries possible and English traditions like Shepherd's Pie. Kristie is one enterprising entrepreneur in Idaho who decided to take the state's reputation for spuds to a whole new level and make the world's first potato hotel. Another novel accommodation option in the United States is to stay in a cave hotel - like the luxury cave hotel in the Ozarks.


The Background To The World's Only Potato Hotel

The potato hotel was part of a 75th anniversary in 2012, and it traveled for seven years about the country on the back of a massive red truck. That's not bad when one considers that it was only built for a one-year tour. In that time it toured 48 states - imagine staying in a hotel that has traveled more than you have!

  • Scientific Name: Solanum Tuberosum
  • Native: The Americas - From Southern USA to Southern Chile
  • First Domesticated: Present Day Southern Peru Around 7,000 to 10,000 Years Ago
  • Staple Food: The World's Fourth-Largest Food Crop After Corn, Wheat, and Rice

In 2019, the 'tater finally retired to a life of being a permanent hotel. That was the idea of one Kristie Wolfe. She transformed the retired tuber into a cozy getaway.

  • Created: 2012 in celebration of the IPC’s 75th anniversary
  • Toured The USA: The Spud Toured The Country For 7 Years
  • Traveled: It Traveled to 48 States

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What To Know About The Big Idaho Potato Hotel

Meet the Big Idaho Potato Hotel. It is situated on 400 acres of farmland outside the main Idaho city of Boise. Why not? Sounds like a great original marketing ploy. After all, Idaho does supply around a third of the country's potatoes.

Other than its size, the main difference between the Idaho Potato Hotel is that instead of being filled with starchy and carb goodness, it's made up of steel, plaster, and concrete. But at least the intimation is good with its brownish-gray lumpy exterior. On the inside, it is spotless white-plaster-and-Millennial-pink.

  • Size: 28-by-12-foot

This particular vacation spud comes with AC and a custom-built bed. Outside there is even a silo that has been transformed into a spa bathroom - it is complete with a fireplace.

It now lays claim to being the only potato hotel in the world. The spud enjoyed a breathtaking view just south of Boise of the Owyhee Mountains.

One can also stay in the knowledge that it is also an eco-friendly hotel. Its energy-efficient with its walls made of 10-inch thick green expanding foam for optimal heating and cooling efficiencies. Its air conditioning is run by an 8-inch x 60-inch underground pipe that acts as a natural air conditioner. Pump cool air into the potato even during the hot summer months.'

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Staying At the Potato Hotel

Such a novel and fun place. It is well appointed and the bath house is spectacular and so different then anything I have experienced before.Jessie Reviewer on Airbnb

Staying in a potato was an experience to put on to your list. It was cute, cozy and delightful to stay here.Cathy Reviewer on Airbnb

To book the 'tater, it's listed on Airbnb as a "farm stay hosted by Kristie." It sleeps two and a stay at the Big Idaho Potato Hotel comes with the farm's cutest jersey cow in the world.

  • Self-check-in: Check Oneself in with the smartlock
  • Bed: One Queen bed
  • Price: $250.00 a Night Plus Cleaning Fees and Taxes

A check on nightly rates for May suggests the price of the room is $250.00 a night plus a $75.00 cleaning fee, a $56.00 service fee, and $26.00 in occupancy taxes. That brings the grand total for a two-person stay to around $407.00 for one night.

Judging from its calendar, the potato is booked out most nights in the year, so one may want to plan in advance otherwise someone else may snatch up the world's only spud hotel on one's chosen dates.