The world is still very much interested in UFO culture and the US, specifically, has formed somewhat of a following when it comes to the potential for extraterrestrial life. While science has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of life elsewhere - although NASA has captured some strange images from outer space - there will always be the question of a real-life Signs or Independence Day situation. Popular movies have made UFOs a widely-accepted part of pop culture and while there are some who only indulge via movie nights, there are others who take the X-Files seriously and try to find the source of encounter reports.


As of 2020, there's one state, in particular, that has had alleged UFO encounters than any, and that's Pennsylvania. The National UFO Reporting Center has called Pennsylvania one of the best states in which to encounter the unidentified flying objects and since 1930, this state has been racking up sightings like no others, even beating out well-known UFO landmarks in states such as New Mexico. While the organization has no ties to government reports or sightings, they have done their due diligence in reporting where sightings have occurred most and have even recorded unexpected sightings, such as the 20 that claimed to hover over Staten Island since 2015 alone.

While Pennsylvania has almost routine activity, there are other states which have had the most sightings - of those, Texas, Washington, Florida, and California, with the most. However, what makes Pennsylvania the bigger news is the sheer number of sightings which have happened over the course of half a year: From January to June, residents reported a whopping 135 sightings, which is double what the reported cases were in 2019.

What, Exactly, Was Reported?

A wide array of sightings were reported since January with each report including specific details that are tough to debunk. One sighting claims that there was a triangular-shaped object that seemed to be hovering just above the ground, with red and white lights flashing around it in Mars. Another makes the claim of dozens of illuminated objects traveling "at a snail's pace" with some in a triangular formation and others traveling individually. Along with them was another craft that was much larger in size and seemed to only be moving up and down, this, too, featuring the same red and white lights that others have claimed to see. This sighting was reported in Harrisburg, where the witness claimed a family member witnessed the exact same thing not far from them.

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Reports in Pennsylvania have been ongoing since 1947 and since that year, there have been a whopping 3,887 reports filed altogether, with more coming as the year progresses. Many of these sightings have the same common thread: Multiple lights of varying color, some crafts with the ability to change or alter their shape or appearance, and the same description regarding speed and range of motion. Many of these sightings appear over groves of forests and experts claim that they tend to be spotted more in the warmer months. This could be attributed to the fact that more people spend time outdoors when the weather is good, but there's no saying for sure what the reasoning is.

Sometimes, people aren't even sure what they've seen is something out of the blue. Many times, reports start off with witnesses having been convinced that what they initially saw was a bright star or even a strange plane before they recognize unusual lights, shapes, or a pattern of motion that's unlike anything they've ever seen. Perhaps Pennsylvania remains a  hotspot simply due to the fact that much of the state is in complete darkness, with many rural areas as well as wilderness that spans for acres, limiting light pollution and allowing residents to get a better view to the sky above.

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Witnesses have also made claims for what they believe has been an increased military presence in the area, however, none of this has been confirmed, either. The aircraft sighted, specifically, are helicopters, and witnesses claim they've been traveling the skies, slowly, and hovering just above resident's houses. They report unusual flying patterns as well, with many helicopters seeming to have no rhyme or reason as to why they're flying the direction they are or when they descend or ascend. While many of these reports have been made, it's possible that experts will never truly know where these aircraft are from or why they make earth such a popular destination. In order to spot a UFO, experts do recommend hunkering down for a long night of stargazing and equipping oneself with a pair of binoculars or a good camera, as there's no rhyme, reason, or pattern to the sightings.

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