Now that we're at a time when we can count the number of potential weekend beach jaunts, Starbucks has trotted out a revolutionary new reminder that autumn is just around the corner. Bonus points to Starbucks because this little reminder is good for both the environment and tasty for your tummy!

The new delicacy is what Starbucks calls the Pumpkin Spice Cookie straw that's made out of exactly what you think it is. It's edible, meaning these are straws that won't find their way into a landfill or floating with other island-forming plastic debris floating in the Pacific. It's composed of wafers with a white chocolate flavor that's toasted and then rolled into the shape of a straw with the hollow replete with pumpkin spice and genuine white chocolate. Food retailers will be stocking them shortly in packages of 20 that go for $6.99 a pack.


It's likely a tasty prelude to the long-awaited fall tradition of Starbucks' classic Pumpkin Spice Latte, which hasn't yet been given a rollout date for this year. That being said, the gourd-inspired drink has become such a favorite among diehards, several of them have subscribed to the company's Leaf Rakers Society page on Facebook.

The legion is almost cult-like, but it helps keeps fans abreast on the latest developments in the pumpkin spice latte world. There's no secret handshake or weird initiation routine, but like any covert organization, they do have rules, aside from the basics involving courtesy when posting or responding online.

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Top of the list is an ever-so-polite request to avoid saying anything disparaging about the fall season, which runs from anything from complaining about the cooler weather to having to face the arduous seasonal task of raking those leaves. They also insist on topics staying relevant to the autumnal theme and in keeping with the steadily dropping mercury, ask that members be cool (or in other words, no trolling or mean comments).

While there are no doubt scores of other topics and groups that are infinitely more exciting to join than anything that seems to celebrate the end of the beach season, that's still not stopping nearly 20,000 folks from joining and contributing up to 200 posts daily.

However, except those to hit stratospheric heights once the PSL hits the Starbucks outlets.

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