From the release of A New Hope, the Star Wars saga has garnered a massive following. Whether you have been waiting for a Star Wars theme park since 1977 or are a new fan, the official Star Wars park is here and there’s something for everybody.

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Opened on May 31, 2019, the park has generated a lot of excitement for Star Wars fans, having been in production since 2015. Finally, you can build your own lightsaber, fly the Millennium Falcon, or even relax at the cantina. Here are ten things we know about Disneyland’s new Star Wars themed park called Galaxy’s Edge from its opening week.

10 Its Size Is Out Of This Galaxy

The 14-acre, $1 billion Galaxy’s Edge is the largest single addition to Disneyland in history. This makes the Star Wars park 25% the size of Disneyland Paris and approximately 1/10 the size of Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

The park consists of two areas: The Resistance Forest—mostly souvenir shops at present - and The Black Spire Outpost. The latter serves as the grounds of the main attractions. Exactly how many parsecs it takes to cross the park is currently being researched.

9 You Can Build A Lightsaber

Likely one of the park’s biggest appeals, fans can build their own unique lightsaber from scrap gathered from around the galaxy at Savi’s Workshop. Devotees can choose from parts to create their hilts; however, more importantly, they get to choose their kyber crystal.

These are crystals that determine the color of a lightsaber and there are four available: blue, red, violet, and green. A surprise character might make an appearance throughout the process. While the $200 price tag is not cheap; the lightsaber's style, weight, and effects are well worth it. It is also easily disassembled for those concerned about fitting it in with the rest of their luggage.

8 ...And Your Very Own Astromech

Similar to Savi’s Workshop, park-goers can also visit the Droid Depot--a steampunk factory reminiscent of many sets from the original trilogy. Here, parts can be assembled in a variety of ways to create your very own R2 or BB model.

The droid will set you back $99 but be warned, the droid must be carried in an accompanying backpack which will cost you $40. Optional accessories such as ‘personality chips’ and lights which will really bring your droid to life are also available. The droid making process takes roughly 15-30 minutes.

7 Alcohol Is Available For The First Time In Disneyland's History

As should be expected of a galaxy far far away, there are going to be some differences. For the first time in Disneyland, alcohol can be purchased at Batuu’s very own cantina. With the iconic cantina music in the background, adults can purchase beer, wine, or cocktails with a distinctive Star Wars spin to help wash down that Mustafarian Lava Roll you really shouldn’t have had but did anyway.

It should be noted that patrons cannot have more than two drinks and must leave in a 45-minute time frame (you don’t want to be around when Greedo shows up). Food, of course, is also sold and comes with its own Star Wars twist. For example, one looking for a chicken and vegetable mash with a side of salad should ask for a ‘fried Endorian Tip-Yip’.

6 The Park Exists Within Star Wars Canon

Disney parks know that canon and immersion are pivotal to visitors' experience. Be it the presence of fan favorites such as Kylo and Chewbacca, the soda drinks designed like and referred to as thermal detonators, or the use of Aurebesh (the official language in the Star Wars universe); clearly, immersion is paramount.

Set during the most recent trilogy, the park is bustling with conversation relating to its events. Cast members (Disney code for staff), who are trained in understanding their slice of the universe, create their own character’s personas and act baffled if asked questions contradicting canon.

5 There's A Time Limit (Or You'll Be Evicted By Stormtroopers)

Like at your new favorite cantina, your ultimate stay at the park is limited to 4 hours. Visitors are given a color-coded band called "boarding passes" as they enter the park indicating their allotted time. Staying beyond this time will have you evicted by Stormtroopers but so far, that has not been reported.

Instead, cast members approach overstayers and kindly ask they leave before you are escorted out by Stormtroopers. The park is strict on adhering to population control so as to avoid being overcrowded.

4 Leave The Costumes At Home

If over the age of 13, fans are asked not to wear their own costumes so as not to break immersion and to prevent confusion between guests and the crew, which is the standard within Disneyland. This also applies to your new Astromech (as mentioned earlier), lightsabers, and outfits purchased within the grounds (which look awesome).

A wide range of costumes are available at the park and there's surely something for everyone. This includes Jedi robes, Imperial Officer uniforms, Rebel Soldier gear, and even casual Star Wars wear.

3 The Falcon's Docked

The park's only ride at launch, the life-sized "piece of junk" is docked and waiting for you and five friends to attempt the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s run. Or, just play Dejarik, the Star Wars universe's version of chess (though not with a Wookie, obviously). On this ride, visitors can passionately discuss who will act as the pilot, engineer, or gunner.

You and your team must work together to pilot the legendary ship against a First Order ambush. Each player plays a crucial role, i.e. flying, shooting, and repairs. Damage to the Falcon is visible after the ride, culminating in a scorecard. Remember, Han and Chewie often spent time repairing the ship in the movies; there’s glory in being an engineer!

2 App Based Mini-Games Are A Must

Park creators not only made the park look as aesthetically accurate as possible, but also went to lengths to incorporate app-based side games for entertainment between activities. This app allows users to find hidden crates, open doors, activate fountains and droids, play games, or side with either the Resistance or the First Order.

The app can even translate the language/lingo, for instance, "Bright Moons" would be translated as, "Good morning." Reports also suggest that a golden bust of the infamous Jar-Jar Binks, along with many other easter eggs, exist somewhere within the park and can possibly be found through the app. It is worth noting that the app progress saves and can be continued upon subsequent visits to the park, so don’t worry about finding everything in one trip.

1 The Park Is Expanding

If all of the above doesn’t provide you with enough of a Star Wars fix, fear not, for an addition to the park titled ‘Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance’ will be unveiled towards the end of 2019, likely coinciding with the release of ‘Episode 9’ and will be positioned in the  Resistance Forest.

The theme and minor details of the park will also likely change as movies are released, changing the canon so that the park will be dynamic and different on subsequent visits. Plans have also been made to create more Star Wars parks in other Disney parks.

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