Coffee is one of the planet’s most universal drinks, enjoyed by common people and celebrities alike. But it’s far from the same in every country. Keep reading to see what a standard coffee looks like in these nations around the world.

Turkish Coffee Is Stronger Than What Most Westerners Are Used To

Turkish coffee is something that all foreigners should sample at least once when in Turkey. But be warned: Turkish coffee tends to be stronger than what many westerners are used to. According to the Turkish proverb published on The Travel Channel, Turkish coffee should be “as black as hell, as strong as death and as sweet as love.” There’s definitely no milk or cream to lighten the flavor!


Typically, Turkish people take coffee after meals. It is served from a copper pot called a cezve. While Americans might have donuts with their coffee, Turkish people tend to have traditional chewy candy as a sweet addition.

French Coffee Requires A Cup Big Enough To Dunk Croissants

Austrians Drink Their Coffee With Whipped Cream

Mexicans Sweeten Their Coffee With Cinnamon

Traditional Coffee Ceremonies Are Important In Ethiopia

Ethiopia is renowned as the birthplace of coffee so it makes sense that traditional coffee ceremonies are an integral part of the local culture. One popular saying in the African country even translates to “Coffee is our bread”. Historically, coffee in Ethiopia was served not with sugar, cream, or milk, but with the savory ingredients of salt or butter.Sometimes, it takes up to two hours to brew and serve Ethiopian coffee, which is known as buna. The ceremony is one of the highlights of village life and gives all in attendance the opportunity to consume up to three servings of coffee and discuss a range of topics from politics to gossip.NEXT: Top 10 Destinations For Chocolate Lovers