When staying at an all-inclusive resort, guests sometimes have even higher expectations than if they’re staying in a normal hotel. Everything is supposed to be included in the costs – lodging, activities, food, drink, and of course, stellar service. If something isn’t up to their standards, guests can be extra annoyed and difficult to deal with, meaning the staff at all-inclusive resorts have an even tougher job than usual. They’re expected to respond to guest concerns with a smile on their face and an efficient solution, no matter how ludicrous or demanding the guest may be.


It’s safe to say that resort staff likely have a lot of interesting stories from their job. With the number of people that shuffle through a resort on a daily basis, they’re bound to meet all sorts of characters who come with all types of experiences. We’re sure there are tons of things the staff would love to say to guests, but they just have to hold it in and replace any negativity with a smile – or else, their job would be on the line. Keep reading to learn what all-inclusive resort staff would love to say to guests but are just too polite to ever say to their face.

“We Still Expect You To Tip”

When staying in an all-inclusive resort, many guests believe that leaving tips aren’t necessary. While the resort staff may not say anything to your face, there is still an expectation that some sort of gratuity will be provided – it’s not like working at a hotel pays a lot!

In an article for Budget Travel, Gillian Telling, a former employee for an all-inclusive resort emphasized that guests should be generous with their tips. “The pay isn’t that good, and at our resort management turned a blind eye as long as the guests were happy and you were being discreet,” Telling explained, adding that there may even be something in it for you, “And yes, tipping well does get you special treatment.”

“Don’t Expect The Bed To Be Fully Clean”

With the number of guests that stay in all-inclusive resorts every day, that’s a lot of towels and linens that need to be washed. When you’re paying good money to stay at a hotel, you expect things to be squeaky clean. But according to former staff, that isn’t always the case.

Phocus Wire compiled a list of shocking confessions made by former resort employees on Reddit, and one person claimed that the beds aren’t fully washed in between guests. Gross! “The mattress cover and the sheet – those are the only parts that get washed,” the anonymous comment shared. A different person added, “The duvet stories are mostly true. If it looks clean and not wrinkled, then it stays without being washed.” Maybe that’s a sign to bring your own sheets when you travel…

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“We Will Ruin Your Vacation If You Mess With Us”

Resort staff are the last people you want to have on your bad side. They have the ability to either make your vacation incredible or miserable. Cameron Carson, a former beach resort worker, admitted to Return of the Kings that he would definitely take his frustration out on guests if they rubbed him the wrong way.

“We can ruin your vacation in any number of ways,” Carson wrote. “If you are a dickhead, I can make sure you won’t get laid. If you are an entitled little princess, I will go out of my way to make you feel unwanted and humiliated. This can range from the morally neutral (unfavorable seating/pairings during meals and activities) to the morally wrong.” Yikes!

“We’re Not Really Doing Shots With You”

The resort staff is expected to keep the energy high at all times so guests can enjoy themselves. It’s not uncommon to see staff seemingly taking shots with the crowd or a guest buying one of the bartenders or servers a drink. But even if the staff may seem like they’re letting loose, it’s actually all a façade.

Telling explains that it’s not possible for staff to drink like the guests. Though they may enjoy an alcoholic beverage once or twice, many times it’s actually a non-alcoholic beverage in their glass. “Over time, the bartenders learned to recognize when we wanted (or needed) shots of apple juice instead of rum,” she explained. “Most of the time, I wasn’t doing those shots with the guests like they thought I was. I couldn’t have.”

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“We Use Code Names To Talk About You”

It’s not surprising to hear that resort staff love to gossip about the people they encounter on the job. To make sure that the guests don’t hear their two-faced banter, some staff will use code names to sneak around the subject.

Cameron Carson admits that some of these hilarious names include, “sharks, dolphins, boppers, and cherries,” though he didn’t specify what each meant (we’ll let your imagination do that for you). Carson added that staff does something similar to speak about secret places around the resort, “Also useful for locations: ‘nowhere,’ ‘the dungeon,’ ‘the bat cave.’ If you know where we’re talking about then you will know where the party will be.”

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