One of the most important things to consider when heading off on vacation is the cuisine. St. Louis, Missouri has plenty of fabulous restaurants, but some outshine the rest. They understand flavor and what it means to cook food to perfection, all while serving dishes relative to the area.

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We have narrowed down the top restaurants in the St. Louis area that you have to try before the end of your trip to this great city. They vary in cuisine and clientele, so there is something everyone will enjoy. Keep reading to learn about ten amazing restaurants to try in St. Louis!

10 10. Pappy's Smokehouse

This restaurant serves authentic Memphis-style barbecue to its lucky customers, and it is one place you won't want to miss. You have a choice between three different sauces to finish off your smoked meat, which has been cooked low and slow with plenty of tender loving care.

It is possible to catch them at their shop or their food truck, but make sure to arrive before they sell out of the good stuff. Their main dish is a slack of ribs, but they also serve smoked sandwiches with a variety of different meats.

9 9. Broadway Oyster Bar

This restaurant is known for its seafood and cajun flavors, and it's obvious they know what they are doing as they have been in business for 35 years. They have outdoor patios and live music, as well as a menu that is to die for.

It is obvious by the name that they focus on oyster-centered dishes, but they have other seafood entrees as well in the form of sandwiches, salads, and pasta. There is something for everyone and no one ever walks through the doors hungry after eating at this restaurant.

8 8. The Shaved Duck

This award-winning restaurant serves some of the best barbecues in all of St. Louis. They start smoking the meat bright and early to ensure maximum flavor in their dishes. It serves some interesting dishes like cornmeal-dusted frog legs and duck confit for those looking to try something outside of their comfort zone.

If that isn't for you, they always have old-fashioned smoked meat and smoked potato wedges, so your stomach will be filled to the brim with amazing tastes moments after your plate is set in front of you.

7 7. The Fountain on Locust

This is an ice cream bar and restaurant that is the perfect way to cool off on any super hot day. They make everything from scratch, including their chocolate topping, and also create wonderful alcoholic beverages for the adults. This restaurant serves all palates as they have meat options, as well as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

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They serve a wide variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches, as well as the main entree that changes based on the day of the week. This is an adult's playground and the perfect place for you and your significant other to go on a romantic date.

6 6. Blues City Deli

This might not look like much, but the flavor behind its meals is something you will never forget. They have live blues music, so make sure to check the schedule if you want to enjoy a show. They mainly serve delicious sandwiches of various varieties, but their menu also has salads, sweets, and beer. It is relatively cheap to eat here, so if you want to save a couple of extra dollars while still eating an outstanding meal, then this is the place you want to be.

5 5. Kounter Kulture

This is an Asian restaurant that people rave about as they are able to experience high-class food from a variety of countries. It is a to-go restaurant, but they do have outdoor seating available for those interested.

They only work with local farmers which earned them five stars from the Green Dining Alliance as they work to help conserve our natural resources. A few of the excellent dishes on their menu at the moment include Thai green curry, seared Scottish salmon, and tuna tataki.

4 4. Sameem Afghan Restaurant

This restaurant opened its doors back in 2005 and they serve a traditional Afghan cuisine to their guests. There are so many things to try and it will open your eyes to a new food culture, even if it isn't native to Missouri. You can eat dishes like curry lamb, beef Kobidah kabob, or chicken Soltani for a dish like nothing else you have ever tasted.

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There are so many options you won't know what to choose, but the people who work here are more than happy to help you with your decision. This restaurant alone might be the reason you decide to make a second trip back to St. Louis.

3 3. Union Loafers

If you were looking for a carb-overload, then Union Loafers is the place you need to eat. They have various types of bread, pizzas, and sandwiches, and the number of choices will make it hard for you to choose just one. They also serve several kinds of alcoholic beverages, because nothing goes better with your carbs than a tasty beer.

This place is amazing because you can order a single loaf of bread if you want and eat that as your meal, which more than one of us has dreamed of doing. It is an amazing place to eat and you won't be disappointed if you choose this as your dinner venue.

2 2. The Crossing

This restaurant has been serving flavorful dishes since 1998 and it doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. They are a fine dining restaurant that focuses on spectacular dishes, but it will cost you a bit more cash in the long run. All of their pasta is homemade, so this is a sure win for anyone who orders here.

They also serve a variety of sandwiches and seafood options if you were looking for something a little different. If you happen to leave room for dessert then you can order one of their sweet delicacies that are sure to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.

1 1. Hendel's Restaurant

This place started as a grocery store and gradually turned itself into a star restaurant. It has a custom-made oak bar and a large dining space for guests to enjoy. Their specialties include salads, burgers, and meats fresh off of the grill whose smells will have your mouth watering in anticipation.

They also have pasta dishes and seafood entrees, so everyone can find something they want to eat to satisfy their growing hunger. This restaurant also holds events throughout the year, so keep an eye on the calendar if you are interested in attending one of them.

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