Sri Lanka has been called the Teardrop of India and is an utterly stunning location everyone should visit. It offers so many things in such a small area and has many best-kept secrets. In Sri Lanka, you can see very rich biodiversity, majestic beaches, deep history, nuanced culture, and a range of climate zones.

Sri Lanka is certainly an island paradise but unlike other tiny island paradises where there is little more to do than relax on the beach, Sri Lanka is large enough to offer a fantastic range of things to see and do. All this and not to mention a delectable cuisine tradition.


Sri Lanka: The Facts

  • Independence: 1948 (From The UK)
  • Population: 22 Million
  • Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee
  • Official Languages: Sinhalese And Tamil (English Is Also Recognised)

Sri Lanka has two main ethnic groups, the majority Sinhalese, and the Tamils. The Sinhalese are majority Buddhist while the Tamils are majority Hindu. The Tamils are split into two groups, the native Tamils of the north and the Tamils in the center (who migrated from India during British rule to work on the tea plantations).

Visa Policy Of Sri Lanka

Virtually all countries in the world can get a visa on arrival in Sri Lanka with an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization)

  • Visa On Arrival Cost: $35-40
  • Visa Duration: 30 Days


Sri Lanka is a very welcoming country and a fantastic country to visit. It is also a developing country and driving here may not be the strict rule-bound affair Westerners used to. Also, the traditional food here is very spicy (and traditionally even for breakfast) - but you will find plenty of restaurants selling Western-style food as well. The tea made here is traditionally also very very sweet. While distances may look short on the map, it may take a while to actually drive there as there is a lot of traffic on the roads.

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  • Food In Sri Lanka Is Very Spicy
  • Traffic Is Often Dense And The Driving Style Is Not Like The West

Tropical Beaches

Sri Lankan is home to many tropical beaches and they are one of the island nation's main attractions. They can be found all around the island. Be sure to get up early in the morning as some of the best times for taking photos and enjoying the environment before it gets too hot is in the morning.


Kandy is the old capital of Sri Lanka and is a must-visit as you explore this island. It is located in the center of the island away from the coast and typically it has a much more mild climate than other cities on the coast.

Kandy boasts breathtaking biodiversity and some stunning ancient architecture. It is only a small city with around 125,000 inhabitants. It is also the gateway to the Central Highlands and the weather here is very stable - September to December being the wet months. The Kandy Lake was built back in 1807 and dominates the center of the city, fishing is banned here and the lake is teeming with fish.

Places To Visit In Kandy

Temple of the Tooth: Said To Host The Relic Of The Tooth Of Buddha

Royal Palace: The Last Royal Palace Built In Sri Lanka

Royal Botanical Garden, Peradeniya: Stunning And Home To Over 4,000 Species Of Plants

Sigiriya: The Facts

  • Number Of Steps: 1250
  • Admission Fee: $30
  • Opening Hours: 7.00 am - 5.30 pm
  • Days Open: Every Day


It is a totally must-see massive rock fortress rising promptingly from the forests around it in central Sri Lanka. Its name translates as the Lion City and it is believed to have been built some 1500 years ago. It is regarded as one of the best-preserved examples of ancient planning.

Today you can walk around the site and climb up the steep stairs leading to the top. You will be greeted with impressive rock artwork and the remains of formidable lion statues guarding the ascend up the mount.

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Galle is a southern coastal city and one of the most populated places in Sri Lanka to visit for a beach holiday. Galle also boasts some of the best ruins of former Portuguese and then Dutch occupation on the island (before the arrival of the British). In fact today Galle Fort is UNESCO listed and is the largest remaining European fortress built in Asia by Europeans.

Galle Fort: First Built-in 1588 By the Portuguese

Expanded: From 1649 By The Dutch

Food In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a rich culinary tradition and plenty of delicious types of food. And perfect for the traveler with an adventurous pallet. Some of the food to try includes.

Kottu Roti - You Can easily Buy This On The Street

Fish Ambul Thiyal - A Type Of Sour Fish Curry

Watalappan - A Type Of Steamed Egg Custard

Tea - Sri Lankan Tea Is Very Sweet

Coconut - There Are Lots Of Fresh Coconut Milks To Try

This is just scratching the surface of the wealth of things there are to see and do in this stunning paradise in the Indian Ocean.

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