The Grand Canyon is a 278-mile gorge inscribed by the legendary Colorado River. With depths running up to one mile, it is still surprising why the Grand Canyon is not considered among the Seven Wonders of the World.

Most people believe that the best way to enjoy beautiful views of this spectacular gorge is by visiting the Grand Canyon National Park. Unfortunately, only a section of it is visible from the park. Opting for other scenic viewpoints will do the magic trick.

Here are the 10 top Grand Canyon viewpoints for amazing views.

10 Desert View Tower

Built in 1932, the Desert View Tower needs no introduction to Arizona vacationers. It is among the first things vacationers arriving from the east see on reaching the Grand Canyon. This viewpoint is more than just a Grand Canyon tower. It is also the perfect place to view the vast desert plateaus of the area. Best still, vacationers are treated to scenic views of one of the biggest bends on the Colorado River.

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9 Shoshone Point

South Rim viewpoints dominate the list of the best Grand Canyon viewpoints for a reason. They are less crowded and their views are mind-boggling. Getting to Shoshone Point is a hiking exercise by itself that makes the whole Arizona experience worthwhile. This viewpoint is primarily a stand-alone rock that feeds adventurers with great views of up to 180 degrees.

8 Mather Point

Considered to be the most popular of all Grand Canyon viewpoints, Mather Point is one rare point adventurers should strive to reach. This point gives vacationers an almost 360-degree view of the canyon. The viewpoint is safe for both kids and adults. The all-around fencing around it ensures that no one falls off the cliff.

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7 Tuweep Overlook

The Tuweep Overlook is not for the faint-hearted. This viewpoint is specifically for people who are willing to push their bodies to the extreme. Very few points, if any, can guarantee views similar to those of this overlook. It offers a dramatic view of Colorado with scenic views of the Colorado River slithering through the massive rocks. With no water, food, or lodging nearby, the Tuweep Overlook is the ideal hiking trail for those who adore remote vacations.

6 Powell Viewpoint

Hiking in Arizona is such a great activity that every vacationer should long for. Vacations in this beautiful state shouldn’t be limited to desert visits alone. Hiking up the Powell Viewpoint to view the gorgeous gorge down there is an underrated experience whose satisfaction comes second to none. The journey here begins at the Mason Grand Canyon Degree Memorial. The said journey is not as difficult as people have been made to believe. The landscapes toward Powell Viewpoint are relatively flat. With the fair terrain, it becomes easy for vacationers to stroll up there and feed their eyes to those unforgettable views.

5 Nankoweap

Grand Canyon viewpoints are not limited to accomplished hikers alone. Water enthusiasts also have their way in Nankoweap. It is a stop along the Colorado River with guided rafting trips. Vacationers are not allowed to get into the water and raft their way to the viewpoint without guides. Rafting through the river is a thrilling activity on its own that makes the Arizona experience worth it. Those willing to explore this viewpoint through hiking trails are advised to proceed with caution. Park authorities have to be engaged for guidance.

4 The Abyss

When most people are asked to describe the Grand Canyon, they can hardly do it without incorporating the Colorado River into it. The Abyss offers an alternative angle of viewing this natural wonder. In this case, the river is completely out of the picture. Only the gorge and huge rocks resembling climbing steps are visible. Seeing how this canyon blends with the sky at sunset creates such a spectacle.

3 Roosevelt Point

Looking for a place where history is made in the Grand Canyon? Roosevelt Point is the exact location. The name of this point reminds vacationers of America’s 26th president. President Roosevelt was honored for his contribution to setting up the Grand Canyon National Monument. Vacationers have a chance to witness this piece of history as they enjoy the wonderful sunrises and sunsets from up there.

2 The Black Bridge

What a way to sum up the Grand Canyon experience. Over the bridge viewpoints offer a full-angle view of the larger canyon. From the free-flowing Colorado River to the gorge itself, the views from up there are as real as they can get. The sound of the Colorado River towering through the walls of the canyon is music to the ears of every vacationer who opts for the over-the-bridge experience.

1 El Tovar Hotel

Outdoor dining is a thing every vacationer longs for. Now figure this scenario, dining outdoors while enjoying scenic views of the Grand Canyon. Since its construction in the early 20th century, the El Tovar Hotel has maintained its status as a preferred dining viewpoint. Today, the hotel is a registered landmark and the views from up there are worth a toss of glass.