There are more than a few reasons to check out Kentucky this fall. For travelers on the hunt for their latest fright or spooky seasonal fix, Kentucky is a nightmare-ish playground with its abundance of haunted houses, creepy cemeteries, sinister locations, pubs with ghostly patrons, and more. Of course, the beloved Bluegrass State also has colorful fall festivals and Halloween-themed events (like the Jack O'Lantern immersive art experience). During the fall season, Kentucky also has autumn bourbon tastings and kid-friendly Zoo Halloween Parties—all of which only add to one's festive adventure. But, for anyone looking for some thrills and chills, here are ten slightly spooky reasons to visit Kentucky this fall.

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10 The Blue Heron Mining Community

Located in the Daniel Boone National Forest in London, Ky, seasonal scare seekers will find the Blue Heron Mining Community. This former and now abandoned coal town definitely has a spooky look and vibe. Visitors can now make their way through this eerie location since it has been restored and is open for hair-raising historic mining tours. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then the annual Ghost Train tour is the best way to check out this shuttered town with its creaky buildings, hidden past, and ominous echoing breeze that can often be heard around these parts this time of year.

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9 The Graves At Cave Hill Cemetery

Louisville, Ky, has been a Halloween and fall epicenter for quite some time, so there's always something spooky to get into there. An excellent place to start in Louisville is none other than the historic Cave Hill Cemetery. This cemetery is massive and filled with ancient graves, famous historical people, supernatural-looking mausoleums, and an overall sense of dread. But before you run away in fear, you should know that there are daytime and afternoon guided tours available (in addition to the terrifying after-dark tours). If you are brave enough, there is also a free informative Cave Hill Cemetary map for some good old-fashioned self-guided grave-hunting.

8 Old Talbott Tavern

In the city of Bardstown, paranormal enthusiasts can delight in one of Kentucky's oldest taverns—the Old Talbott Tavern. The town, itself, was established in 1779, but the odd thing is no one has any record of when the tavern was constructed. Nevertheless, this pub was a popular stagecoach stop that even saw the likes of Jesse James on more than one occasion. In fact, several rooms are said to have been damaged by rounds from Jesse's gun (when he encountered his own ghostly guest) and during a separate attack on Jesse's life, according to tavern lore. Today, tales of disembodied voices, strange footsteps, apparitions, and doors opening on their own make this timeless tavern a must-see.

7 Louisville Haunted Houses

Thanks to this town's thriving local theater scene and love of haunted history, there's no shortage of spine-tingling haunted houses to check out in Louisville. From haunted caves, local lore, and danger runs to terrifying performers drenched in blood, wielding chainsaws, this city's thrilling take on the spooky season is yet another reason to make your way down to Kentucky. Some notable haunts to check out in Louisville include the Haunted Hotel, Baxter Avenue Morgue, The American Horrorplex, and The Devil's Attic—just to name a few.

6 Camp Zachary Taylor

Speaking of hauntings and spooky places in Louisville, Camp Zachary Taylor definitely makes the list of reasons to trick-or-treat in Kentucky. This once military base had a series of outbreaks of Tuberculosis, Malaria, and other deadly diseases in 1917. As a result, this training camp quickly became a place for the dead and dying to spend the remainder of their days. Bodies were stacked floor to ceiling high, and the base eventually fell into disrepair. Today, locals in the area now often report sightings of ghostly soldiers roaming the streets and a woman in a blue Victorian dress with an icy glare wandering close behind them.

5 Haunted Walking Tour Of Old Louisville

Yet another reason to head to Ky this fall is located in good ole Louisville or rather Old Louisville. This historic spot is not only stunning but also rumored to be haunted. So, of course, guided walking tours are available here. These tours of old Louisville are perfect at night and are just the right combination of horror and history. Visitors can choose the level of spookiness by opting for a family ghost tour or an adult ghost tour. Sound interesting? Then explore one of America's most haunted neighborhoods by lamplight and see what all the fuss is about if you dare.

4 The Waverly Hills Sanatorium

If you love bone-chilling history and all things paranormal, then chances are you've heard of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. This main attraction in Louisville is creepy and menacing just by itself. But around this particular time of year, Waverly Hills is transformed into a haunted house. Here brave souls will travel through the abandoned recesses of this former TB hospital and dark sanatorium, see the infamous body chute, and keep their eyes peeled for the ghosts that are said to haunt the hallowed halls of Waverly Hills. A bonus, there are also haunted tours if you are craving an incredibly eerie experience without the haunted house screams and frights.

3 Mammoth Cave

Known as the most extended cave system in the world, Mammoth Cave spans over three counties in Kentucky, and its nearest city is Brownsville. A true natural wonder with historical tales and sinister stories galore, this cave system is worth exploring any time of the year. But during the spooky season, this expansive cave has a dark past it's ready to share that not too many people know—it was a former underground hospital. That's right; in 1839, Dr. John Croghan purchased a vast plot of land that included Mammoth Cave. In this very cave, Dr. Croghan was said to have conducted some somewhat questionable experiments on Tuberculosis patients admitted to his underground hospital. So suffice it to say, there are likely some very unhappy ghosts and spirits lurking in that dark, damp cave.

2 Lick Creek Cemetery

In the small town of Dawson Springs, Ky, thrills and chills seekers will find Lick Creek Cemetery, which you might have guessed is rumored to be among the most haunted places in the state. Here restless souls apparently roam this graveyard, people appear and then disappear, and glowing eyes and objects are said to be almost nightly occurrences in this spooky little cemetery. Here, cemetery guests can tour this eerie final resting place alone, with a guide, or in the sweet safety of a group tour.

1 Bobby Mackey's Music World

Last but not least, if you have watched "Ghost Adventures," then you likely know the story of Bobby Mackey's Music World. Located in Wilder, Ky, this is definitely a runner-up for the most haunted bar around these parts. In addition, to being purportedly haunted, this bar has a unique feature that raises the spook factor here—a massive hole in the floor. But this isn't your average hole; instead, it is rumored to be a "portal to Hell." So if you like a stiff drink, a great band, a hauntingly good time, and easy access to Hell, then this might be the bar for you.