Google Spirit Airlines and you'll find countless reasons why people don't like flying with them. calls it "the worst airline in America" and there are many online reviews of people who weren't happy with their travel experiences. mentions that there is a 2.5 out of 5 rating on Trip Advisor which definitely doesn't sound too great.

While flying isn't always the best thing ever, it seems that there are enough negative comments about this airline that we have to take note of it. Sure, it seems like the tickets are cheap, but is that enough? Does that mean that passengers shouldn't expect a better experience?


Read on to find out why Spirit Airlines is not worth the plane ticket.

You'll Be Nickle And Dimed The Whole Time

One reason why people don't enjoy flying with Spirit Airlines is that it seems like you have to pay for literally everything. Consider this story on they had to pay $10 to "check-in" at the ticket counter and to choose the seat that they wanted on the plane. Checking a piece of luggage would set you back $21 and if you want to do carry-on, you have to pay $26.

This is so wild to hear since usually, the whole point of doing carry-on luggage is not having to pay and having the ease and convenience of knowing that your bag is safely above you. Your luggage can cost even more: it could be $100 if you decide to check luggage at the gate. The writer of the story explains that they had thought they were going to pay $79 for their plane ticket and with all of the extra money they had to spend, it had gone up to $173.

It's Going To Be An Uncomfortable Flight

It seems like flying with Spirit Airlines is going to be uncomfortable because you're going to be on a small plane with a lot of people. Since feeling like you have zero space to move around is the worst part of flying, this doesn't sound very appealing.

According to this Reddit post, "the cabin is very cramped, the seats are not comfortable at all..." Another post on the website mentioned that it seemed like extra plane seats were put in because the windows and seats didn't match up together.

A Philly Mag article mentions how uncomfortable a man and his wife were: "When my wife and I arrived at our seats in the 25th row of Spirit’s Airbus A319, I thought it was some sort of joke. We’re not particularly large people, and the amount of space allotted for our bodies was cruel and unusual."

The person who took the above photo on the left even said on Trip Advisor said that the seats in the airport terminal were ripped. And the tray tables are super small as we can see.

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Delays Or Connecting Flights Are Made Even Worse

Whenever you head to the airport to fly to your desired destination, you're hoping for one thing above all else: no delays. This is the most frustrating part of plane travel for many people. According to many posts on Reddit, if you get delayed or you have connecting flights, then Spirit Airlines isn't going to be worth the money. There are so many stories about this happening. One woman shared her story from when she was 16: she got to the airport for a morning flight and she made sure to be there at 8 a.m. She was still there at 7 p.m. when the flight was canceled.

One person explained, "I did once fly connecting to New Orleans with a layover in Chicago. The connecting flight was supposed to take off at 10 pm, and it didn’t until 8 am. They gave us a 10 dollar food voucher for food at the airport, which was pretty frustrating." That sounds like a truly terrible experience, and you would expect the airline to pay for more food than that. At the very least, you would want some meals paid for, but being put up in an airport hotel for the night doesn't seem like too much to ask, right?

Someone else said that flying direct is the only way to go with Spirit and said they had an issue when they had booked a connecting flight. Their friend's suitcase, which they had checked, had gone missing, and no one helped them with that.

These reasons explain why Spirit Airlines isn't worth the price, as people haven't had the best flying experiences with them, from cramped seats to delays to having to pay to even have a carry-on piece of luggage.

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