Som Hotels, a Spanish hotel chain, will be opening their first women’s only hotel in Mallorca, Spain next spring. The Hotel Som Dona Women Only will be located in Porto Cristo on the west coast of the island of Mallorca and will only accept women over 18. Som Hotels president Joan Enric Capella said, "It is not about us in any way for women's rights or feminism, but to satisfy an increasing demand."

The concept was developed after the hotel chain conducted a survey in which women expressed interest in a women’s only hotel. The idea was matched by a “growing business trend focused on a female audience." Som Dona Hotel will feature 39 elegant rooms with a pink-and-white décor. The hotel will also offer a pool, free Wi-Fi, health-conscious cuisine made with "zero-kilometer" products, a spa, live music, and a rooftop bar. Some Hotels will also hire a mostly female staff.


“We want the most employees possible to be women, of course respecting Spain’s parity laws,” Capella said. “One of our objectives is also to give a certain visibility to women doing traditionally masculine jobs.”

In 2007, the Spanish government enacted equality legislation that required political parties to run female candidates in at least 40% of the seats they contest and ordered larger companies to negotiate "equality plans" to promote women. The law also granted 15 days of paternity leave to new fathers. The current Spanish government led by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón has 11 women and 6 men in its cabinet.

Capella noted that one of the objectives of the hotel is to ensure safety for women travelers.

According to the International Women's Travel Center, the eight worst countries for women tourists, which doesn’t include obvious war-torn countries like Afghanistan or Somalia, are the following:

Egypt – Women’s rights have deteriorated since the Arab Spring and there is a high risk of terrorism, rape, and harassment.

Mexico – There are high levels of violent crime such as murder, armed robbery, sexual assault, kidnapping, carjacking, and gang activity.

Lebanon – There is unrest, instability, and economic problems caused by the war nearby in Syria.

Saudi Arabia – Women’s rights are still very restricted and terrorist attacks have grown increasingly common.

India – Rape and harassment, as well as problems with disease, transportation, and terrorism, are still pervasive.

Turkey – There is hostility toward women, civil unrest and terrorism.

Israel – Violence due to military operations against Syria has escalated and tensions among religious communities have increased.

Russian Federation – Terrorism, rape, mugging, pick-pocketing and scams, as well as, racism and hostility to foreigners have been on the upswing.

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The center also lists on its Don’t Even Go There List: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen. The International Women's Travel Center uses data from the Global Peace Index, the World Economic Forum – Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report and the United Nations Global Tourism Index to compile its list.