Spain has a lot to offer in terms of food, dancing, beaches, architecture, and natural wonders. It has 47 World Heritage Sites and you would definitely have a difficult time trying to visit every single one of them on a short trip.

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With so much to explore it's easy to get overwhelmed, so this list has been cut down to just ten things that are must-dos during your visit to Spain.

10 See The Antoni Gaudí Temple

What is most interesting is that this major construction began in 1882 and still has not been finished. According to those working on the project, it's scheduled to be completed in 2026.

The temple attracts over three million visitors a year due to its beauty. The beginning of its construction started with the famous architect, Antoni Gaudí, and he worked on the project knowing he would not live to see it finished.

The temple is embedded with a ton of religious symbolism. The best way to enjoy it is to hire a guide to explain everything that makes the building so special. It is also not the only Antoni Gaudí work on our list.

9 Visit The Alhambra

This palace-fortress dates all the way back to 889 A.D. It began as a Roman fortress and was turned into a palace in the 1300s. Due to its long history, it has been an inspiration for many songs and stories. Poets called it "a pearl set in emeralds." It has plenty to see from its art to stories of its history.

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It is easy to spend an entire day exploring the buildings. It is also located in Granada, which also had a ton of other things to do.

8 Experience La Tomatina

This annual festival is a giant epic food fight. However, you have to plan your trip to be in late August if you want to participate.

The festival happens in the Valencian town of Buñol, and the food that you fight with is tomatoes. It always occurs on the last Wednesday of August and has gone on since 1945.  It may sound like total chaos, but there are rules so people do not get hurt. One important rule is to squish the tomatoes before throwing them.

7 Explore Ronda

Ronda is a city, but also part of the Sierra de las Nieves National Park. It is not purely a tourist destination, as it houses about 35,000 inhabitants. However, it is often visited by world travelers because of its ancient buildings.

Must-sees of the city include the bridges that span over canyons and the Plaza de Toros de Ronda, which is the oldest bullfighting ring in Spain. You can even try to see bullfighting if that is your thing, though that tradition has been undergoing change due to controversy as of late.

6 Hike On The Caminito Del Rey

This walkway is not for those that are scared of heights, as it is pinned upon steep walls of a narrow gorge. It was once known as one of the most dangerous walkways of the world, as five people died during their treks in 1999 and 2000. With renovations though, the walkway is much safer today than it was back then.

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If you are lucky you may see one of the local animal species such as the Egyptian vulture, Spanish ibex, or golden eagle.

5 Relax At The Balearic Islands

Spain has many islands but the main ones are Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera. They are popular tourist destinations. Ibiza is best if you like parties. It is known for attracting popular DJs to their nightclubs.

One of the best aspects though is their beaches. They have crystal clear water that is perfect for a swim. The islands offer a perfect vacation location, as they have hotels, ferries, great food, and museums.

4 Tour The Golden Triangle of Art

If you find yourself in Madrid, there are three art museums that are considered to be the best in Spain. The three of them make-up what everyone has called "The Golden Triangle of Art." These museums are called the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofia Museum, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

Prado features pre-20th-century art, Reina Sofia has modern art, and Thyssen-Bornemisza has a collection of history through contemporary. Madrid has a ton of museums, but these are some of the most famous of them.

3 Walk Along The Camino De Santiago

Known in English as the "Way of Saint James," these trails are actually a big network of old pilgrim routes that stretch all over Europe. They all come together to the tomb of St. James.

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The trails are pretty doable by anyone, as they are mostly flat and on well-made paths. The difficulty depends on how long you plan to walk, as some dedicate months to walking these trails.

2 Photograph The Art At Parc Guell

This unique public park and the municipal garden is another work of the famous architect, Antoni Gaudí. It is also free to visit. The only cost is if you want to visit Gaudi's house, which contains furniture that he also designed.

The park was designed to make visitors feel peaceful and calm. The roofs of the buildings are very unusual and look like something out of children's books. There are also tons of animal sculptures around the park, such as a sea serpent who also is a bench.

1 Eat Tapas

There is always a "must eat" food when you travel to a certain location. In Spain, that food is tapas. Luckily for the picky eater, there are many kinds of tapas from hot to cold.

As to what tapas is, there is often a good deal of confusion since there are so many kinds. The magic of tapas is that they are not a particular type of food. It can be ham, cheese on toast, kebabs, and much else. It is typically a small dish of something edible. If someone invites you to have tapas, you may go bar hopping and try out their various tapas.

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