If there was an award ceremony for the best place to shop, there is no doubt Dubai would take it. Dubai has made a name for itself. Other global destinations are using it as a benchmark.

Shopping for a proper souvenir in Dubai can be a daunting task. With so many options available, settling for some will need shoppers to make compromises.

Below are 10 unique souvenirs worth every penny.

10 Gold Jewelry

Gold in Dubai is like sushi in Japan. It is readily available. Dubai has a relatively friendly tax policy that helps keep gold prices sane. Compared to other global cities, buying gold in Dubai is cheaper. With an asking price of 30 dollars per gram, vacationers have the option to purchase whatever they like provided they can afford it. A golden ring or necklace will be a simplistic way of creating lasting Dubai memories.

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9 Bakhoor

Americans have a special place for fragrances. From washrooms to stuffy rooms, at one point, a fragrant will need to be sprayed to counter a foul smell. Dubai offers a natural and longer-lasting approach in the form of bakhoor. Bakhoor is a combination of different rare trees and natural oils to yield a traditional form of incense. The byproduct comes in the form of wood chips or powder. When placed over burning charcoal, bakhoor yields a white smoke that breathes a new lease of life, thanks to its decent smell.

8 Handmade Persian Rugs

Handmade Persian Rugs are other worthy inclusions in the list of souvenirs to bring from the UAE. These rugs adopt unique patterns that tend to amplify small spaces. Home décor enthusiasts have one more product to take their interior design game a notch higher. True to their word, these rugs do not disappoint. They are made from high-quality material and can be easily washed with bare hands and sun-dried.

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7 Flower-Glazed Shawls & Scarfs

Dubai’s fashion game is up there. While the rest of the world is struggling with civilization and modernity in the fashion industry, Dubai is using its available resources to fill the emerging market gap. Ladies enjoy the flower-glazed shawls as they are a showstopper. Shawls don’t have a specific dress code. They can be cross-matched with several outfits.

6 Dried Dates

Foodies find Dubai to be a truly amazing place. From grilled steaks to vegan diets, there is something for everyone out there. Even with all that available, there is something special that easily catches every vacationer’s attention, the dried dates. With over 20 varieties available across different stalls in the UAE, tourists are allowed to carry packaged dry dates back home.

5 Traditional Arab Footwear

Arabs designers are known for their creativity. From the look of things, this creativity stems back from the traditional Arab setting. Traditional Arab shoes are designed to be slim fit. They are carefully woven with beads on top for a sleeker finish. Shoes come in a plethora of colors from which adventurers can identify the best piece of art to take home.

4 Arabic Brass Coffee Pot

Popularly known as dallah, the Arabic Brass Coffee Pot is a beauty every Dubai vacationer needs. This item is packaged and sold in souvenir shops mainly as a decorative feature. In the traditional Arabic setting, the dallah is used to prepare coffee. Not all dallahs sold to tourists are meant to prepare coffee. Others are just decorative items that can’t withstand excessive heat. Tourists should inquire about the intended use before settling for a particular piece.

3 Arabic Lanterns

Arabic Lanterns are a great item to buy to remember the Dubai experience. The kind of creativity and hours put into this art explain why it shouldn’t miss from the list of Dubai souvenirs.

Arabic lanterns come in different sizes and designs. While clients have different tastes, settling for one with a woven glass on the top is recommended. Let the shining light from these lanterns serve as a lasting memory of the Emirates experience that was.

2 Packaged Spices

There is something about Arabs and spicy foods. Spices have a special place in the Middle-Eastern Cuisine, and Dubai is the best place to experience it first-hand. Markets all over Dubai have a great deal for spices. Every other opening has a designated shelf packed with all manner of spices. From cinnamon sticks to ground rosemary, vacationers have every reason to pack something home. The spices need to be sealed tightly to stand a chance of getting over any international border.

1 Camel Chocolate

Camel chocolate is a weird yet important souvenir vacationers cannot afford to leave out of the Dubai experience. Americans are used to cow’s milk chocolates, meaning their camel counterparts come as a surprise to many. People back home will appreciate this gift even more since it is a new experience. Who wouldn’t want to sample a bar of camel chocolate anyway? Best still, the chocolates can stay fresh for up to two years, meaning vacationers may opt to keep them a bit longer.