Looking for a cheap flight to start the year? Southwest has you covered, with a new flight sale dropping prices as low as $49. Flight sales can be one of the best ways to enjoy a cheap trip, especially at this time of year, when many airlines are looking to bump passenger numbers after the madness of the holiday season, and when travelers are looking for a way to save after an expensive December.

Looking for cheap flights, however, isn't as simple as it seems. There are plenty of hacks and tips for getting cheaper flights, but finding a flight sale can be the best way to get great deals on your latest trip - especially if you aren't too picky about where (or exactly when) that trip takes place. For those looking for a flight within the US this winter, Southwest's latest sale may be the perfect way to get the best price.


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Southwest's latest sale runs from now until January 24th, offering deals on flights to and from major US cities. The cheapest flights start at $49, including routes from San Jose to San Diego, while the priciest are up to $194 San Diego to New Orleans or Atlanta, among others. The majority of the tickets offered are around $100, one way, although the price obviously varies based on the route.

As with all flight sales, there are limitations to these prices. All are one way, and do not include all taxes and airport charges. The flights must also be booked at least 21 days in advance, and are not available on every day of the week. However, these are fairly standard limitations for flight sales, and travelers who are used to taking advantage of sales to get cheap tickets will be used to this kind of restriction.

Of course, these flights are only within the US, so travelers looking to get a little further afield for a quick break will have to look elsewhere. However, as a quick weekend getaway over the winter and spring, these are some incredible deals. With the sale ending in a week, though, it might be time to start looking into how to take advantage of it, and getting those tickets booked before these flights return to their usual, and much higher, costs.

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Source: Southwest