Don't Miss This Southwest Airlines Halloween Sale Before It's Too Late

The American Southwest Airlines company has been running plenty of can't-miss flight promotions throughout the month of October, but you don't want to miss their Halloween special.

As the clock winds down on October 2019, Southwest Airlines is running a special Halloween sale with ridiculously cheap flights that begin at $39 (h/t Stacey Leasca of Travel + Leisure).

Up until 12 a.m. tonight, you can find plenty of great deals for domestic flights in the United States. By going to Southwest.com, you'll be able to look through the countless offers on these flights.

As noted by Leasca, it's important to that tickets need to be bought in at least two weeks prior to the flight, and they are not subject to refunds. Some of the top bargain flights include Albuquerque, New Mexico to Denver, Colorado for only $95 - and to Phoenix, Arizona for a lowly $97.

There are plenty of $39 flights between Hawaiian cities, too. This includes the chance to purchase a flight from Honolulu to four different locations:: To Kona, Hilo, Lihue and Kahului.

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A recent study showed that the average American spends 200 hours a year in dreaming about vacations. With Southwest running promotions like this, now's the chance for American travelers to fulfill their dreams by taking advantage of the Halloween sale.

If you don't end up getting the chance to purchase a cheap flight from the Southwest Halloween sale, don't let yourself down. The company has ran $39 to $49 flight deals throughout the month of October. They're no stranger to can't-miss promotions like this, so you can always just wait for the next one.

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