For many travelers, vacation dates and locations are determined by the prices of flights, and Southwest Airlines wants to make this all easier for you.

On Tuesday, Southwest Airlines introduced extremely cheap flights for as low as $49. The promotion runs through Thursday, Oct. 3. You can book flights between now and Apr. 13, in various locations across the United States.

The choices for $49 one-way plane tickets (h/t Stacey Leasca of Travel + Leisure), include Nashville to Atlanta, Chicago to Detroit, Baltimore to Providence, Las Vegas to San Diego and Phoenix to Las Vegas.


You can find the bar at the top of the page and sort through various locations and dates.

Travelers in the west coast also have the option to fly from San Francisco to Los Angeles at $49 (per CBS San Francisco), and to Dallas from San Francisco for only $89. There are plenty of options available for travelers to choose from, so get booking quickly.

Even if there aren't any $49 offers for the specific flights you're looking for, there are plenty of other options at reasonable prices. Other bargain flights include Chicago to Phoenix at $149 and New York to Baltimore for only $79.

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You can also find some decent deals for lengthy flights from New York to Los Angeles for $103 through numerous dates in the month of November and for $123 through various dates in December.

Other prestigious flights include Boston to Chicago for just $49 right through December - though you can also obtain cheap flights at $77. If you're planning a trip several months from now, you can score flights for as low as $82 through the month of April.

Of course, some travelers may only stumble across this promotion when it expires. It's a good time to reach out to your friends and relatives in regards to planning out trips throughout the United States. You won't find many better promotions than what Southwest Airlines is offering up until Thursday.

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