Travelers in the United States that base their vacations around cheap flights will have to hurry up and take advantage of Southwest Airlines' latest deal while available.

Up until midnight on Friday, the Airlines company is offering extremely cheap $39 one-way flights (h/t If none of those $39 one-way trips intrigue you, then there are other flights available for as low as $49.

Southwest Airlines' official website outlines that "14-day advance purchase required for continental U.S. travel." The $39 flights include Kona to Honolulu, and from Oahu to Maui while Atlanta-to-Nashville flights are available for as low as $49.


Other extremely bargain flight deals include Los Angeles to Las Vegas for only $49 and Los Angeles to Chicago for $57 (in February), among others. You can check out the airlines' Low Fare Calendar here in order to search for certain deals.

The American Thanksgiving weekend in November, along with the holiday season in December, are among the most busiest and most expensive travel periods. But Southwest Airlines is giving travelers that prime opportunity to score the best possible flight deal now while they're available.

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Earlier this month, Southwest Airlines was offering extreme bargain flights for as low as $49. This included flights from Nashville to Atlanta, San Francisco to Los Angeles, Las Vegas to San Diego and Phoenix to Las Vegas. The promotion ended on Oct. 3, but the airlines company is being generous again with their latest offer here.

Skyscanner also revealed the best times for purchasing flights during the American Thanksgiving season. This includes buying tickets two weeks ahead of time while planning a trip prior to the summer season.

It's also worth noting that the average flight prices are at their lowest in six years ($211), with the prices of jet fuel falling by 6.3 percent. Add everything up, and you'll see that it's the most opportune time for Americans to plan a vacation.

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