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Travelers who have considered vacationing in the Bahamas should about making plans to Visit South Andros, one of the three islands that make up Andros and the least populated island in the Bahamas.

Andros itself is home to numerous blue holes that travelers come from all over to explore. However, Andros is far more than that, with miles of coastline and stunning nature. Travelers will also be greeted by some of the best resorts and accommodations available during their time on the island. Travelers of all types will enjoy an adventure in South Andros.


Why South Andros Is Worth Visiting

In its entirety, Andros is made up of three islands and is home to the most Blue Holes in the world. These underwater caves are famous for bone fishing, the stunning environment, and more.

The island of South Andros is a go-to destination for island relaxation. Nicknamed “The Sleeping Giant,” the island is one of the largest in the Bahamas while boasting the smallest population with just 2,000 residents. This island wonderland is home to the third-largest barrier reed in the world, its numerous blue-hole ocean caves, and nearly 100 miles of pristine beaches.

How To Get To South Andros Island

The usual way of reaching South Andros is by air, but it isn’t the only way. Departing from Potters Cay, Nassau, taking a ferry is an alternative option for reaching South Andros from Nassau.

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Ferry Into South Andros

Particularly popular with anglers though used by all, Bahamas Fast Ferries run between Nassau and South Andros. Departing from Potters Cay, the ferries make an excellent alternative to air travel for those transiting over from Nassau. It is also usually a way to save some money, and it is just 2.5 hours.

  • Contact - (242) 323-2166
  • Duration - 2.5 hours
  • Schedules - Website

Fly Into South Andros

Flying into South Andros is the usual choice taken by travelers. It is about an hour's flight from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport when flying with Makers Air. They have their own international customs as well, which makes the whole experience much more convenient.

Where To Stay In South Andros

Travelers visiting South Andros will have an array of luxury resorts to choose from. However, Caerula Mar Club stands out from the rest.

Caerula Mar Club

Run by HGTV stars, this luxury boutique was once an abandoned hotel. It was discovered by the before-mentioned vacationing HGTV stars who would move their family of six and transform it into one of the most exciting new properties. The resort contains five private villas and 18 gorgeous suites just a couple of steps from the shoreline. It is home to restaurants ranging from an outdoor poolside bar & wood-fired pizza oven to a fine dining restaurant with ingredients sourced from an on-site organic farm and a boutique spa. All of this is in a postcard-perfect location with 10 acres of gorgeous turquoise beach where travelers won’t spot a single footprint.

Where To Dine On South Andros Island

Figuring out where to spend an evening out for travelers can sometimes be challenging if they don’t know the area. To help them out, here are a couple of can’t-miss places to check out.

Brigadier's Diner

The food and atmosphere at Brigadier's Restaurant are amazing and keep its customers coming back for more. It has been open for years and still has returning customers from when it first opened. Just about everything on the menu is worth giving a shot.

Sammy's Bar And Grill

It may not be the most modern establishment, but Sammy's Bar and Grill will not disappoint with the food and drinks they serve. For some excellent and fresh local food, travelers should definitely give Sammy's a try.

Address - Queens Highway Andros

Cost - $$-$$$

Must-Try - Conch Salad and Conch Fritter

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Must-Do Activities On South Andros Island

South Andros is full of a variety of activities, from relaxing to exciting. Visiting the barrier reef is an exciting activity; for other scenic locations, travelers can check out Morgan's Bluff and Forfar Field Station.

Visit The Blue Holes

Blue Hole is given to an underwater cave. Andros is home to more than 200 Blue Holes making it the location of the most Blue Holes in the world. Much of what tourists enjoy about south Andros revolves around visiting those Blue Holes. Divers going beneath the waves here have their daring rewarded with underwater views that include a record number of stalactite and stalagmite formations and some at depths that have yet to be recorded. It truly is a diver's dream.

Caerula Mar Club provides access to four of the blue holes that are located just a brief boat ride away from the resort. Their excursions include education about the environment as well as a swim within the holes.

  • Caerula Mar Club Excursion - $80 per person