If you have a travel bucket list, there’s a good chance that there a number of Asian countries on that list. People from all walks of life head to Asia year after year, making it home to some of the most popular tourist spots in the world. The thing that’s most interesting about traveling to Asia though is that we keep going back for more. It almost seems like no matter how much time we spend there, there is still loads more to explore.

Many places around the world draw tourists for a variety of reasons. It may be the amazing food, the interesting culture, the art, the landscape or the spirituality of the place. The thing about Asia is that it has all that and so much more, making it an ideal spot for any kind of tourist.

It is, therefore, no surprise that many travel bloggers head to the continent and end up spending weeks, even months there. If you’ve traveled to Asia recently, we know you’ll enjoy this list of reasons why we love Asia and if you’re planning a trip there soon, here’s a little reminder why you won’t regret spending your hard earned money on this amazing continent.

20 20. The Onsen In Japan

Japan is a country that we love for many reasons. One of those reasons is the Onsens that are available across the country. “Onsen” is the Japanese word for a hot natural spring and because the country is situated in a volcanic area, there are literally thousands of onsens for locals and tourists to enjoy across the country. These natural springs are not just for chilling though. Depending on the mineral makeup of the water, the natural springs can have many rejuvenating qualities. Japan Travel Centre explains that “Refreshing and relaxing, onsens are the perfect way to relax in the Japanese countryside and enjoy the amazing scenery of Japan, as well as fresh food”.

19 19. The Sacred Shrines

Asia is one place that is definitely filled with many sacred shrines and that is one of the many reasons why we love it. These holy structures seem to be intertwined in the daily lives of the locals. One country that has some of the most unforgettable shrines in the world is definitely Japan. There are too many to list each by name, but one that definitely keeps people coming back is the Kiyomizudera. It is a millennium old shrine that is not only sacred but offers picturesque views. World on Nomads explains that “the temple complex has a striking five-tiered pavilion that’s a favorite for sightseers taking scenery shots”.

18 18. The Picturesque Landscape

Of course, this point had to be on our list. This probably tops many people’s lists of why they can’t get over Asia. The Zhangye Danxia Landform in China is a natural wonder that really makes us appreciate Mother Nature even more. After some hiking up the mountains, the colorful rocks on the mountains offer us perfect photo ops to make our friends and family back home jealous. China also has the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park which inspired the scenery for the James Cameron blockbuster Avatar. There are plenty of other picturesque places which remind us time and time again that Asia just might be one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world.

17 17. The Unique Fashion

Oh, yes! We love the fashion in Asia. This one on the list will excite our fashionistas out there. Some of the most loved fashion spots in Asia are Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Seoul. We love the fashion because it is colorful, unique and the materials used are simply breathtaking. When we visit any place, we love to immerse ourselves in the culture of the land. We love to not only go to the popular tourist places but also connect with the people. One way to connect with the people of any place is to start dressing like them. With the amazing trendy and old-school fashion choices that Asia offers, we don’t mind getting into the clothes of this amazing place.

16 16. The Dedication To Religion And/Or Spirituality

You don’t have to look far to find deeply spiritual places in Asia. For the tourist who is heading out there to reconnect with their spiritual side, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Asia has brought us many religions and at the center of all of these religions is a spirituality that is very much evident in the everyday lives of the locals. We’ve already covered the amazing shrines that are found in different countries and we thought that having “spirituality” as an individual item on this list is important because that’s one of the main reasons why people have an amazing connection to Asia.

15 15. The Breathtaking Islands

One cannot speak about “paradise islands” and not mention the plethora of picture-perfect islands that Asia has to offer. From Bali to Boracay, Koh Rong, to Lombok, Asia has it all. If you’re heading out there to just chill and want to relax on a beach during your vacation, you definitely won’t be disappointed and can hop from island to island and find more and more beauty. Culture Trip explains it perfectly when they say that “with crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, palm trees and lush green bills, surfing spots, incredible underwater life and some of the best diving sites, Asia’s beautiful islands are close to being heaven on earth”.

14 14. The Amazing Wildlife

This one on the list shouldn’t come as a huge surprise and it is for nature and wildlife lovers out there. Asia is a large continent that has a variety of different wildlife that we just can’t get over. From the Komodo Dragon reptiles which are mostly found in Indonesian islands to Indochinese Tiger which can be found in a number of countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. If you love the wildlife and are always looking to get amazing photo ops of the animals in the places you visit, then Asia is definitely the perfect vacation spot for you.

13 13. The Many Different Cultures

Of course, this factor had to make it onto our list. This is probably the main reason why many people have fallen in love with Asia. As it’s the largest continent, one would naturally expect to find a plethora of cultures in every region and this is definitely the case. Asia also offers us amazing festivals, including the Chinese New Year, and so much more. 7 Continents highlights that “Asia is the world’s most populated continent with the greatest diversity of culture. Asian culture is colorful and immensely interesting”. The continent has ancient traditions and cultures which have been passed on from generation to generation and being exposed to them is simply amazing.

12 12. The History

The history of Asia had to make it on to our list and there is no wonder why. The continent is home to over 60% of the world’s population so, of course, there’s so much rich history that they have to share. The rich history that we can’t get over, which is why visiting Asia is not only beautiful but also fascinating to learn about all the ancient stories of the place. Thought Co explains that “stretching from the Great Wall to the Taj Mahal, the political, social, intellectual, and economic histories of this vast and varied region are complex”. Simply put – trying to learn about Asian history could take a lifetime.

11 11. There Are Loads Of Places To Explore

Okay, this one is for the tourists out there who don’t want to just lounge around and do nothing while on vacation. Of course, lounging around is deserved when you’re on vacation and there is certainly nothing wrong with that but Asia is for that tourist who really wants to explore the place they are visiting. We love Asia and simply can’t get over the many places to explore which are all, equally interesting and unforgettable. From the temples to the shrines, to the amazing nightlife in busy cities, to the picturesque Maldives islands, to the countryside that offers us tranquil serenity…your itinerary will never be short of amazing spots to visit.

10 10. There Are Lots Of Adventure To Be Had

We love a good adventure and Asia offers us that and so much more. Divergent Travelers highlights how adventure-filled an Asian vacation can really be, in particular, the Southeast Asian parts. “Due to the nature of the climate and proximity to the equator, most of Southeast Asia offers up a humid, tropical climate with intense jungles and landscapes to be explored. There are towering hills on smalls islands, massive active volcanoes, and jagged limestone cliffs”. This, and so much more, is all available for the enthusiastic tourist who has their backpack on standby and is always ready for an epic adventure.

9 9. The Quiet Countryside Paradise

We love visiting cities and busy towns. We probably love them because this is where one is able to get a good variety of the locals to interact with. We are also in the 21st century and visiting some of the cities in the world is exciting because you get to see a lot of the new and interesting technologies that are out there. However much we may love the city life, a good quiet time in rural areas is sometimes needed. We love it because when on vacation, we want to reboot and there are few places on earth that can truly rival the calming and picturesque countrysides of Asia.

8 8. The Unbelievable Spas


Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen! We can’t get over Asia because of the amazing spas they have offered us…and we will forever be thankful to this continent for them. When on vacation, we, of course, want to explore the land and learn as much about the culture and people as we can but the truth is, sometimes we need a break. It is a known fact that we are simply overworked these days. It may have something to do with the unrealistic goals we set for ourselves or the pressure that social media has unexpectedly put on people to lead “the perfect lives”. Whatever it may be – we need a break sometimes and Asia offers amazing spa treatments that we can’t get over.

7 7. How Can We Forget The Food?

Of course, food had to make it onto our list. When you travel, you can explore all the places you want to explore. You can go to amazing hot springs and be taken aback by the picture-perfect landscape of the place but if you don’t enjoy the food, your trip is going to suck because…well…we’re humans and need to be fed. Asia does an amazing job of appealing to quite a variety of tastes. The cuisine is varied as one can get Southeast Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern or East Asian cuisine (and so much more) so you’ll be spoilt for choice and your stomach will thank you.

6 6. Those Colorful Markets

For any regular tourist, this is one of the favorite parts of their trip. Why? Because you never know what you can find at a market and the bargains make it all worthwhile. It is for this reason why we simply can’t get over the Asian markets that can be found in many of the neighborhoods. This is where we can get some of the coolest art pieces and amazing quality garments that would cost a fortune back home. This is also the perfect spot to meet some amazing locals who will be selling their items and the craftsmanship of some of their pieces is often times out of this world.

5 5. The Politeness Of The People

The politeness of the people in many Asian countries definitely deserves a mention on our list. It is this one factor that can change an ordinary trip and turn it into an extraordinary one. When you are far away from home, and don’t know the language, and are trying to go from point A to point B, you would be surprised to find out how much a smile from a stranger can just make your day. From the people of Thailand to Japan, to many other big and small islands and countries, we can’t get over how polite a good majority of the Asian community is.

4 4. The Unique Transportation - We Love Tuk Tuks!

Okay, so this one on the list is for those tourists who are really into “living like the people of the land” that they are visiting. We can’t over how unique some of the Asian countries’ transportation is. Hong Kong has ancient ships that are called Junk Boats, Japan has a fast train called The Bullet Train, riding an elephant in Thailand is a definite must-do, and the three-wheeled taxis that are almost motorcycles (but not quite) that are called the tuk-tuk is also another Thailand transportation system. There are plenty of other unique modes of transport in Asia, making it a truly unforgettable vacation experience.

3 3. The Affordability

We work hard all year and many of us get just one vacation annually. When on our must-deserved break, we certainly don’t want to break the bank. We want to go to cool places, enjoy culture, enjoy interesting and different cuisines, visit islands and monuments that will make the trip epic and unforgettable. We then want to head back home and still have some money in our bank accounts left over for us to live comfortably. This is why Asia is one of our favorite places. There are a number of vacation spots that will not require you to dig deep into your pocket for you to have a good time.

2 2. The Quality Tea

How on earth can we speak about how amazing Asia is without mentioning the tea? There are many countries on the continent which offer us good, refreshing, quality tea and Japan is one of them. There is the Matcha Tea, Sencha Tea, Genmaicha Tea, and Sakura Tea, to name a few. The best part of it all is that it all tastes different and you don’t have to look far to find it. Boutique Japan explains that “tea is ubiquitous in Japan. You’ll be served a cup when you sit down to eat at most Japanese restaurants”. We love the sound (and taste) of that.

1 1. The Mix of Culture And Religion Into The Daily Lives Of The Locals

This is, perhaps one of the most important aspects as to why we love Asia. Yes, the food is amazing. Sure, one is able to get amazing views from picturesque spots but we love the mix of culture and religion in the daily lives of the Asian people because this makes us understand the people more. We live in a world that is very much Western-influenced and to still find places out there that are steadfast in preserving their identity is simply amazing.

There are many other reasons why we can’t get over Asia. The truth is, this amazing continent will forever hold a dear spot in our hearts.

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