If you're a fan of murder mysteries, there's an opportunity to play detective in a unique situation. An 80's-themed train ride through Napa's Wine Valley might be just the ticket for you.

The Napa Valley Wine Train company is celebrating. With its 30th anniversary on the horizon, they are mixing murder mystery with a fantastic train ride experience through wine country. The tour will be operated in partnership with The Murder Mystery Company, and the two-hour ride will include a four-course gourmet meal and guests will be tasked with trying to solve a murder mystery on one of the restored Pullman rail cars.


This 80's-themed murder mystery is hardly the first time the Napa Valley Wine Train has offered a unique experience for its travelers. In the past, they've offered classic wine trains, beer trains, tequila trains, and more throughout its 30 years of operation. There are likely plenty more themed rides to come.

“We’re excited to continue to provide visitors and locals with exceptional, unparalleled journeys through Wine Country," said Scott Goldie, co-CEO of the Napa Valley Wine Train. Tickets for the ’80s murder mystery dinner start at $250. More information and tickets can be purchased online.

Play Detective While Drinking Wine

Two of the most popular trends today is that of listening to crime podcasts and drinking wine. While people who do either don't necessarily do so at the same time, this experience will allow two unique loves to cross paths.

Passengers will board a stationary train at the Downtown Napa train station be treated to great food, live outdoor music, and a tour of the train’s newly renovated railcars. Vintage artifacts and memorabilia will surround guests and provide a history lesson of the train, all while enjoying a completely unique experience.

The only thing to remember if you want to get in on the fun is that guests must bring a $25 minimum donation for the Children’s Museum of Napa Valley.  Sounds like an even better reason to have a glass of wine.

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