Solo trips are one of the most enriching forms of travel out there. When it comes to destinations that are tailor-made for solo trips, the Grand Canyon is one that provides travelers with plenty of options. From hiking trails to group tours that give travelers a great chance to socialize, there's something for everyone at this World Wonder.

Additionally, travel options in and around the Grand Canyon lend themselves well to those traveling alone. Budget-friendly accommodations such as camping are a great way to immerse oneself in nature, while also give travelers the chance to explore on their own. Here are some tips from Reddit on how to turn a solo Grand Canyon trip into one of the most memorable vacations.


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What To See Solo At The Grand Canyon

There's no denying that there's plenty to see at the Grand Canyon, and it can be overwhelming. The benefit of traveling solo is that one will already know the pace at which they can explore without first having to check with additional travelers, which will help plan an itinerary. For the solo traveler, it's worth it to get an early start and see some crucial aspects of the canyon as well as consider some tours. To start, Reddit recommends beginning the scenic trip with the drive.

Petrified Forest

Despite its name, the Petrified Forest is much more than petrified trees, and it's one of the most fascinating landscapes in the country. There's plenty of ecological history to be found here, and it's an easy stop to add on the way to the Grand Canyon for those driving on old Route 66.

  • Hours: Daily, 8 AM - 5 PM
  • Fees: $25 for one vehicle (good for a week), $15 for one hiker, $20 for motorcycles

Painted Desert

Yet another geological wonder that resides in Arizona's backyard is the Painted Desert, which encompasses a total of 93,500 acres of badlands. One of the most notable features of this landscape - as its name implies - is the brilliant hues of orange, pink, and red that appear in the canyons during different times of the day.

  • Hours: Daily from sunrise to sunset
  • Fees: $25 for one vehicle (good for a week), $15 for one hiker, $20 for motorcycles

Meteor Crater

The Meteor Crater is an attraction found at the Barringer Space Museum, and it's also the museum's main attraction. The crater is estimated to be more than 50,000 years old and measures 150 wide in diameter with a depth of 550 feet. It's an incredible sight to see and not one that many people realize is so close to the Grand Canyon (two hours).

  • Hours: Daily 8 AM - 5 P
  • Admission: Adults (13+) $22, Juniors (ages 6 - 12) $13, Seniors (60+) $20

Arriving At The Grand Canyon

It's the big day - the first day of the big Grand Canyon tour! From this point, there are many options by which to actually explore this massive landscape. For those who have never been there, choosing from the sheer number of tours can feel daunting. Additionally, the number of hiking trails available can also be confusing - here's what Reddit suggests.

Grand Canyon Jeep Tours

Jeep tours have been ongoing at the Grand Canyon since 1993, and this is a great way to explore it without having to worry about driving around the entire canyon rim. As one Reddit user said, it's also a great way to see views of the Grand Canyon that the typical visitor wouldn't even know to exist. There are three main tours to choose from:

  • Grand Sunset Tour
  • Indian Paintings Tour
  • Grand Canyon Safari & Rim Tour (a combined walking and 4x4 tour)

Depending on how much time one has to spend, any one of these tours would be worth it - plus, it gives a solo traveler the advantage of getting to know an intimate tour group.

Hiking At The Grand Canyon

For those who want a bit more adventure and might plan on camping during their solo trip, the most suggested hiking trail is Bright Angel (and campground).

The benefit of this trail and its campground is that it's rarely deserted which means there's always someone around, which might be a comfort to those who are new to solo travel. The views along this trail are excellent, and the entire thing can be split into two days of hiking.

Another alternative (which also requires a permit) is the Clear Creek trail, which excludes some of the crowds. In total, the trip should last anywhere from three to four days. The benefit of camping is that visitors will have the chance to see the Grand Canyon multiple times of the day, and have the chance to explore the surrounding areas (not limited to tours).

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