Traveling with a partner, friend, or relative can be a lot of fun as you can share the experience, laugh when things inevitably go wrong, and have someone to chat with during flights, while eating in restaurants, and exploring. At the same time, though, it can be really sweet to say that 2020 is the year that you're going to travel on your own. Just like going to the movies when you can choose the film and snacks and not hear someone complain that they didn't like it, traveling solo can mean having a much better, more peaceful time.


You're all ready: you've saved some money, figured out a good time to go, and have the confidence that you can navigate a new place on your own. So where should you go? Europe is always a popular place to put on your list, and there are a lot of cities that people say are good if you're a woman traveling by yourself.

Solo female travelers should add these European cities to their 2020 bucket list.

Copenhagen Has An Amazing Subway System

According to Travel Awaits, "Scandinavian countries are generally very safe places to visit" and Copenhagen would be a great place to go if you're a woman who is traveling on your own.

The website mentions that the metro system is really good, so that would be helpful if you're alone. According to Visit Copenhagen, the subway is really convenient and reliable: if you're taking the subway on the weekend or hours that aren't rush hour, it'll only be a three to six-minute wait. If you're taking the subway when it's rush hour, that's two to four minutes only. The metro also runs all the time.

Many people posted on Reddit that this is a safe city for women traveling on their own. Someone posted, "don't stand on the bike paths. That's about the most dangerous thing to do around here. Others shared that being by yourself late at night in any city could make you feel a bit uneasy, so just make sure that you feel comfortable.

There are many awesome things in Copenhagen: The Crazy Tourist suggests seeing Nyhavn, which has a canal and colorful homes, and The Little Mermaid Statue.

Get An Airbnb In The Second Arrondissement In Paris

Escape Here recommends Paris as it's easy to see everything that you want whether you choose to use the metro a lot or walk. A post on Reddit recommends getting an Airbnb in the Second Arrondissement as many people felt safe doing that. Paris By Train explains that the subway system allows travelers to get tickets in packs of ten or 20 and you can also get one at a time if that works better for you.

Trip Savvy suggests seeing an area called Rue Montorgueil as it has many places to get coffee (which you'll definitely be excited about doing in Paris) and also restaurants. You won't have to go far to find a delicious bakery, and since you can walk around so much, it seems like this would feel very safe. It also sounds like there will be a lot of people around as it's a popular area for travelers. That's also something to keep in mind when traveling alone as you don't necessarily want to head down a random pathway and find that you're the only one around for miles.

Edinburgh Feels Super Safe To Walk Around In

Trek Effect recommends Edinburgh for women traveling by themselves and the publication explains, "It’s incredibly easy to get around and navigate, as everyone speaks English (albeit with a very thick accent). The entire city is very safe."

If a city is said to be safe, then a solo female traveler would want to know, is it a city that is easy to walk around in? A survey done by a UK charity called Living Streets found out that Edinburgh is the "most walkable city" in the United Kingdom.

The cool thing is that you can not only walk and find cafes or a place to stop and grab a bite to eat, but there are some areas that are best explored by foot. The Culture Trip recommends walking through areas called Hermitage of Braid and the Royal Mile. These would be perfect activities for solo female travelers as you can see some pretty sights and nothing is more convenient than simply walking.

Whether you want to go to beautiful and romantic Paris, head to charming Edinburgh or Copenhagen is calling your name loud and clear, these three European cities would be good choices for women who want to take a solo trip in 2020.