Traveling alone can be quite the adventure, and the solo experience is something special. Most people travel with someone else or with a group, but those who travel on their own are independent and interested in exploring a new place from their personal perspective. The time alone is peaceful and powerful, and the memories are sure to last a lifetime.

Women who want to travel on their own have so many reasons to do so. They can create their own itinerary, see and do whatever they want to, and capture every moment without distraction.


With so many options around the globe, the possibilities are endless. But that doesn’t mean all places are safe. Women who are thinking of traveling to the five places below by themselves can surely have an exciting time, but being prepared and cautious is always smart.

Not to say that a woman can’t have a perfect experience at one of these five listed places, but there have been instances of crimes, assaults, and related negative situations and scenarios to be aware of.

If you’re a woman or know of one who is planning to travel alone to one of these places, it’s important to learn more before leaving.

If these spots still seem thrilling, by all means, go, and take extra care to protect yourself. Ask people who have traveled there what their experience was like and what to do to be super safe in all situations. This rule really goes for anywhere one may travel on their own.

Read on for info, take it all in, and then decide if traveling to one of these places makes sense for your solo trip.

Morocco – Tourists Are Subject To Violence And Crime Is A Big Concern In General

According to Forbes, Morocco is a place women should be wary of. There is a “high potential for terrorist violence against U.S. citizens.”

Crime is high, with street robberies and burglaries happening often. Pick-pocketing is something to keep your eye on and keep your purse close to your body.

It’s always advisable to be on high alert at all times. Perhaps you’d be better off traveling to this country with a companion.

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Jamaica – Assaults Against Women Are Widely Reported

Jamaica is a popular destination for folks looking for sunny skies and beautiful beaches. But it’s important to be aware of your surroundings.

As per Forbes, “Popular resorts are fairly safe but traveling beyond those borders will mean dealing with unwanted attention. Violent crime is a serious problem throughout Jamaica, particularly in Kingston and Montego Bay.”

If you plan to go here alone, be aware of these warnings. Play it safe by staying at your resort.

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Peru – Kidnappings And Theft Are Terrifying

Thinking about Peru? You’d better think twice.

As Forbes reports, “Armed robberies, express kidnappings, carjackings, petty theft, and credit card fraud top the list of State Department concerns in this South American country.”

Before traveling to Peru, learn more about the culture and the safest spots to stay. Perhaps a tour guide to show you the ropes would be a smart idea as you navigate the country.

Cameroon – Taking Public Transport Can Mean Trouble

Cameroon may be on your “bucket list,” but before you book your trip, know the risks.

Our Trip reports, “Taxis in this country are particularly threatening because the taxi-drivers themselves are constantly involved in assaults and rapes.”

Knowing this is a problem in Cameroon makes getting around potentially unsafe. Perhaps you can find someplace to stay that won’t require public transport.

Saudi Arabia – Women’s Rights Are Few And Far Between

Women are not treated the same way as men are in Saudi Arabia. This is something that women must understand before traveling to Saudi Arabia. Learn the laws, rules, and regulations before going.

As per Our Trip, “Kidnappings and assaults here are very common.”

While every woman can decide on her own if traveling here solo is something she wants to do, Our Trip advises traveling here with a companion – preferably male.

No matter where you travel if you are going there alone, there are extra measures you should take to be as safe as possible.

Have a great trip, stay safe, and share your travel experiences with others.

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