As the new year hits so does the wanderlust of travel Instagrammers. Seeing flawless feeds of people packing up and travelling surely makes everyone's new year's resolution to get out and travel themselves. For those of us who dream of travel, yet need a little more inspiration to commit to a trip, there is no denying Instagram or Youtube are the places to scroll.

There is no better way to get travel inspired by hitting the #travel tag on 'the Gram' and seeing what travels everyone else doing in 2019. Yet amongst the #traveltastic pages accounts there are also some accounts selling you a story that is not so truthful. In the sometimes superficial world of social media, we need to be careful if this wanderlust perfection is actually attainable or even legit. In this article, we will let you in on the true travel 'grammers who share authentic and genuine travel experiences and those who don't. Keep on reading for the ultimate top 20 social media travellers and 5 you should be wary of.

25 Totally faked: johannaeolsson

A huge scandal on the social media front, this travel blogger was caught out on her photoshop skills, or lack thereof. There is no denying a beautiful Parisian scene goes down very well on the 'gram yet, not when it is faked! Yes, Johanna Olsson, photoshopped herself numerous times into Parisian scenes and her followers were not happy about it! Travel influencer or just clueless to think this would be acceptable? Olsson defends herself by saying she had to take photos for brands and when the weather wasn't so good, she turned to photoshop. ( To follow or not to follow? We will leave it up to you!

24 must follow: girleatworld

Travelling and eating, the perfect duo that is done so well by Girl Eat World. Melissa Hie has been travelling and eating her way around the world since 2009. Hie loved the idea of blogging yet didn't adore the idea of selfies, so she cleverly started taking cute pics of her delish foods around the world and has been a sensation ever since. During an interview with Bored Panda, Hie says, "I had no one to share it with so I ended up taking pictures of the food with the amazing European backdrop at wherever place I was having it. And that's how Girl Eat World started." For the best combination of food and travel, Girl Eats World is a sure follow for you.

23 must follow: mariefeandjakesnow

This love and travel romance will soon have you addicted as Marie Fe and Jake Snow share their cutest memories with each other online. Their 'love at first sight' romance has hundreds of thousands of people following along on their travel adventures across the globe. The #travelcouple spend all their days dedicated to capturing the perfect couple snaps and responding to their hundreds of comments and direct messages. Their passion is making people believe in their dreams and follow them, no matter what it takes. For some serious #couplegoals and #wanderlust at the same time, this couple is not to be missed.

22 Totally faked it: shaymitchell

Another case of fake photos, but this time, Mitchell was not trying to prove a point! Shay Mitchell, the former actress on Pretty Little Liars, was caught out in her recent trip to Hong Kong by stealing other people's photos and posting them as her own. ( Usually, a great person to turn to for heavenly travel photography, we think Mitchell was clueless to ruin her reputation by faking her way through Hong Kong. You can't get away with very much when over 20 million people are watching your Instagram around the world!

21 Must Follow: funforlouis

This UK born travel Youtuber and Instagrammer, Louis Cole is taking over the online travel world with over 1.5 million followers. Cole's addiction to travel has landed him in the career of his dreams as he is now documenting his travels as a full-time job. His Youtube travel series and Instagram is a huge source of inspiration to millions around the globe who live vicariously through his action and adventure-packed lifestyle. Cole is now documenting he's next adventure 'beyond borders' where he will travel around the world in 90 days in a 4 person plane. (flybeyondborders) This is one not to be missed!

20 must follow: wearetravelgirls

Ran by two travel lovers Becky van Dijk and Vanessa Rivers in 2016, We Are Travel Girls, is not only an inspiring Instagram but an entire community of travel women. After realising there were hundreds of amazing travel blogs out there but not one home from them all, the girls created as a home for new travel stories every week. If you are looking for travel advice, travel tips and travel inspiration, We Are Travel Girls is the place to find it.

19 must follow: lostleblanc

Starting as a travel vlogger on Youtube, Christian LeBlanc quit his corporate lifestyle and flew to Asia with only $2000 to his name (Youtube). Documenting every day of his adventures, his story was quickly addictive for his audience who wanted to know every step of his new travel adventures. Leblanc shares countless information to help his viewers travel and start a career in social media. Leading the way as a travel influencer, Leblanc's passion for filmmaking and photography has turned his travel addiction into his full-time job.

18 must follow: doyoutravel

Posting stunning photos to his millions of followers, Jack Morris and girlfriend, Lauren Bullen, run the page 'doyoutravel'. Another inspiring story of quitting that 9-5 and chasing your dreams; Morris quit his job as a carpet cleaner and bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok. (dailymail) The star couple are very talented photographers and share their full time travels in picture-perfect locations, making everyone want to get out and see the beautiful world. According to dailymail, the Instagram couple is earning 6 figures which will really make you eager to have a try of the travel influencer lifestyle!

17 must follow: alexstrohl

A professional travel photographer, Alex Strohl, will have you seeing a perspective on the world you never knew existed. After being kicked out of high school, he managed to channel his passion for photography and soon became a full-time world travelling photographer. ( His blog, describes him as someone who "creates authentic moments and captures them as they unfold before him—continually blurring the lines between work and life." For a look into his perspective and amazing travels be sure to follow Strohl on his blog and his Instagram.

16 Must follow: damondominique

Damon Dominique makes up the Damon in the world famous damonandjo travel duo. A travel writer, photographer, vlogger and blogger Damon is killing it in the social media world of travel. After dropping out of college, Damon has dedicated his life proving to millennials that travel is accessible and affordable. The travel influencer speaks more than 5 languages and shares his language and life lessons with his millions of fans across many social media platforms.(Youtube) For a fun, witty and down to earth approach to travel, Damon Dominique is the guy for you.

15 Must follow: jofranco

Joanna Franco, yes you guessed it, the Jo, of travel duo Damonandjo. Born in Brazil and migrating to America as a kid, Jo also has now dedicated her life to inspiring others to travel. Her slogan, Shut Up and Go, is a major inspiration to stop the excuses and get up and go travelling no matter who you are or where you are from. Proving that travel doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, Jo shares her low-budget travels often documenting exactly what she eats, see's, and where she sleeps and the price that it takes, proving travel is accessible to us all.

14 must follow: travel_inhershoes

An extremely dedicated influencer, Aggie Lal or travel_inhershoes, has not missed a day of posting in over a year! ( Her dedication and hard work have really paid off over the years as Lal, is on her way to hitting 1 million followers, or as she likes to call them, 'her tribe.' Often going to extensive lengths to get the perfect shot, not only does she share amazing photographs but positive quotes and anecdotes to make you smile and stay positive.

13 must follow: thebotanicalblonde

Law student turned dance teacher, turned Parisian expat, this young traveller has put it all aside to dedicate her life to living abroad and exploring the world. Sharing her travels via Instagram and Youtube, The Botanical Blonde shares a rare perspective on life abroad and honest ups and downs of being away from home whilst making a new home as an expat. Recently travelling to Thailand, France, Spain, The Netherlands and Italy, following her travel adventures will make you believe the conventional way of life isn't your only option. It is possible to travel, no matter the budget, no matter the company, no matter the age.

12 must follow: ExpertVagabond

If you want to go on adventures but aren't quite ready, Matthew Karsten, aka Expert Vagabond, is the person to follow for all your daily escapade fixes. Once you click on his website a pop up will face you 'want to travel the world? what are you waiting for? join me!' What else could be more inviting and tempting than that? Karsten will make you feel like travel is easy and the world is waiting for you. With over 9 years of travel experiences and countless stories to go with them, Expert Vagabond will provide you with endless inspiration and entertainment.

11 must follow: Bemytravelmuse

There is not much this female traveller hasn't done, and she has done it all alone. A major inspiration for anyone who wants to go on a solo adventure, Kristin Addis, will prove you can do anything. Addis has documented all of her travels for the rest of the world to learn from, and we are seeing a spectacular way to travel through her stories. From studying Buddhism in India to hiking in Patagonia, Addis will inspire you so much that all your travel goals will soon seem achievable.

10 must follow: sorelleamore

In only a few short years Sorelle Amore has taken over the travel industry with her Youtube 'how to' type videos and 'advance selfie' course via her social account. In 2017 Sorelle beat 17,000 other social media influencer applicants from over 125 countries to win the Best Job On The Planet competition and has never looked back ( In only 3 months she grew 300k on Youtube and is one of the most sought out travel influencers. If you want to learn how to take an awesome 'selfie' or how to 'not look ugly' in photos, Sorelle is the girl for you to follow.

9 must follow: thecommonwanderer

A travel blog for the 'roamers and seekers', those seeking authenticity in travel and ethical travel too.(thecommonwanderer) The Common Wanderer is a website and Instagram ran by Australian couple Mark and Mim, 'who swapped everyday lives for something more extraordinary.' (thecommonwanderer) Their account is not only travel goals but couple goals and will take you to very cool and exciting places around the world. Their adventures through Nepal, or sails through Turkey will have you seriously addicted to their travel tails and on your next flight out of home.

8 must follow: theblondeabroad

For anyone thinking about solo female travel and needs some inspiration, The Blonde Abroad is the place to go. Kiersten Rich or 'Kiki' started out by funding her own travels and is now getting paid to travel the world. A very hard worker, tells us how 'The 27-year-old Californian has trekked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, volunteered in Honduras, climbed Mt. Huashan in China and met starfish in Panama.' Not only does she work for herself she also now hires staff to help her with the fast past social media world she works in. As she travels the world and promotes products and places the full-time travel blogger is someone to watch in 2019.

7 must follow: jackson.groves

Groves is a self-proclaimed youngster of the online industry but don't let that scare you. Being one of the youngest professional bloggers gives Groves a 'fresh approach to travel blogging.' ( Another Australian who has been Instagramming since 2015, Groves has a huge passion for raw, unguided adventures.( His blog has detailed guides so you can follow the paths and treks Groves has been on himself. A great way to connect with other people and go on a route you know that works.

6 must follow: twohumanstravel

Two Humans Travel are a travelling duo not to be missed in 2019. Tayla, an incredible writer, and Ben, a talented photographer, have made all the right moves in the travel blogging world. Their blog outlines their many travel adventures, taking readers on weekly ventures. They work closely with brands to provide an income for their work and are forever updating their Instagram with drool-worthy travel snaps. If you love beautiful destinations and stunning travel photography, find their Instagram and click follow.