The Smoke Pitt's eating challenge might be the biggest and best we have ever seen. A plate of nachos containing 6.5 pounds of beef and more than two pounds of cheese.

In a world where people are trying to eat less meat and cut down on food in general, eatching challenges are still incredibly popular. On days where we aren't adhering to calorie counts and diets, many of us love nothing more than trying to see how far we can push ourselves when it comes to the sheer amount of food we can eat.


Most BBQ  joints boast a hefty challenge, and there are even TV shows based around people attempting to complete some of the world's most famous. Whether it be wings made with the world's hottest chilies or a 72 oz steak, most foods are covered. What we hadn't seen until now was a nacho eating challenge. Now that's something we can really sink our teeth into.

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We're sure The Smoke Pitt's nacho plate isn't the only nacho-based eating challenge in the world, but according to LadBible, it is most certainly the biggest. The plate is made up of over 2 pounds each of tortilla chips and cheese, six and a half pounds of beef brisket, almost a pint of sour cream, and a whole bunch of guacamole and salsa to boot.

If you do happen to pay The Smoke Pitt a visit on a day where you are trying to abide by a calorie-controlled diet, we'd give this eating challenge a miss. It clocks in at a whopping 15,434 calories, so pretty much a week's worth of calories should you be going by the daily guidelines. Sadly, you won't have an entire week to eat it. The Smoke Pitt gives you an hour and if you finish it in time, the meal is on them.

So far, no one has managed to conquer this mammoth nacho plate in the given time limit. But is that really any surprise? It might look delicious, and even doable on a day where we are feeling particularly hungry, but we'd imagine around half an hour in, the mere sight of nachos would be enough to turn our stomachs. If you want to try it for yourselves, you can find The Smoke Pitt in Northampton, UK.

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