The United States is one of the most interesting countries in the world. One can find lots of amazing things in this country from parks as big as entire cities to cities as big as entire countries. But sometimes, interesting things can also come in little sizes as this is the case of this tiny town which is now known as the smallest city in the United States.

Monowi: The Smallest City In The United States

In the northern part of Nebraska is the little city of Monowi which is regarded as the smallest city in the United States. Its precise location is in Boyd county Nebraska.

  • Population: 1 as at 2020
  • Total Area: 0.21 square miles.

According to the World Population Review, it is the 529th largest city in Nebraska and the 19496th largest city in the United States. With a total area of 0.21 square miles, Monowi is so small that one can literally see the entire village from an elevated spot. Monowi was not always without residents. In fact, it had a population of 150 people in the 1930s many of whom were lured by the city life thereby moving to bigger cities where jobs and a lively environment are guaranteed.

Only One Resident

In the 2020 US census, the population of Monowi was 1 and this has stayed the same from both the 2010 US Census and 2018 US Census. The town’s sign even has that exact number under its name. Monowi is home to Elsie Eiler - a lady in her 80s and she is currently the only resident of the town. Elsie is now popular for this reason. She became the only resident of Monowi after she lost her husband and the second resident in the village in 2004.

After the death of her husband, Elsie Eiler became the village’s mayor. But not just the Mayor, she is also the town’s secretary, clerk, librarian, and bartender. These are not just empty titles as Elsie works in every one of these positions. For her position as the Mayor, she is responsible for producing a municipal road plan every year which helps to secure the funding required to keep the town’s infrastructure maintained. A library known as Rudy’s Library runs under her care, validating her position as the town’s librarian and the library is dedicated to her late husband.

When she applies for licenses for her goods from the state of Nebraska, it is delivered to her as the secretary of the village. She owns the town’s only business - a bar called Monowi Tavern where she acts as the bartender offering tourists and other customers refreshments and lunch.

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Monowi’s Infrastructure

Monowi may be tiny but it's not completely abandoned and without infrastructure. At least, the town has got four street lights, and three functioning buildings - Elsie’s house, the library, and a spacious bar offering amazing relaxation to travelers and local customers. The bar is the main attraction, the only business, and the main hangout spot in the town of Monowi because it offers the coldest beer in town. At any time, it's got customers relaxing and sipping their favorite drinks so you’re not going to be alone. Most of the customers are local farmers who all seem to know each other and tourists only make up a tiny percentage of the bar’s customers.

Without music and lots of people, it gets so quiet in the bar when the few customers stop talking, leaving the whirling ceiling fan and the light footsteps of the town’s mayor as the only sounds that can be heard. Sometimes however the sounds of Elsie washing the plates helps reduce the silence too. The bar is simply a place to enjoy a peaceful time while also getting the opportunity to talk to a super nice and cute bartender who is ever ready to make customers feel at home.

The bar offers a generous menu that includes food such as - pepperoni, hamburgers, cheese, Canadian bacon, and Pizza. A more detailed menu with prices can be seen on a red paper positioned on the bar's wall. While the prices are subject to change, the current list includes the following:

  • Hamburger: $3.75
  • Cheeseburger: $4.00
  • Ham: $3.50
  • Ham and Cheese: $3.75
  • Eggs and Cheese: $2.50
  • Grilled Cheese: $2.50
  • Hot Dog: $2.00
  • Fish Sandwich: $3.50
  • Pork Tender: $4.00
  • Gizzards: $4.50
  • Chicken Fritter: $2.00
  • Onion Rings: $5.00
  • Cheeseballs: $5.00
  • French Fries: $3.00
  • Tater Tots: $3.00
  • Hash Browns: $3.00
  • Lettuce Salad: $3.00
  • Heiser Special: $7.00
  • Hamburger Steak: $9.50
  • Rib Eye: $16.00
  • T-bone Steak: $16.00

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Outdoor Activities In Monowi

The tiniest town in the United States is surrounded by farmlands and long stretches of fields with lots of beautiful trees. Basically, that’s all there is to Monowi's outdoors. Those who have some time can just wander into the open fields as far as they can to experience the serenity and beauty of this interesting place. The town also has lots of abandoned buildings some of which have been invaded by wood-devouring insects while others lie become beyond repair so those are other things to check out while in this little town.

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