The biggest continent in the world, Asia, extends from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. It covers roughly 30 % of the land area of the globe. Its expansive landmass spreads from the Himalayas Mountains to the desolate and dry Gobi and Arabian deserts. Beautiful beaches and paradise islands are found in Asia and uninhibited jungles in Southeast Asia.

In addition to its vastness, Asia is home to over 55% of the world's population. Each country has a different heritage and history with countless other languages and cultures. Asia's numerous hidden treasures and natural wonders would take forever to decode. The Maldives is classified as the smallest nation in Asia, covering only 116 square miles. Below are the smallest countries to tour in Asia.

9 Maldives

The Maldives takes up the southern part of Asia; it consists of 1,200 atolls and islands. The Maldives has the best thrilling beaches on the globe. Hidden away in the Indian Ocean, the beautiful getaway is known for its deluxe resorts. Most of them have their own island.

The Maldives is also known for its underwater resources, which make it a perfect place to go snorkeling and scuba diving, with lots of glistening shoals of fish and glowing coral reefs.

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8 Qatar

Qatar is situated in Western Asia and covers 4,473 square miles. It is located on the Qatar Peninsula, a section of the Arabian Peninsula's northeastern coast. On land, it borders Saudi Arabia, while the other region borders the Persian Gulf.

In Qatar, one can visit the museum of Islamic art, Doha fort, Barzan towers, inland sea beach, Doha desert, State Grand Mosque, amongst other beautiful destinations

7 Singapore

Singapore is among the globe's city-states, and it’s situated in Southeast Asia, covering 276 square miles. The Singapore region consists of the mainland and islands. It's described chiefly as an amusement park for the rich because it has a lot of wealth. Not only does it offer luxury hotels, high-end shopping malls, and fine dining, but it also has family-friendly attractions and several ethnicities to discover.

You can visit different locations such as Marina Bay Sands, garden by the bay, and Singapore zoo, and get to see orangutans, zebras, Komodo dragons, and other wildlife.

6 Bahrain

Bahrain is also an Island country, and it's situated in the Persian Gulf. It covers 295 square miles with 1,425,171 residents. It has over 80 islands and island groups. Bahrain has several attractions, such as the cultural city of Manama. They sell enticing carpets and spices along with elegant pearls.

One can also visit the Hawar islands and watch birds. It is the best place for the wildlife enthusiast, water sports at Zallaq and traditional Riffa's Bazaars, and getting to see antique courtrooms and crenelated bulwarks.

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5 Lebanon

Lebanon is approximately 4,536 square miles and expands down the Mediterranean Sea's coast. It is named the pearl of the Middle East since it acted as the trade connection between India, East Asia, and Mediterranean territory.

Lebanon is culturally diversified since the population is about 50% Muslim, 45 % Christian, and 18% religious groups. One can visit Beirut, Baalbek, or the Beqaa valley, Bylos or Jbeil, which is one the best places to stay in Lebanon. It has palm trees, teal waters, and mountains advancing from the background.

4 Brunei

Brunei is located in Southeastern Asia. It surrounds the South China Sea and East Malaysia. It covers 2,226 square miles. Brunei offers some of the most charming mosques in Asia and rainforests.

One can visit Kampong Ayer, see the floating village along the Brunei River, Ulu Temburong National Park, take a boat ride in and out of the national park, and do other activities such as swimming in natural pools, canopy walks, and jungle trekking.

3 Palestine

Palestine covers 2,402 square miles and is inhibited by 4,550,368 people. Religion-wise, Muslims take up 93% and then Christians at 6%. It has different prehistoric sites, such as Hishams Palace, which was built between 720 and 750 AD. Or visit the Abraham mosque, one of the most distinguished holy sites globally; it's the burial site for Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, and Abraham.

One can also visit Herodyon which is the burial site of Herod the great, or Church Holy Sepulchre which is the site of crucifixion and burial site for Jesus; it's the holiest site globally for Christianity.

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2 Cyprus

Cyprus is an island situated in the Mediterranean Sea Eastern Basis. It covers 3,572 square miles. Its landscape is influenced by Troodos and Kyrenia Mountains, while the Mesaoria plain lies between them. The Island has four segments, the Turkish Republic of Cyprus covers 60%, while the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus covers 36%. There is a buffer zone under the UN and it segregates the two sections while the other sections of Akrotiri and Dhekelia are governed by British sovereignty.

In Cyprus, one can visit Famagusta and see the deepest harbor on the Island; hence many cruise ships dock there. Or visit Troodos Mountains to hike to the Caledonia Falls or walk over Milia Medieval Bridge amongst other places.

1 Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste covers 5743 square miles. It covers the eastern half of Timor Island, the outermost Islands of Jaco and Atauro. One could visit Atauro Island and experience top-tier snorkeling and diving on the phenomenal coral reefs.

Or visit Maubisse, which is on a ridge surrounded by beautiful scenery. It's perfect for taking a break from the humidity and heat of the coast. Or visit Marobo and get to swim in the geothermal hot springs.

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