10 10. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach is located in the northwest Oregon territory. It's actually a city, with a resplendent downtown area, coves, and a beach. Arcadia Beach is where you will find your serenity. The beach has a long, sandy shoreline and at its center is Haystack Rock. If you're lucky, you may be able to see puffins climbing it.

Arcadia Beach has tide pools, a picnic area, and even sea caves to explore. Plus, if you want a bit more greenery, the Ecola State Park offers hiking trails that lead to stunning views of the ocean.

9 9. Praia do Camilo, Portugal

This tiny beach is located in Lagos, Portugal. The only way to get to it is by taking a steep climb down a 200-step staircase to the bottom. It is surrounded by ochre-colored rocks, creating a private shelter for its inhabitants. It has a gorgeous view of the ocean and there is even a hand-dug tunnel to explore.

This beach is pretty small already, but during the high tide, its size is cut in half. Nestled between its larger sister beaches, Praia da Dona Ana and Ponta da Piedade, Praia do Camilo is commended for its beauty and seclusion.

8 8. Neds Beach, Australia

One of Lord Howe Island's greatest attributes is Neds Beach. The island itself doesn't take up too much space off the coast of Australia, so this beach is quaint. Its crescent-shaped shoreline is made up of soft, white sand that is perfect for a walk on the beach. The water is a spectacular blue, and sealife likes to make an appearance for visitors on a regular basis. 

If you venture out far enough, you will discover the coral reef. This spot is a prime location for snorkeling, where divers will get to see an array of colorful fish and coral.

7 7. Boca Grande, Florida

Boca Grande is a small coastal region in southwest Florida that goes frequently unnoticed. This small coastal area is prized for its soft sand and seashells. It's located on Gasparilla island where travelers will find a lighthouse and a bike path with even more enticing activities.

Boca Grande is mostly visited by locals, so you will definitely find peace here. If you're a true beach-lover, this is the perfect place to really take in your surroundings. You will feel so at home, it will be like you're living in paradise.

6 6. Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

This four-mile stretch of sand has just under three thousand inhabitants, making this beach one of the smallest you can hope to find. It has a very local feel to it, with just a few commercial shops to explore nearby. However, its glowing sunsets and fresh seafood make this place a worthwhile stop on your journey through the U.S. Located in North Carolina, this small beach is often overlooked next to Myrtle Beach which is located in South Carolina.

5 5. Cape May, New Jersey

At the southernmost tip of New Jersey sits this quaint little beach that is any beach lover's fantasy. Cape May is the perfect spot to lay out in the sun. It's family-friendly, clean, and best of all, it has events happening all the time. They have movies on the beach, fishing, surfing, volleyball, and kayaking. Their promenade offers luxury seating where you can gaze out into the ocean or take a breezy bike ride.

4 4. Captiva Island, Florida

Captiva Beach is the obvious result of Captiva's Island's aquatic location. It is one of a string of islands in southwest Florida. The other two are Marco Island and Sanibel Island. While Marco has a one-of-a-lifetime sunset view, and Sanibel's lighthouse is cool to explore, Captiva is known for its restaurants. Get a giant piece of cake at The Bubble Room, which is decorated like its Christmas all year round. Once you're stuffed, you can go shell-hunting or just enjoy your time out in the sun.

3 3. Koh Lanta, Thailand

This island district is in the Krabi Province on Thailand’s Andaman. Its small beaches are a great place to lay out and do absolutely nothing. You will be surrounded by trees and crystal clear blue waters, making these beaches quite unlike any others around the world. It's a popular place to go kayaking, rock climbing, and even cave hunting. There is even a waterfall nearby, though these places seem to draw the largest crowds.

2 2. Amoglossa Beach, Greece

Amoglossa Beach in Greece is a rarely explored beach. It doesn't have much to do unless you are a fan of soaking in the sun and taking in the picture-perfect sceneries. Snorkeling, swimming, and skimboarding are also popular activities. You can find umbrellas here as well, so its a nice place to be outside and law out a picnic. This small strip of sand is located near the entrance of Lefkada island, just over a metal bridge.

1 1. Butterfly Beach, Goa India

Butterfly Beach is an unbelievably tiny beach, but it comes with lots of thrills. With just a semi-circle patch of sand, this beach is flanked by glorious mountains on either side. It is home to exotic butterflies, crabs, and fish, and dolphin sightings are almost a daily occurrence.

It's so secluded, that even locals refer to it as a secret beach. Translucent waters and dazzling sunsets that will take your breath away are the least part of what makes Butterfly Beach so enticing. This beach in India is one that you won't want to miss.