Brimming with spectacular green mountains, incredible history, and a fantastic food scene, Vermont should definitely be on every traveler's bucket list. With the arrival of fall in this beautiful state, the landscapes are exploding with breathtaking colors. Its mountains and forests are glowing, and the views are incredible. Receiving over 13 million visitors every year, there are endless choices of fun things to do in the state in the fall, from fantastic hiking options to stunning scenic drives and train rides. Luckily, there is just the right number of places where vacationers can best celebrate fall in Vermont. Here are the ten small scenic Vermont towns to visit in the fall.

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10 Brattleboro

Located in the middle of incredibly flourishing forests, Brattleboro is a vibrant small town, offering so much to experience in the fall. Engage in hikes and walks through the gorgeous forests, rolling hills, and beautiful historical farms surrounding this town. The trails will lead visitors to some of the most magnificent vistas and amazing wildlife. Others will allow them to discover some of the most impressive parks, including Pisgah State Park, and fabulous mountains, like Mount Wantastiquet, to get panoramic views of the town and the river valley.

9 Manchester

Mounted in the southern Green Mountains, this is definitely one of the best towns in Vermont to experience fall foliage. The whole town is bordered by gorgeous mountains, making it a perfect leaf-peepers paradise. While the town is praised for its 360-degree view of the Green Mountains, the leaf-peeping opportunity it presents makes it an excellent spot for a foliage getaway. Its picture-perfect rolling hills offer a magnificent display of different colors. The town boasts beautiful trails offering views of not just the Green Mountains but also the Manchester Riverwalk and the Taconic Mountains.

8 Stowe

Stowe is a village town located at the state's highest peak and is the perfect spot for a fall vacation. Plan a trip from early September through late October, and enjoy the town's colorful landscapes while grabbing some fantastic outdoor opportunities. At this time of the year, Stowe is brimming with magnificent colors and breathtaking landscape views. Not only does one get an incredible opportunity of exploring Vermont’s highest peak, but also chase a stunning waterfall and engage in scenic drives through its classic covered bridges. The town boasts more than 45 hiking trails and over 65 miles of biking trails to allow for a beautiful fall adventure.

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7 Peacham

Located in the Northeast Kingdom, Peacham is a small town known for its numerous cottage businesses and a couple of stores. Travelers who've been in this Vermont's small town in the fall are always looking to come back for more. One of the best ways of exploring the town’s most impressive fall trips is catching the Peacham’s Fall Foliage, occurring in October. Head to the Peacham Fire Station and explore the field behind the station. Enjoy the magnificent foliage views up the hill, rolling fields, and gorgeous mountains.

6 Dorset

Dorset is always bright and charming in the fall. Head to the center of the town at Church Street, explore the Dorset Union Store, and maybe grab something at the Dorset Inn. Locate the nearby Dorset Hollow Road and explore the six-mile scenic loop, offering magnificent farmhouses and incredible Netop Mountain views. Travelers looking for more outdoor opportunities can go hiking in the gorgeous Owl's Head Town Forest and go apple picking at Mad Tom Orchard in East Dorset. There is so much to experience in Dorset in the fall than visitors may realize.

5 Wilmington

Wilmington is one place to experience some of the best Vermont has to offer. Its Main Street is brimming with top-notch restaurants, colorful shops, and incredible local businesses. On Route 100, vacationers will meet Mount Snow, offering fantastic biking and hiking trails, as well as scenic chairlift rides to enjoy in the fall. To the east of this gorgeous town is Hogback Mountain, guaranteeing spectacular fall views. Don't miss out on the Vermont Wine & Harvest Festival in September and Oktoberfest in mid-October at Mount Snow.

4 Grafton

Located in southern Vermont's rolling hills, Grafton is a must-visit in fall, thanks to its gorgeous foliage, incredible dairy, rich history, and fantastic art. There is so much to experience, thanks to the surrounding spectacular nature, including beautiful gardens and hiking trails leading to magnificent forests and parks. Start an adventure at the Grafton Trails & Outdoor Center, and enjoy more than 2,000 acres of the bordering natural beauty. Visit the Nature Museum and enjoy some of the most breathtaking fall views in town.

3 Burlington

Burlington is a gorgeous lakeside city bustling with outdoor opportunities, and incredible urban culture and is bordered by the most impressive foliage. From apple picking to exploring the skate parks and art galleries to attending live concerts, there is so much to do. One doesn’t need to celebrate the fall weather outside Burlington. Why not grab a skateboard and join others at A_Dog Skate Park in skating? Not into skating? The long bike path is available for riding or strolling among the spectacular foliage.

2 Woodstock

A Vermont fall adventure is never complete without visiting Woodstock, a classic town offering a lot for travelers to experience. From the historic Billings Farm & Museum to the only national park in the entire state, Marsh-Billings Rockefeller National Historic Park to Mount Tom, there is never a shortage of fall activities. Woodstock is always blazing in colors, and there is no better way to experience foliage than strolling through the treetops and across a covered bridge, as well as hiking through Mount Tom to enjoy breathtaking views.

1 Lincoln

Lincoln is another Vermont spectacular town not to miss in the fall. Start the fall adventure at West Hill Road and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Green Mountains, or head to Mount Abraham, Vermont’s fifth highest peak, for a fascinating alpine glow at dusk. Vacationers can go hiking or stroll between the magnificent mountains and enjoy the breathtaking views of the bordering foliage. The weather is splendid, and travelers can engage in numerous outdoor activities.