Approximately 71.9 million foreign tourists visited Croatia in 2021, thanks to its geographical diversity, climate, weather patterns, historic points of interest, and picturesque sunny beaches. The country harbors countless tourist destinations, including hundreds of islands and towns offering numerous unmissable activities for all kinds of personalities.

Read on to discover 10 small towns in Croatia worth visiting over its buzzing tourist spots.

10 Korcula Town

This is the designated town for vacationers who prefer a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by brimming natural beauty. Korcula Town is composed of Venetian-style historical buildings like the gothic St. Mark's Cathedral and the town’s iconic museum that traces the town’s history for ages.

Hikers who fancy a trek through the pine forest and the rock coves land on the secluded Osjak Island to experience total solitude. Moreska Cultural Club provides guests an opportunity to enjoy sword dances presented by the townies. While adults enjoy the island's best grape wine, kids enjoy local cuisines like ama and seafood.

9 Hvar Town

Off the coast of the Adriatic Sea stands the city of Hvar, with its marble streets adorned with gothic walls. The city is a perfect destination for revelers with its modern bars and restaurants offering local dishes and drinks. To access Dubovica Beach, tourists have to take a steep hike down or use a boat from the mainland, gaining double fun either way. From Hvar Fort’s top, visitors get a clear view of the entire island which is admittedly the most picturesque spot in town.

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8 Zadar

This destination is not hyped enough, yet it has tons of activities to offer. Its coast has the most touristic promenade giving guests a chance to connect with nature on their stroll. Additionally, Zadar houses five national parks that showcase native wild and sea life. It also has the most phenomenal sunsets. The town is rich with heritage, well depicted through its archeological treasures and medieval monuments. In addition, it carries the best sailing tour spots like Archipelago and outstanding snookering spots on the Adriatic. Caves like Dragon’s eye and Golubinka are always open for exploration.

7 Motovun

The most notable feature of this touristic village is that it is built on a hilltop, which it has stood on since the 13th century. The iconic Motovun forest is located on the town’s feet overlooking rivers Mirna and Butoniga, all of which attract thousands of nature buffs. Some of the most endangered tree species like common oak and elm can still be spotted in this forest reserve. Foodies who travel to this part of the city get to try out mushroom truffles which can safely be branded as a unique and expensive delicacy.

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6 Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is the perfect post-summer destination for solo or group travelers. This is the ideal time to visit the city when the coast is dominated by cruise ships. It also experiences fewer crowds then. Old Town Dubrovnik is the heart of the most touristic activities such as sea kayaking and boat trips on the Elaphite Islands. The city became even more popular after featuring in the TV series, Game of Thrones. Therefore, visitors flock in to witness the wonders it possesses.

5 Porec

Porec is the town of choice for jubilant tourists who love the nightlife, wine, and dining for a change. Families on boat rides get entertained by dolphins at sunset. They can as well go shopping on Decumanus street during the day. This town is rich in historical sites, including Romanesque House in the old town, and round and pentagonal towers just to mention a few landmarks.

4 Mljet

On the Eastern side of the Adriatic islands stands the famous Mljet town. Here, guests start by visiting Mljet National Park where they enjoy hiking, cycling kayaking, swimming, and sunbathing with chances of spotting native wildlife. History enthusiasts explore Polace settlements present since the Roman Empire rule.

3 Rovinj

Tourists looking for a romantic Croatian town should first land in Rovinj. Its harbor is the most picturesque courtesy of the countless fishing boats and ferries. Rovinj's old town buzzes with shopping stalls, cafés, and street food stands. Guests who crave fresh fruits and vegetables just pay a visit to the Farmers market for the tastiest grapes, plums, and apricots. Couples also get the chance to board a cruise ship to explore the sea and take snaps of the beautiful times.

2 Zagreb

This city ranks among the most ancient towns in Europe. It has prestigious buildings, fountains, and magnificent parks/woods which date back to the 19th century. The city has a delightful walk-through with a lively atmosphere that attracts visitors from all walks of life. Plitvice Lakes National Park and Rastoke village are among the most touristic spots in Zagreb.

1 Cavtat

Cavtat village is inhabited by the friendliest residents. It harbors the most intact historic buildings with outstanding bars and restaurants. Tourists love to sit by the bar sipping wine, coffee, and beer as they take in the town's beauty. Artists have their favorite spot at The House of Vlaho Bukovac where there is a selection of both antique and modern artwork. Moreover, its beaches are clean and vibrant for swimming and picnicking. The Illyrian necropolises count as a major presentation of the town’s history and culture.