Small towns are back in and even though the motto in Texas is that everything that is 'bigger and better,' it's somewhat contradictory of the most undiscovered locales. Even its small towns have a big presence despite their minimal size, and the small town of Concan is one of them. In fact, this town is so small that it's barely even a town - it's actually a community, and it's one worth visiting.

There's a good list of things to see and do around Concan and even driving through it is an experience. Thanks to the mountains and hillsides that flank it on all sides, this small community is a slice of heaven only an hour and a half outside of San Antonio. The Frio River runs through this tiny town and has become a summer hub, along with several parks that surround it. Here's what you can do in Concan if you happen to be staying in San Antonio for a vacation.


It's A Haven For Nature Lovers With Plenty Of Parkside Attractions

One thing that makes Concan stand out from the other small towns around San Antonio (and there are many!) is its stunning vista. Hillsides abound in this community and there are plenty of ways to soak in all it has going for it. Travelers should be sure to bring their cameras - there's no way they'll want to miss the photo opportunities in these places.

Garner State Park

The best place to cool down in the Frio River is at Garner State Park. The park is famous for its water activities and has become a popular summer destination for kids and families, especially with those hot summer Texas temps. Throughout the park, hikers can take advantage of trails that are hilly but rated as easy to moderate, with great woodland views and outcroppings that show off the mountains near Concan.

Anyone looking to immerse themselves even further in this Texas wilderness can scope out any of the cabins available for rent or take advantage of its quiet campsites or screen-in shelters. And, if swimming in the river, sunbathing on its sandy shores, canoeing, kayaking, or hiking aren't your calling, take advantage of the miniature golf course that's located in the area.

Frio Bat Flight Tours

It might sound a bit out of the ordinary but considering Concan is home to the second-largest population of bats in the world, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of a nighttime tour. After the sun goes down, visitors can register for a tour with Frio Bat Flight Tours, which takes them around the area's caves to observe millions of Mexican free-tailed bats as they take flight.

The Food And Shopping Are Unparalleled In Concan's Small Town

Concan also happens to be home to the cutest, and most unique, stores around. Of any small town near San Antonio, visitors are more likely to find something interesting and altogether different at its small shops. When it comes to local color and flair, Concan has no shortage of either!

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Fergie's River Store and Frio's Dry Fifty

Both of these stores offer unique options for anyone who's in the market for a souvenir or just something to remember the trip by. Fergie's River Store is in a fairly scenic area of Concan and offers a great selection of unique clothing and Concan-specific gifts. Anyone looking to stock up on beach-style gear for their trip to the river will also find that here, along with a scoop or two of locally-made ice cream.

Frio's Dry Fifty is the perfect place to find that one-of-a-kind souvenir or gift to bring back, along with some other unique findings. Anything from t-shirts to antiques can be purchased here, along with a rock stop for 'treasure hunting,' and information on what to do in the surrounding area. Frio's Dry Fifty is also home to the Snack Shack, which is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and offers simple, yet delicious, summertime foods for snacking while you shop or enjoy the outdoor area.

Concan Might Be Small, But Its Restaurants Are Mighty

One of the best things about staying in or near Concan is the fact that visitors can get a homemade, Texas meal with ease thanks to its local restaurants. The House Pasture Cattle Company is cooking up some of the best steakhouse-style dinners around, complete with homemade sides and apps.

For something casual with a Tex-Mex style, Hippie Chic's River Shack is the place to go for a laid-back atmosphere and some delicious loaded nachos and burritos. And, of course, no Texas trip is complete without some BBQ - in which case, Big Iron BBQ is ready to satisfy all of your BBQ cravings.

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