Valdez, Alaska, is a lovely port town in Alaska. It is known for being the terminal of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and is located on the coastline of Prince William Bay.

Valdez, on the other hand, is not an industrial city. It has an unrivaled combination of coastal glaciers, woods, mountain peaks, and amazing recreational activities such as sea kayaking, trekking, and camping.

Top Things To Do In The Area

The spectacular fauna and stunning surroundings are the main reasons travelers come to Valdez.


Visitors can plan to do things like whale viewing, skiing, and glacier climbs if they are of an adventurous kind.

Hike Breathtaking Trails

Whether visitors are experienced hikers or a family seeking a relaxing stroll with spectacular vistas, Valdez has it all.

Dock Point Trail

It is a track that locals often suggest for a brief and easy hike with spectacular views. The Dock Point Hike is a 1.2 km loop with only one steep portion. The Duck Flats, a fertile estuary that attracts migrating birds, are visible from one side of the circle.

On the other side, the glistening waters of the harbor and the snow-capped mountains beyond are visible.

Shoup Bay Trail

There are two sections of the Shoup Bay Trail. Both parts follow the shoreline of Port Valdez through a pine and alder woodland. Section A is better groomed; Section B is more forested and should only be attempted by skilled hikers.

The route is teeming with wildlife. Grizzlies and mountain goats live in the surrounding woods and slopes. Marine mammals such as sea otters and harbor seals can be found in the seas around Port Valdez and Shoup Bay. Bird watchers can see eagles, ducks, seagulls, Arctic terns, and peregrines.

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Go On A Glacier Tour

Valdez Glacier And Glacier Lake

Valdez Glacier Lake is an enticing place that provides a paddleboarding hotspot in the summers and an ice-skating arena in the winter due to the active splitting of this massive ice chunk. Visitors can pull right up to the lakeside and wander around it, touching the washed-up icebergs on the shore.

The Valdez Glacier Lake is located right at the back of the Valdez Glacier.

Since visitors can kayak straight up to it, it's among Valdez's more reachable glaciers.

  • Visitors can explore the Valdez Glacier without taking a tour or hiring a guide.

Columbia Glacier

Valdez boasts several magnificent glaciers in Prince William Sound. Columbia Glacier, the biggest coastal glacier in the region and the second biggest in Northern America, is located on the eastern edge of Prince William Sound.

Visitors can take a local boat tour giving them information about the area's heritage, animals, the quickly changing terrain, and the breathtaking view of the iceberg-strewn road.

  • Cruise charges: $150 per person
  • Cruise Duration: 6 hours

Enjoy The Winter Adventures

Valdez is the ice capital of America. Valdez has an unbelievable diversity of landscape at the hands, with most sections extensively glaciated, steep hill slopes, enormous snowy basins, long canyons, and everything in between that visitors won't find elsewhere.

Fat Tire Biking

Fat biking is a unique experience in Valdez. Multi-use, snow groomed paths that are both safe and family-friendly can be discovered just in town. Shoup Bay Trail, which is smooth and brief and ideal for quick riding, is groomed regularly by the Valdez Adventure Alliance. Riding upstream, Mineral Creek goes to a waterfall-studded gorge while biking downstream goes to Prince William Sound.

Ice Climbing

During the harsh winters, the area's many cascades and glaciers provide a thrill for ice climbers and trekkers. Valdez has about 180 different climbing routes of varying difficulty. In Keystone Canyon, there are multiple climbs in the 600-foot level and a plethora of short routes providing climbers of all levels with nearly limitless options.

Go Whale And Dolphin Watching

Humpbacks, killer whales, dolphins, and pinnipeds can be seen in Prince William Sound. Humpback whales are frequently spotted in the vicinity, hunting for fish and most commonly sighted alone. On the other hand, Orcas cruise in pods for the abundant salmon.

The tours to the Columbia glacier departing from Valdez will almost certainly provide visitors the opportunity to observe whales and porpoises while on a sightseeing trip.

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Places To Lodge In Valdez

Best Western Valdez Harbor Inn

The Best Western Valdez Harbor Inn has complimentary internet access and dining on-premises. Guests will find a Television, a lounging space, a stove, and a fridge in the stylish rooms.

An en suite bathroom with a shower and complimentary toiletries are also available. A reception desk, a gym, and a salon are also available.

Keystone Hotel

The Keystone Hotel provides baggage storage as well as a complimentary shuttle. A barbeque, a reception desk, and free internet access are also available.

The hotel's accommodations come with an en suite bathroom and a lounge area in some cases.

  • A complimentary breakfast is available for the guests.

Getting To Valdez

Visitors can drive from Anchorage to Whittier. It is a journey of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Ferry services are available from Whittier to Valdez and take around 4 hours.

Ferry charges are as follows:

  • Adults: $89
  • Children (6-11 years): Half price
  • Children (5 years and under): Free

Valdez is a fantastic city to visit, with a variety of exciting activities for guests. In the winter, it transforms into a white wonderland. If travelers want to experience natural scenery and wildlife while also satisfying their adventurous spirit, Valdez is the place to go.

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