Ever needed a nap on a layover? If so, try and head through Washington Dulles, where their new 'nap pods' have got you covered! Napping at airports is notoriously uncomfortable, with rows of bench seats or a hard floor usually the only option to stretch out on. Add to that the constant noise of flight announcements and hundreds of people, and the fear of having your luggage stolen while you sleep, and it's no wonder that airports are far from the most comfortable place to catch a few z's.

However, when stuck at an airport on a long layover or due to flight delays, it's easy to see why people might want to get a little shut-eye. Even though airports are coming up with increasingly interesting amenities to make travel a little more fun, there's still only so much time you can spend wandering the shops or getting something to eat. However, Washington Dulles is now opening a new 'nap pod' area that is sure to keep tired travelers happy.


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Sleepbox Micro Hotel is set to open at Washington Dulles (Concourse A), and will be available for booking through the app from December 7th. The hotel will have 16 'nap pods', tiny soundproofed rooms with a memory foam bed and a little floor space (for luggage), as well as outlets for charging electronics. The rooms can be booked through an app (which also controls temperature and lighting), and can be reserved by the hour, or for overnight stays. Prices start at $25 per hour, and go up to $150 for a twelve-hour stay.

Washington Dulles will be the first airport to open a Sleepbox Lounge, although the company also has plans to open a location in Downton Boston next year. This is also not the only micro hotel to appear in an airport; Minutesuites is a similar venture open at airports in Dallas, Philadelphia, Charlotte, and Atlanta.

These micro hotels are a godsend for people looking to get a little rest in between flights, and eliminate the issues associated with trying to get some sleep in the main terminal. Safety, comfort, and soundproofing are some of the major advantages, although unlike full-size hotel rooms, these don't offer a bathroom to shower or freshen up. Some executive lounges have similar spaces, so this is aimed squarely at those travelers who do not have access to the fancier lounge amenities, and don't want to pay for an entire night in a hotel room for the sake of a few hours sleep. If the Sleepbox Lounge here takes off, we'll be sure to see other micro-hotels coming to airports around the country.

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Source: USA Today