If you’ve endlessly tried to sleep on a plane to no avail, now is your chance to finally catch some zzz's aboard a Boeing 747. The Jumbo Stay, a jet that’s been parked at the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport since 2009, welcomes guests to spend the night.

The plane, which was an active Boeing 747-212B once owned by Transjet Airways that entered service in 1976, has been given a modern makeover. The jumbo hotel, which can house up to 76 guests, features 27 rooms, including a luxury suite in the plane’s cockpit, as well as accommodations inside the plane’s engines.


According to owner Oscar Diös, who previously owned the Uppsala Vandrarhem hotel, "I was getting ready to expand my hostel business in 2006 when I heard about an old wreck of an aircraft for sale at Arlanda. Since I had for a long time wanted to establish my business at Arlanda I didn’t hesitate for a second when this opportunity struck."

The airplane, operated by Transjet, a Swedish airline that went bankrupt in 2002, was originally built for Singapore Airlines and later served with Pan Am, where it was named Clipper Belle of the Sky. The aircraft later served with Air Club International, Transjet, Northeast Airlines, Jet Midwest Inc, Tower Air, Nationair, Cathay Pacific, and Garuda Indonesia.

In January 2008, the plane was transported to a construction site where the conversion began. The old interior was dismantled. 450 seats were taken out and the plane was fully sanitized. The plane was painted and redecorated, and heating and air-conditioning were added.

Each room includes crisp white linens, a television, a small table, and tiny plane windows. The hotel also has a lookout deck over the wing of the plane, and a 24-hour café with a menu that includes breakfast, coffee, cookies, ice cream, sandwiches, warm meals, and a full bar. Guests also have access to wireless broadband.

“Jumbo Stay is not just a hostel,” the hotel’s management told Curbed. “It's also an exciting place to go on an excursion for the whole family and for aviation enthusiasts.”

Unfortunately, the rooms do not include a bathroom, so guests must share the plane bathroom. However, the cockpit has its own ensuite bathroom. Rooms range from $60 a night for a dorm-style shared space to $550 a night for a suite. The plane is located 0.93–1.24 mi from the terminals on a disused runway. The transfer buses to the long-term parking area can be used to access the hotel and the airport.

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Aside from the fun of staying in a vintage 1970s jumbo jet, the hotel offers the once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a turbulence-free good night's sleep.