Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel periods of the year, and travelers are often hit with extremely pricey domestic flight costs.

Timing is everything when it comes to reaching a good deal on a flight. Well, Skyscanner (h/t TravelPulse) did some research and pieced together the best times and ways for people to books their flights accordingly.

It was noted that most tourists purchase flight tickets only one or two weeks before the holiday. A traveler can save themselves up to 20 percent in price if they book their trip shortly after the summer season.


Skyscanner simply suggests that travelers get their flight tickets two weeks to a month ahead of time in order to save up money. They also added that travelers found great deals by booking Thursday flights.

The American Thanksgiving and upcoming December holiday seasons are among the most expensive travel periods. If you are planning an international flight from the United States, there are some extremely reasonable prices to fly into major cities across Europe.

As noted by International Living, you can book a flight from Boston to Dublin for only $450, London to Paris for $430 and New York to Rome for $367.

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Earlier this month, Air Canada was running a can't-miss Worldwide Seat Promotion that featured excellent deals for both domestic and international flights. This is another reminder that it's all about timing in finding the right deal.

Two out of three Americans will be traveling this winter, according to a study from WalletHub - so you can expect a lot of travelers from the U.S. to be searching for similar deals.

There could be plenty of competition among travelers to follow the tips and deals outlined by Skyscanner here. So now may be the best time to book your flights for the Thanksgiving weekend while they're available.

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