When it comes to finding the best possible deals for flights, it's all about timing.

Canadian travelers that are looking for flights - both domestic and international - can find the best possible deals thanks to some help from Skyscanner.ca.

The website has detailed plenty of helpful tips for various travel destinations in Canada and for many international cities. They detail the best time for booking flights, the cheapest travel month, the best tourist acttractions and the best airport in these major cities.


For example, the cheapest time for Canadians to fly to Vancouver, British Columbia is in the month of November. According to Skyscanner, it's 26 percent cheaper to fly to the west coast city in November compared to the month of December.

As for Toronto, one of Canada's premier travel destinations? Skyscanner suggests flying from Montreal to Toronto in the month of November, because those flights are as low as $137. In comparison, flights from Toronto to Vancouver in November can cost over $340 each.

Looking for a trip to New York? Canadians have the options to fly directly from seven cities in Canada. Skyscanner outlines that May is the cheapest month to fly to New York. Flights from Toronto to the Big Apple are available that month for $161.

New York showed up on GlobalData's list of the top 10 most visited cities for the year 2018, and with so many timeless tourist attractions, it promises to be the trip of a lifetime for anybody.

Now, how about other international cities? Dublin, Ireland is another mega popular travel destination. According to Skyscanner, your best bet is to fly from Toronto in April, with round-trips available for only $419.

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Hoping to experience Dallas, Texas? There are a handful of bargain flight deals available from various locations across Canada: From Toronto for $237, from Montreal to $212, from Calgary for $174, from Ottawa for $204 and from Vancouver for only $212.

If you want the best possible deal for a flight to Amsterdam, you may want to wait until next fall. Skyscanner reports that the month of September marks the best deal for a trip to the capital of Netherlands - though flights in November average to to be 19 percent lower "than flights bought in other months."

October, 2019 marked the lowest average flight cost in six years, but it's important to note which months offer the best possible deals for specific cities. Thanks to Skyscanner, you know how to save plenty of money for specific destinations.

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