Going to Disneyland can be a bummer and just because it's known as a magical place doesn't mean that every trip is perfect. Whether you're making a list of the food to eat and avoid at Disneyland or figuring out which activities to plan, the truth is that there are some food, rides, and experiences that aren't worth writing home about.

Keep reading to find out about Dole Whip and other overrated things that you can skip at Disneyland.

The Famous Dole Whip Has Some Critics

You can eat healthily at Disneyland but most people would say you have to try Dole Whip at least once. Chances are, you have heard that people go crazy for the dole whip at Disneyland.


But the dole whip at Disney is too sweet and isn't worth the hype. Someone posted on Reddit, "For those who don’t know what the Dole Whip is, it’s basically a bunch of pineapple ice cream in a cup with some pineapple juice. It’s very popular at Disney World. I don’t get why this thing is so popular. It basically tastes like artificial fruity sugar and I get tired of it after a few bites." According to Laughing Place, dole whip isn't "that special," so it definitely seems like while this treat has a long list of fans, there are many people who aren't thrilled with it.

The Jungle Cruise Isn't Much To Write Home About

According to Trip Savvy, when you board the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland's Adventureland, you'll hear "bad jokes" from the skippers over the course of the nine-minute ride. You sit in a boat and you can take this ride in the evening or earlier in the day.

Not everyone loves the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland, though. Laughing Place says that while there are "some plants," you don't really see a lot here, and the speakers aren't very high quality either as they are "low-fi."

The Music On It's A Small World Makes It A Tough Sell

Sure, It's A Small World is probably, hands down, the most popular and beloved ride at Disneyland. But sometimes even the most popular things are totally overrated and that point could be made here. According to AZ Central, the song is "treacly" and "annoying" and the "simplistic dolls" should be swapped out for something much better. It's definitely a good idea to make some changes here, as the ride would simply become even more popular if it was more contemporary.

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The Churros Are Too Pricey For What They Are

Do you want to spend almost $5 on a churro that isn't that special? Probably not, which is why you might agree that the churros at Disneyland are overrated.

According to this post on Medium, "But in Disneyland, the price tag on a churro is $4.25. Is it a bad churro? No. Is it a great churro worth $4.25? Not really. It’s a churro, and unless they don’t have fried dough wherever you come from, there’s nothing really special about it." If you're going to eat some churros, it's definitely true that you would want to go to a bakery or restaurant where you can have a bit more of a gourmet experience.

The next time you're heading to Disneyland, remember these four overrated things: the Jungle Cruise and It's A Small World ride, and the churros and dole whip. You can still have a totally magical time, as long as you're sure to skip these things. Thankfully, Disneyland still has tons of other things to offer.

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