Undoubtedly, Nevada is home to Las Vegas, a world-renown casino destination. However, the Silver State is blessed with an array of attractions waiting to be discovered by curious travelers. Aside from its casinos and bright lights, Nevada offers landmarks and destinations fit for history buffs, adventurous travelers, and nature-seeking tourists. From the manmade majesty of Hoover Dam to the natural beauty of Death Valley, these 8 sites in Nevada are a must-see for visitors!

8 Hoover Dam

A trip to Las Vegas usually involves hitting the casinos, but a visit to Hoover Dam is a close second! Sitting in Black Canyon (on the Colorado River), this dam was built in the mid-19th century and is considered one of the largest arch dams in the country. Visitors can check out the Hoover Dam to admire its size and learn about its history (some of it wrapped around some controversy). Also, luckily for visitors, there are several epic Hoover Dam Tours travelers can enjoy exploring this famous landmark.

7 Black Rock Desert

Though the Black Rock Desert hosts the world-famous Burning Man festival, this geographical landscape is beautiful in its own right. The desert is a relatively flat piece of land that stretches for hundreds of miles, but there are still many things to appreciate in the area. Visitors will get stunning views of Nevada’s canyons and encounter the state’s most pristine hot springs. This is also a popular site for hiking, camping, and off-roading!

6 Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe may seem like a popular tourist destination, but there are several reasons it lives up to its hype. Shared with California, Lake Tahoe attracts thousands of tourists every year with its pretty waters and family-friendly attractions. Enjoy a range of activities around the lake area, including hiking, kayaking, and swimming. Go sightseeing to see some of Lake Tahoe’s local wildlife and its majestic waterfalls. Don’t forget to cool off from the Nevada sun by taking a dip at Sand Harbour.

5 The City Of Reno

Las Vegas has everything from bright lights to world-class casinos and unique themed restaurants. However, Reno is a Nevada destination that should not be overlooked! Known as “the biggest little city globally,” this Nevada city is also known for its nightlife, museums, and casinos. Take a picture under the famous Reno Arch, or enjoy a leisurely walk around the Rancho San Rafael Regional Park.

4 Death Valley National Park

Known as the driest national park in America, Death Valley has breathtakingly gorgeous scenery for a haunting name. This famous landmark attracts tourists due to its mystical dunes and barren yet hauntingly beautiful landscape. Take a look at the rugged canyons while learning about the area’s history, which was once a popular site for mineral mining. As it's one of the hottest national parks in the US, visitors should never forget to bring a ton of water while exploring this beautiful area!

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3 Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon is about 17 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, known for its vibrant, rust-colored sandstone cliffs. Together, the cliffs create a dramatic landscape that dazzles visitors, together with its local flora and fauna. Visitors can see these beautiful cliffs and get a chance to encounter the footprints of dinosaurs. The park is also nearby Nevada's Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, a great family-friendly destination for hiking, picnics, and learning about the state's local history.

2 Valley Of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire State Park is massive, with over 40,000 acres of property for adventurous tourists to explore. First, check out the park’s famous, the Aztec Sandstone, a formation made millions of years ago from limestone. Also, don’t forget to check out the park’s White Domes, which is a stark contrast to the rust-red geological formations found in the area. Though the park is a bit far from Las Vegas (about 50 miles or so), it's a must-see for visitors staying at the Silver State.

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1 Fly Geyser

Travelers can end their buck-list road trip in Nevada by visiting the Fly Geyser! This semi-manmade landmark was created when the earth was drilled on the rock for human use. When it was discovered that the geothermal waters inside the rock were too hot to use, the Fly Geysers were born. This famous attraction can spew warm waters that reach well over 200°F or 93°C! Undoubtedly, the geyser looks incredible as it sits in the vibrant Nevada backdrop.