Everyone knows that The Simpsons is set in the fictional town of Springfield. But over the course of the show, everybody’s favorite family does their fair share of traveling and ends up venturing to several different countries around the globe.

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Though a lot of what happens in the show is purely fictional, they do visit real places that you can also add to your travel itinerary. The countries they visit aren’t always portrayed in the most accurate light, but that’s The Simpsons for you!

Check out these 10 real locations around the world that the Simpsons visited!

10 Australia

One of the Simpson family’s most memorable visits was to Australia in the episode Bart Vs. Australia. In the episode, Bart is summoned to Australia after pranking an Australian boy over the phone, where the government wants to punish him by kicking him in the butt with a giant boot.

Of course, Australia, in reality, is quite different from the country portrayed in the episode. There most definitely isn’t a boot kicking a bare butt on the Aussie flag, and the Prime Minister doesn’t lounge around naked in lakes in the countryside (that we know of).

9 Japan

In Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo, the Simpsons visit Japan. After screwing over the Flanders family more than once, the Simpsons hitch a ride to Tokyo, Japan. But while they’re there, they run out of money and have to earn their airfare back home on a Japanese game show that forces them to do incredibly dangerous things.

This also isn’t the Simpsons’ first experience with Japan. Earlier in the series, Homer discovers that the Japanese cleaning product Mr. Sparkle looks just like him by pure coincidence. As it turns out, the Japanese company accidentally stumbled upon Homer’s likeness by combining a fish and a lightbulb.

8 Morocco

The Simpsons briefly visit Morocco in Treehouse of Horror II. As they’re walking through the dusty streets, Home stumbles upon an eerie shop where a strange vendor sells him a monkey’s paw. The paw has the power to make wishes come true but also brings grave misfortune, which Homer decides to go along with because, well, he’s Homer Simpson.

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The rest of the episode plays out back home in Springfield, where the Simpsons deal with the repercussions of the wishes they made using the monkey’s paw. Thankfully, this is all just a dream of Lisa’s!

7 England

Several English characters appear in the show over the years, but the Simpson family actually travels to England for the first time in the episode entitled The Regina Monologues. Abe tries to reconnect with a long-lost lover he met while he was stationed there during the war, while Homer manages to anger the Queen of England herself. In the episode, we also see Bart and Lisa tasting British chocolate for the first time.

There are quite a few famous Brits who make an appearance in this episode. They include former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, and actor Ian McKellen.

6 Cuba

In The Trouble with Trillions, Homer accompanies Mr. Burns and Smithers to look for an island where Mr. Burns can use his fortune to start a new country. The group lands in Cuba, not realizing it’s already an established country.

In this episode, Mr. Burns is in the possession of a trillion-dollar note that the government wants to take back from him. While in Cuba, he gives the note to Fidel Castro to look at, who steals it from him. In the end, Homer, Mr. Burns, and Smithers have to trek back to the United States on a raft.

5 Italy

Sideshow Bob spends much of his time in the early years of the show terrorizing his arch-nemesis, Bart Simpson. But by Season 17, he is living as the mayor of a small town in Italy, where he has a wife and a son. In The Italian Bob, the Simpsons run into Bob and reveal his true identity as a criminal to the townspeople, who quickly boot him out of the position of mayor.

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The Simpsons travel to Italy in the first place because Homer has to pick up an Italian sports car for his boss, Mr. Burns. The town they visit, Salsiccia, doesn’t really exist, but they do make their way to Rome!

4 France

The Simpson family has more than one experience with France over the course of the show. The earliest happens in the very first season when Bart goes there on a foreign exchange trip. But he doesn’t exactly get the Parisian experience we all hope for! While in France, Bart falls into the hands of two crooks who confiscate his belongings, force him to crush grapes, and sample wine with antifreeze in it.

After exposing the criminals, Bart becomes a national hero in France. Later, when Bart returns to France in Bart-Mangled Banner, this no longer seems to be the case!

3 Scotland

There is only one notable Scottish character in Springfield, but he happens to be one of the funniest and most memorable faces in town: Groundskeeper Willie. In Monty Can’t Buy Me Love, Homer accompanies Willie and Mr. Burns to Willie’s native Scotland, where they hope to catch the Loch Ness Monster. This is all so Mr. Burns can win the admiration of the public.

They do end up catching the monster after draining the loch, but Mr. Burns soon realizes he can’t handle the fame that comes with discovering her. In the end, the monster gets a job at a Las Vegas Casino.

2 China

The Simpsons have two experiences going to China, the first involving the entire family and the second involving just Homer. In Goo Goo Gai Pan, the Simpsons go to China with Marge’s sister, Selma, so she can adopt a child.

While in China, the family visit some famous sites that you really can visit too, including Shaolin Temple, the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, the Great Wall of China, and Tiananmen Square. In the end, Selma gets to keep her adopted daughter Ling, even though she’s not married. Bart is also replaced by a Chinese spy, but Homer doesn’t seem to worry too much!

1 India

Homer Simpson is lucky enough to visit India twice in his lifetime. The first time, in Homer and Apu, he ventures to Apu’s native India to appeal to the Kwik-E-Mart head office and get Apu his job back. We only get to see India briefly in this episode, as Homer and Apu are back in Springfield not long after leaving home.

In Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore, Homer moves to India when the Nuclear Plant is relocated there. He ends up thinking he’s a god after receiving praise from the other workers in the plant when Mr. Burns leaves him in charge.

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