Everyone ponders the idea of travel and wonders if getting on that flight abroad is the right choice for them. Over billions of people travel each year and the influx of travel photos can really have us thinking it ought to be our turn next. The problem here, however, is that not everyone is cut out to travel at all stages of their life. Maybe right now isn't the time for you to jet off out of America and start discovering the world. There are many reasons why today isn't the day for you to travel overseas such as the fact maybe you really can't afford it or the only reason you want to travel is to impress other people.

Sound familiar? Social media can have us doing crazy things for the approval of others but getting on a flight and spending the money on travel just to post about it on Instagram maybe isn't the right reason to leave the US today. There are, however, some great reasons to flee the US asap and get that travel bug biting! Do you want to know the reasons why you should stay in America and the reasons why you shouldn't? Then keep on reading. In this article, we are exploring all the wrong and right reasons to either stay in, or get on up and out of America and go see the world!

25 Never leave: Haven't explored enough at home

Traveling around your home country before setting out overseas can be a great way to learn about travel before you're off on your own in an entirely different country. If you've never travelled out of America, it might be a better idea to stay put until experiencing a bit more of your home country becoming a bit better prepared for taking that first flight. Taking time to visit a state you never have before will give you a good idea of what it feels like to travel and be in a new environment. If you really don't enjoy the experience of being out of your comfort zone and in a new city that is still within the USA, it's probably a good idea you don't spend any money on a flight abroad because it's likely you won't enjoy the outcome. 

24 Never Leave: only leaving to impress others

If you're thinking about leaving America, do it for yourself and yourself only. There is nothing worse than travel done purely for the approval of others and fishing for facebook likes through unrealistically perfect travel snaps. If you're planning to travel to Asia just to be able to say 'of course I have travelled Asia' and feel a strong need to show it off to others, it's probably not the right reason for you to pack your bags and go. If travel isn't something you genuinely want to do for yourself we suggest this time you stay home.

23 Flee: okay to order food without knowing exactly what it is

Ordering food abroad can be quite the ordeal when the waiters don't speak English and the menu is in another language. With no way to know exactly what you are ordering your meals will be one big lucky dip mixed with trusting the waiters to choose for you. Sometimes even after the plates arrive on the table you might still not know what you've been served, but you'll be paying either way! Being open to eating foreign food is all apart of the travel journey and gives you a full experience of any new country and culture. We suggest you're ready to eat the good, the bad, and the ugly at your next travel destination in order to be fully prepared for like outside the US.

22 Never leave: You really cannot afford it

If the only way you can book a flight outside America by taking a loan and going into debt, don't do it. Travelling can be an addiction and many people come back from one trip and can't wait long enough to save up for the next. Asking for money or getting a loan from a bank to pay for your travels can become a very vicious cycle and financially irresponsible. If you can't afford to travel, you simply can't travel. This is the time to stay in America and work hard until you have earned yourself enough money to set off on your next adventure.

21 Never Leave: not willing to do the research required

Going to the effort of travelling out of America is exactly that, effort. Travel takes up a lot of time and preparation before you've even stepped foot out the front door. You must decide where you want to go, book flights, hotels, research the local laws, decide on travel insurance and visas. Then, of course, there is buying travel gear and fitting everything you need into a small suitcase... the list goes on. For some, this process is super exciting. For others, it is so painful they refuse to do it. If you are someone who isn't willing or wanting to put in the time into preparing your travels you risk disasters happening abroad and maybe right now it isn't the time for you to travel.

20 Flee: able to look past the language barrier

Communication doesn't always happen through language and being able to have a conversation with someone that doesn't speak a word of English soon becomes a talent for any traveller. When thinking about leaving the US and travelling to non-english speaking countries you must be prepared for the pure frustration no one understanding you will bring. Ordering food becomes something of chance, and asking for directions, well, you might need to ask more than 10 people to actually get where you're going. If this sounds like a whole lot of fun to you, you are definitely ready to leave America and get out there.

19 Never leave: You’re afraid of flying

If getting on a plane and flying to the other side of the planet sounds like the worst thing in the world to you, maybe overseas travel isn't what you should be looking into. Unless you're planning on driving to Central America or to Canada, you are going to have to get on a flight or even two depending on where you are going. If flying one of your biggest fears, it probably isn't worth the hours of nerves and discomfort travelling overseas will cause you when there are many great places to see within driving distance.

18 Never leave: You want to bring a selfie stick

The selfie stick, is it the world's worst invention? When travelling, we think so! Maybe in America, a selfie stick is kind of cute and well, helpful when trying to take a family photo -we get it! However, travelling overseas and bringing out a much-loved selfie stick is not a good idea. Selfie sticks get in everyone's way and draw a lot of unwanted attention to tourists who already stand out. If you're planning on taking a family photo next to the leaning tower of Pisa we strongly urge you to leave your selfie sticks at home and build up the courage to ask a stranger.

17 Flee: You’re happy to adapt to cultural differences

Travelling opens our eyes to many cultural differences, some that we can't merely observe but must take part in, in order to visit that country. Maybe it is wearing a headscarf in Iran, covering your shoulders when visiting the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican, or sitting on the floor to eat in Japan, adapting to cultural differences will be apart of the journey. Being able to see the positive in this and really embracing the differences is the right attitude for anyone visiting a country that isn't their own. Looking forward to changing your way of life momentarily for somebody else's is a good way to know you're ready to discover what's outside the US.

16 Never leave: want everything to be like it is in the US

People overseas do things very differently. If you leave America and get upset everytime things don't go the way they do back home, why leave in the first place? Are you heading into a bar in hope to watch NFL whilst in Germany, or want the freedom to dress the way you want whilst in Morocco? Chances are you're going to be disappointed that things abroad aren't the way they are back home and that is another reason to just stay in the US. 

15 Never leave: being forced to go

Your best friends, your partner, your parents, it doesn't matter who it is, or how much you love them, if you don't want to road trip through Mexico or hike Machu Picchu, you shouldn't have to. Not only will you not enjoy yourself whilst being forced to do something you don't want, the people inviting you won't have a good time with your negative energy either. If travel isn't your cup of tea it is much better to explain this to whoever is trying to force you into a trip, than getting off the plane and hating every second of a trip someone is making you do. Leaving the US only because someone is making you should be the first reason why it's better to just stay home. 

14 flee: want to learn about the world

Leaving the place you've always known to learn about the world is one of the strongest reasons to go travelling abroad. If you are aching to get out there and learn things you never knew existed, it's time to go travelling. Travel teaches you new skills and life lessons that always leave you with an abundance of new knowledge. Being able to talk about the Van Gogh museum you visited in Amsterdam or the ancient ruins you walked through in Rome makes someone so much more interesting to talk to. If you want to be more cultured and able to talk about things not everyone back home can, you have to go out and see the world as soon as possible.

13 Never leave: You only want to sit by the pool all day

If you are planning on leaving America to sit by the hotel pool at day, why spend the extra money? America has plenty of beautiful hotels with lovely pools and an east coast that has sunshine all year round. If room service, sun lounges and all-day pool access is your kind of holiday, why spend thousands for flights outside the States? Nice hotels and pools look the same no matter what country you're in. For those not up to walk the street markets, try new foods, and get into the hustle and bustle of new cities, the extra price of a flight outside America isn't really worth it.

12 Never leave: Only leaving because of FOMO

Social media is full of people showing off a life they don't really live. People constantly post perfect travel photos that can make you think they are living the dream whilst you're just stuck at home. If you are someone spending way too much time scrolling through amazing travel photos, there is a possibility your fear of missing out will take you on a trip you aren't ready for. In reality, travel is hardly the perfect adventure Social Media make it out to be, so if the only reason you are wanting is to travel is because people on Instagram make it look pretty, the reality of travel might shock you.

11 Flee: always up for a new adventure

Adventure is what awaits you any time you step off an aeroplane into a new country. The feeling of accomplishment new adventures give you is unforgettable and a huge reason people love to go abroad. Travelling to a new place is the best time to do something you can't do back home. Adventures such as snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or riding a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, no matter what it is, if the feeling of something new and challenging makes you extremely excited, it is definitely time you go out there and try it.

10 Never leave: It is a means to escape a life you aren't happy with

Travel is probably the best form of escapism, but is escaping a life we truly dislike only to come back to it a week later really a good idea? Travelling abroad can be a great stress relief and way to get a break from the business of our day to day lives. Although for those who are only booking a flight out of America to make themselves feel better about a life they aren't entirely happy with, we would say this isn't a great idea.  Seth Godin once said, “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from”  and he has a point!

9 Never leave: Not willing to learn a different language

Expecting everyone to speak English is many travellers number one faux pas. Although English is a widely spoken and taught language, not everyone in the world speaks it or is willing to. If you are visiting a country where English isn't the mother tongue, don't expect people to listen or want to help you if you aren't making any efforts in their language. If saying bonjour, merci and au revoir whilst in France is something you're not willing to do, maybe going to France isn't the best idea.

8 Never leave: You can’t pack light

Have you ever thought a different outfit for breakfast, lunch and dinner in your new dreamy location will be necessary to get the perfect holiday snaps? Please don't! There is nothing worse than flying across the world to realise your Airbnb doesn't have an elevator and you'll need to carry your 2 large suitcases and backpack up 6 flights of stairs. Not to mention the extra cost of putting luggage under the plane and the hassle of dragging your suitcases through cities like Santorini that are all up and downhill. If you are using up a luggage cart all by yourself, you might need to evaluate your packing essentials before taking your next trip out of America.

7 Never leave: aren’t open-minded to new ideas

Leaving home and landing in a new country is a great way to learn new ways of doing things and see different perspectives on life... if you're open to them. There is no point flying across the world and then refusing the charming kisses on the cheek in Europe, or continuing to eat with your left hand in India when it is totally not no allowed. People do things differently all over the world and travelling to other countries really opens our eyes to this. If seeing different ways of life to your own isn't what you are looking for right now, travelling abroad is not for you. 

6 Never leave: You aren’t willing to walk A LOT

 Discovering any new city requires a lot of walking. To make the most of any trip outside of America you want to see as many sights as you can and this can mean walking from the moment you wake up to the moment you crash into your pillow at night. Making the effort of seeing that famous museum, or taking a guide through an ancient ruin, or doing a walking tour through an entire city is what makes travel worth it. If walking until you can't any more sounds like a terrible idea, you probably won't see much of that new city and travelling overseas won't really be worth the time or money.