25 Signs The Relationship Won't Last While On Vacay (And How To Avoid Them)

Couples going away on a dream vacation together can be a great experience. It can be a boost for the relationship, and create many lasting memories and experiences that they can share together. It’s a great way to learn about each other, experience a different side of them, and see what their interests are in an exotic setting. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t rough patches in a relationship, especially when on the road together, as traveling can bring the best, and worst, out of people, especially under the stress of long flights, delays, and exhaustion.

While it may seem like a great idea for a couple to take a vacation together, there are some tell-tale signs that the relationship is perhaps heading south and that it won’t last longer than the vacation will. Be on the lookout for these signs if deciding to make it a couple’s getaway and see what can be done to avoid them from happening so that when the couple returns from the vacation, all they are bringing with them is happy memories, great experiences, plenty of photos, and a renewed love for one another. Don’t let a dream vacation be the end of a possible dream relationship.

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25 Getting Engulfed By Stress

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Traveling is supposed to be fun, especially going as a couple, as the two of you have probably talked about taking this trip forever, and it’s finally happening. But logistics of travel can be extremely stressful. Between hours at the airport, long flights, jetlag, car rides, buses, trains, money, forgetting to pack, there is so much that can go wrong.

According to Bustle Magazine, to avoid it, keep things in perspective. Remember the reason you’re traveling together, don’t sweat the small stuff, keep each other calm and feed off each other’s positive energy about the awesome trip you planned together.

24 Not Wanting To Do The Same Activities

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Even when planning a trip as a couple, individuals have their own interests at any location and want to take in the sights and attractions that are on the top of their list. It can create some real friction between a couple if one person is feeling like they aren’t getting to do anything they want while on vacation.

Bustle Magazine suggests setting expectations and plan the trip together so that you’re not always looking for things on a whim. Compromise is key, and it’s a give and take in a relationship.

23 Going On Vacation Together Too Early

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You can learn a lot about someone taking a trip together, but you should know the person you are going with before taking off. The last thing you want to do is be in Europe with someone who you find out isn’t for you, but you’re stuck together for the next week or so.

According to Travel + Leisure, waiting at least six months before you take any major trips is a good time to wait, and get yourselves out of the honeymoon phase to see if you still want to be around each other for long periods of time.

22 Expecting Too Much From Yourself

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If you go into a long trip expecting to be in complete control, do all the decision making, do all the driving, then you’re setting yourself up for failure in your relationship. It’s an easy way to burn yourself out, especially if you decide you’re going to drive long distances.

Bustle Magazine suggests splitting the duties of travel and planning so that one person isn't overburdened with doing it, and you both have time to relax and stay safe.

21 Want To Be Alone

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Traveling together can be tense because you are expected to spend every moment together for the duration of the trip. The problem is, everyone needs some alone time, and if you’re not the type to give your other half some space, they could be giving you long-term space in the form of a break-up.

Travel + Leisure suggests doing solo trips during your vacation. Take in a sight or attraction that you want to see. It’s a great chance to get a small break from each other and see something you’re interested in. Separation makes the heart grow fonder.

20 You Can’t Stand Being Together

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The worst thing that could happen on a vacation is that you can’t stand the person you are with. When you travel with someone, you get to see all of them, for good and bad. And you don’t want to take a big trip and realize this isn’t the person you want to spend those amazing days in Paris with.

Travel + Leisure suggests taking small trips first, starting with weekend getaways, before planning that big Europe trip of your dreams.

19 Always Tired Because Of Late Nights

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Not everyone is a night person, some people don’t want to hit the clubs every night when away but would rather get up early in the morning and go to a museum. But if your other half keeps bringing you to clubs and you're yawning your way through galleries, it could end badly for the relationship after you realize you slept your way through the vacation.

According to Travel + Leisure, it’s important to set priorities and expectations for a trip and what kind of vacation is it. Are you sightseeing, partying, or there to relax? That will decide when you go to bed and how early you get up.

18 The Silent Treatment

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A bad sign in any relationship is having nothing to talk about, and even worse on vacation, as in most cases, you are the only two to talk to and it can make for some very long flights and train rides if you got nothing to say to each other. And too much thinking can lead to some bad thoughts.

Bustle Magazine said it would be a good idea to have some fun travel games because it is hard to keep a conversation going 24 hours a day, so bring a deck of cards, ask the 36 questions to fall in love and maybe grow deeper in love, as opposed to falling out of it.

17 You’re Bored Because Of Them

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You’re in an exotic place and your other half isn’t interested in doing anything and they are bringing you down. You shouldn’t be getting depressed on your vacation, but if they are holding you back on vacation, they could do the same in your relationship.

Bustle Magazine suggests that you both define the motives for your holiday so that you know before you even book it, what reason you are both going. If someone just wants to relax on the beach, while another wants to hike through the mountains, you should decide before you go which trip you are going to be taking.

16 Fighting Over Money

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Money is the number one reason relationships end, and on vacation, it can be compounded, considering trips can be very expensive, require a lot of saving and some things are very expensive. If one half is blowing through cash and expecting you to keep up, it could be a bad sign for the relationship, especially if you start fighting over things like credit card payments when you get home.

Bustle Magazine suggests you budget your vacation out, and make sure to have a little extra play money just in case but decide together on what is expected to be spent, and what is too much.

15 Enough With The Selfies

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Is your significant other all about documenting your trip to the point that their head is in their phone, worrying more about filters than digging into the experience? Cell phone addiction is a real problem, and at first, it’s cute to take photos together, but after a while, it’s time to put the phone away and remember you’re on vacation together.

According to Bustle Magazine, it’s important to unplug and engage in your surroundings with the person you came with. They are there, in person with you, your friends on social media are not.

14 Constantly Bickering

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Does everything they say bother you in some way? Is their advice or suggestions getting on your nerves? Having one person over the course of a vacation telling you what to do can become exhausting, and cause plenty of fighting and tension, especially when just the two of you on a vacation.

According to Psychology Today, discussions on how to spend leisure time is the fourth most common cause of conflict, so if you find you’re getting on each other’s last nerve, take a day off and do a solo trip to clear the tension.

13 Don’t Talk About It

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Vacations are about building and sharing memories together, and it’s one of the mains reasons couples go on trips together. But if you find yourself not wanting to share the memory with your significant other and would have rather gone yourself, it’s a sign your relationship is in a bad place.

According to Psychology Today, plan some time each day to reminisce about the day’s activities, as you’ll learn what was important to your partner, what they took out of the experience, and what is important to them in the attractions you see and activities you do.

12 Stop Holding Hands

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Are you walking along a beach in the waves but can’t be bothered to hold each other’s hand? That’s a sign that perhaps the physical romance is starting to fade from the relationship, especially if you’re taking this trip for romance.

According to The Independent, a lack of physical touching such as holding hands can be a sure sign that things are going south. So make the effort to stay connected to each other, even if it seems like holding hands isn’t that big of a deal.

11 What’s Going On At Home

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Are you finding yourself on your phone trying to see what is going on at home, wishing you were with your friends, as opposed to being with your significant other on vacation? That’s a bad sign and could lead to a rocky future for the relationship if you don’t want to be there anymore.

Bustle Magazine suggests turning off the cell phones, unplugging and enjoying the experience as much as you can so you don’t regret later on wish when you are back home that you would have done more on vacation.

10 Falling Asleep

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Are you coming back to the hotel room and falling asleep right away? Sure, it could have been a busy day, but would you rather be asleep than spend quality time with the person you came with?

If so, your relationship is in trouble, as that’s a clear sign, according to the Independent, that the spark is going out. They suggest making night time just as important as daytime, and plan things to do at night where you can still relax, but spend quality time together, such as see a show, go to a pub, or find a quiet spot for a glass of wine.

9 Goodbye Romance

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A couple of vacation should be thinking romance, but if the romance has left the building, it’s a sure sign the relationship is heading towards a breakup. Vacations are supposed to bring two people even closer and you should want to be intimate with each other, have candlelit dinners and make them feel special.

The Independent suggests you should each take a night to surprise the other one with a romantic night out, where it’s just the two of you, and rekindle that flame.

8 Bring Up The Past

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Every relationship has some forks in the road, but if you’re on vacation and you feel that is the best time to bring up the past arguments you two have had, chances are, it won’t last much longer.

Fighting on a vacation is common, according to Bustle Magazine, as two people around each other all the time and friction happens. They suggest you focus on the future and creating the memories. You made it on vacation together, so the past can’t be that important if you spent the time, money and energy in planning the trip.

7 Wish Friends Were There

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If you wish there was a third wheel on your vacation, then the couple idea probably isn’t for you. If you’re bored of the person you are with, can’t find anything to talk about and wish another person was there to make it a group, the relationship isn’t going so well.

According to Travel + Leisure, it’s best to communicate why you’re not having fun, and what needs to change. Focus more on the relationship goals and take in a spa day together to remind yourself why you came as two and not three.

6 The Little Things

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There is plenty of things that can bother a person in a relationship, but a lot of little things can equal a bad storm. Do they leave dirty clothing on the floor, wet towels on the bed, and squish the toothpaste in the middle?

According to Reader’s Digest, couples who communicate expectations and divide up any chores have a better relationship, so make sure you divide everything up evenly, express pet peeves and take into consideration that little things you do could also bother them.

5 Not Into The Lifestyle

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Your significant other may love a certain lifestyle and talk you into a vacation. Perhaps they are all about the outdoors, hiking and snowboarding, or the exact opposite, and all about the arts, theatre, and museums. It can be a receipt for disaster if one person’s lifestyle controls the vacation.

According to Reader’s Digest, opposites attract, and if a relationship, couples need to take turns getting into both lifestyles. Try outdoors one day and a museum the next. Or meet in the middle and try something outside both your comfort zones and build a lifestyle together.

4 Talk About The Ex

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The last thing anyone wants to hear while on vacation is about the memories that person had with someone else they dated at the same spot. That’s a romance ender and a relationship one as well, as it shows those memories are still there and more important than the current ones.

Reader’s Digest suggests picking a vacation spot that neither of you has been to with someone else before so that you are making fresh memories together, without any extra baggage coming along.

3 Jealous Much?

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When on vacation, you’re going into a new world with many new people you have never met. Your significant other will interact with them over the course of the trip. If you are getting jealous that they are talking to someone of the opposite gender, problems in the relationship could run deeper than you think.

According to Reader’s Digest, this is a problem that should be addressed before you leave, as there is a reason people get jealous. And instead of getting jealous, find out why they wanted to talk to that person in the first place, as maybe they were learning something new about a place to see. It’s not always bad.

2 Trust Out The Window

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There are a lot of decisions to be made, tickets to book, hotels to rent, and it’s a team effort. But if you don’t trust them to do it right, you’re going to have a rocky relationship. Part of traveling with someone else is trusting them, as you’re doing it together. If you can’t trust them to book a hotel room, it’s a sign of many bad things.

Reader’s Digest suggests giving subtle reminders, especially if deadlines are coming up, in case a hotel or show gets overbooked. Don’t keep on top of them, but express the importance of the situation so they ensure it gets done.

1 Disappointed By High Expectations

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Many people try to cram as much into a vacation as they can and build this dream vacation that has to be full of activities and experiences. And if for some reason they don’t get things done because of their significant other, huge disappointment sets in and that can lead to bad things for the relationship.

According to Bustle Magazine, 63 percent of people who travel with their partner said the relationship got stronger, and they were able to push through ruts. Remember why you’re on vacation, and that it’s not about the things, but about the experiences as a couple and memories, you build together.

References: Bustle Magazine; The Independent; Travel + Leisure; Reader's Digest; Psychology Today

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