Some people would say, the best thing about traveling is experiencing it with someone else. Having someone to share those experiences with can bring two people closer, or just make the trip better with another friendly face to take it all in with. Girlfriends don’t always travel together and bringing a boyfriend, or a male friend along can be just as enjoyable as bringing your BFF. Traveling is a great way to learn things about each other, but that could be for good or for bad. Traveling is a test of stress, as flying, spending a lot of money and being away from the norm can push people to their limit, and you’ll get a good idea what he is like away from home when on vacation.

When deciding on bringing him with you on your next vacation or trip abroad, here are some things to look out for that definitely wouldn’t make him the right guy to travel with. There are plenty of warning signs you can learn from traveling, and we’ve put 15 of them here for you. At the same time, maybe he is the perfect travel companion for you and someone who will make your trip that much better. Don’t think all is bad when it comes to traveling with guys, and see these 10 reasons why he would be Mr. Perfect.

25 He Isn’t Right: He Is Clingy

The worst thing you could have on a trip is someone who won’t give you an inch of space. If he’s a Grade A clinger, you may have a problem on your hands for a variety of reasons, such as he is not secure in the relationship, or he gets jealous.

When traveling abroad, you don’t want someone holding you back, but rather, coming along with you.

According to TravelandLeisure, they suggest waiting at least six months into a relationship to take a big trip together, avoiding the clingy stages.

24 He’s Perfect: Gives You Some Alone Time

Even when away in a foreign place, alone time isn’t always bad, and if he encourages you to do something you really want to do, he’s definitely a keeper for the trip.

According to TravelandLeisure, solo trips on a couple’s vacation can be very healthy for the two together, as everyone gets to do something they want to do, and then have a great conversation over dinner talking about their experiences.

It checks off so many boxes of positives things that prove that these solo trips shouldn’t be frowned upon.

23 He Isn’t Right: He’s Lazy

When planning a trip with him, don’t be stuck doing everything for it. You don’t need a lazy guy tagging along, slowing you down.

According to Bustle Magazine, if only one person is doing all the planning and decision making, it can make for a very stressful trip.

That means you always have to be on, ready to go, and ready to make decisions. And the last thing you want is a lazy guy who doesn’t want to explore but would rather hang on poolside while you want to see the beautiful country you came to.

22 He Isn’t Right: Uptight About Locals

Traveling means being up for new adventures and, most importantly, new people. Every country has their own unique culture, habits, rule, and traits that make them special.

So you don’t need him sticking his nose up to the locals and comparing his life to their life.

No one wants to hear “back home we do it this way” when they are trying to experience a new culture, and it can make for some embarrassing moments if he starts to get into it with the locals about their traditions and culture.

21 He’s Perfect: Matches Your Budget

Everyone makes different amounts of money and saves differently. If he is willing to compromise on the budget, he’s the perfect travel partner.

According to TravelandLeisure, a budget is something that needs to be worked out beforehand and if he wants something higher end, he should offer to pay for the upgrade.

On the other hand, he shouldn’t be afraid to open his wallet and spend a little, especially when the chances of doing that special thing will never happen again.

20 He Isn’t Right: Refuses To Plan

Some people just pick up and go and let the wind take them on their trip. Others like to plan. If he doesn’t want to plan the vacation, it could be added stress and a reason to find a new travel partner.

According to Bustle Magazine, huge arguments happen about what is going to happen on a trip, especially if you haven’t planned beforehand.

And if a major problem comes up, what do you do? If he doesn’t want to plan the trip, is he going to be much fun when you get there flying by the seat of his pants?

19 He Isn’t Right: Is Tight With The Wallet

Spending money obviously comes with travel, and the last thing you want is for him to tighten his wallet when you have an awesome adventure you want to go on, or a restaurant you want to eat at that might be a little more than what he expected.

According to Bustle Magazine, money is the number one thing couples argue over when traveling, and you don’t want a guy micromanaging his bottom line while you’re in an exotic place looking to have the time of your life.

18 He’s Perfect: Makes Decisions

If he is willing to make some of the decisions, traveling with him will be that much easier. Sure, no one wants to a guy to call all the shots, but if he makes a decision, it means he’s put some thought into the options and figured out something you both may enjoy.

According to Bustle Magazine, it’s important to split responsibilities when traveling, so that everyone gets a fair chance to make a decision and pick the activity. Plus, there is something to say about a guy taking charge.

17 He Isn’t Right: Complains About Traveling

If you want to get to a far-off place, chances are you are going to be waiting at the airport, for buses and for trains. It’s the nature of it and why it’s called traveling. No one likes flying, but it’s necessary.

So, the worst thing would be for him to be on the plane complaining about it the entire flight, or why he hates riding the bus.

According to Bustle Magazine, this is one of the small stressed that could compound into a larger one, especially if you plan on moving around Europe and have to get from country to country by train.

16 He’s Perfect: Throws Out The Playbook

Traveling does require a lot of planning but traveling with a guy who will throw caution to the wind every once in a while, and see where you to end up isn’t bad.

A spontaneous guy could be a great travel partner and take you off the regular trail.

According to TravelandLeisure, you don’t always want to stick to the main streets and regular tourist spots, as you might miss some amazing restaurants and shops that are on side streets. And having someone take a chance on an adventure is great to have on a vacation.

15 He Isn’t Right: Doesn’t Match Your Budget

When you go on vacation with him, you’ll have to have the money talk. It’s awkward, but Bustle Magazine said it’s the top reason couples bicker on vacation, and you’ll want to decide before you leave what kind of trip it is going to be.

You don’t want to be thinking hostels and he’s thinking five-star hotels because that will blow your budget out of the water.

If his budget doesn’t match yours, think of a different trip, or find a new travel buddy that wants the same experience as you.

14 He’s Perfect: Adapts To Your Schedule

If he is willing to get up early to get the best views of the morning sun, or stay out late to see the sunset, giving up his regular schedule for yours, he’s the perfect travel buddy to have.

According to TripZilla, if he’s willing to change his schedule, they are willing to make any changes need to make it work together, rather than doing the trip apart.

It’s a give and take to make sure both people are falling into a schedule that works for them, not just one person.

13 He Isn’t Right: Dining Preferences Don’t Match

One of the best things to do when traveling is taking in the food, as each country has some amazing dishes that have to be tried when on vacation. But if he just wants to stick to burgers and fries and not take in the local cuisine, he probably isn’t the right travel partner.

According to the Independent, picky eaters can put a strain on a relationship, as by the time we are adults, we know what we like and don’t like, and going out of a comfort zone can be hard. So find a partner that wants to explore the food, just as much as the landscape.

12 He Isn’t Right: Doesn’t Hold A Conversation

Traveling with him means the two of you are spending a lot of time together in a different place, so you’re going to have lots of time to talk. The last thing you want is a guy who can’t hold a conversation and run out of things to talk about.

According to Bustle Magazine, this could be an issue for couples who are out of the honeymoon stage of the relationship, as they are beyond the ‘get to know you’ stage, but might not be ready for those deep conversations just yet.

11 He’s Perfect: Is A Tourist As Well

Sometimes, staying on the path is exactly what you need, and while tourists traps and local hot spots might be cliché, if he comes at them with the same energy as the hidden gems, he’s the perfect travel partner.

According to TripZilla, the best travel partner is the person who is the tourist and the adventurer rolled into one, who can see the value in seeing the tourist traps, while also taking a risk on a journey out of the ordinary. If you found a guy willing to do both, you open up nothing but possibilities.

10 He Isn’t Right: It’s Always About Him

When going on a trip with him, the idea is that both of you get to have a say in what is going to happen. Both should plan the trip, pick attractions and food to try. But if it turns into his show and it’s all about him, it’s time to pick someone else.

According to Bustle Magazine, traveling is a great way to see if you are compatible with someone and whether they are in it to work together, or if they want everything to revolve around them. No one wants a one-sided relationship, and they don’t want a one-sided travel buddy either.

9 He’s Perfect: Will Help You Take Instagram Photos

We live in a social media world and when traveling, posting photos to Instagram and Facebook is just part of the fun. Is he willing to use his long arms to get the perfect selfie? Does he get down low to get the perfect angle? Is he willing to make a funny face? He’s the perfect travel partner then.

According to Hostel World, if he can embrace your need to post online, it only makes the trip better and allows you to document memories without worrying about him getting mad about the same photo over and over.

8 He Isn’t Right: He’s A Freeloader

Offering to pay for a dinner or cab ride, or to let him use some of the data on your phone is one thing, but if he is constantly just taking without footing his half of the bill, travel with someone else.

It’s one thing to offer someone something, but if he decides to just expect a free ride or free meal or wifi in traveling case, it’s best to move on to another friend, because it could cost you all your money have to pay two-for-one the entire trip.

7 He Isn’t Right: Conflicting Lifestyles

Do you like getting up early, but he wants to stay out late? Is he looking for the ultimate party, while you want to hit the museums in the morning? You may have the wrong lifestyle to be traveling with him, and according to TravelandLeisure, it’s a big concern when a couple go on vacation but aren’t in tune with each other about things like bedtime and when to wake up to get the day started.

You don’t want to be wasting the morning away because you’re a little sore in the head from the night before.

6 He’s Perfect: He’s Responsible

When traveling with a partner, you need to look out for one another. If he’s willing to be responsible when abroad, he’s worth taking.

People split up, late night pub crawls can get a little messy, and if he’s willing to be the one that keeps his head on his shoulders, it makes for a better trip.

According to TripZilla, safety is a huge concern, and if you have someone who is looking out for your well-being and is on time and doesn’t just wander off, you should do well together.