Italy is one of the places in the world that a lot of people fall in love with. And if you are a first-time visitor there and want to experience the good life, Sicily will amaze you with the things this place has to offer. From breathtaking views to excellent cuisine and rich history, Sicily will surely give you a vacation to remember.

This guide will show you how to explore Sicily like a travel blogger – what to do, where to go, what to eat, what to drink, and a lot more.

Tips On Your Sicily Vacation

Sicily uses the Euro currency, and it would be best to have some in your pocket for emergency cash. People here mostly speak Italian and regional dialects. However, in bigger cities, you may find some that speak English. Having a phrasebook in your bag may come in handy, but it would be more convenient if you install Google translate on your Smartphone.


Once you have your language translator, it’s time to learn some helpful phrases to help with Sicily’s locals. One way of breaking the ice with the locals is by learning simple greetings in their language. But what better way to make you feel like one of the locals than learning to say “Buongiorno” or good morning and also “Buona sera” for good evening. And if you are feeling appreciative of people offering you a hand, you can say thank you or “Grazie Mille.” Trust us, this simple appreciation will surely go a long way.

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The Perfect Times to Travel

Sicily is an island that is diverse and can cater to guests all year round. Below are some of the highlights of each season that will serve as a guide for your next vacation in Sicily.


Summer is equal to warm weather. Warm weather is equal to sun, sand, and sea. And yes, the Mediterranean is not short of famous summer destinations that will surely give tourists vacation to remember.


The off-season of March and April are the best times to visit Sicily during spring. Their archaeological sites have fewer visitors and the weather is forgivable. You should also consider the month of May as Noto holds a Baroque Spring Festival where they blanket the streets of the city with flowers.


September is the month where Sicily’s tourism reaches its peak in visitor count. But during October and November, the crowds lessen, making it the best opportunity to fully enjoy Sicily’s tourist attractions.

Places to Visit in Sicily

If you are visiting the island for the first time, you may want to visit the popular places that each of its cities has to offer. For repeat visitors, the culture, history, and cuisine of Sicily will always keep them coming back for more.

Greek Theater

The rich history of Sicily can be experienced in most of their well-maintained sites like the Greek Theater in Syracuse. The theater is still functional at present and under it, a gem of an attraction awaits – the legendary cave called Ear of Dionysius.

Capuchin Catacombs

Palermo’s Capuchin Catacombs may be a tourist spot that is not for everyone, but its unbelievably conserved history makes it a place worth visiting. And since you are already in Palermo, you can visit the Ballaro Market and have some of Italy’s finest street foods.

Mount Etna and Catania’s Elephant Mountain

Mount Etna is an active volcano, and at its foot sits the second biggest city of Sicily, Catania. Visit during winter and you may have a rare opportunity to see the Mediterranean, volcanic smoke, and snowfall all at the same time. Meanwhile, in Piazza del Duomo, you can find a popular tourist spot – the Elephant Fountain of Catania.

Valley of the Temples

In Agrigento, enclosed by almond trees and green fields are well-preserved Greek temples. Plan your tour here in March and witness the celebration of the start of spring in the Almond Blossom Festival.

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Authentic Food in Sicily

One of the highlights of every trip is the food, and wherever you go, your vacation in a country will not be complete unless you try their cuisine. The phrase ‘eat well’ is si Mangia bene in Sicily. Below are some of the foods and drinks you would include in your budget when planning a trip to Sicily.

  • Pasta Alla Norma: Pasta alla Norma – a combination of ricotta cheese, tomatoes, basil, and eggplant makes a simple, tasteful and perfect pasta. Combine this with red wine, the Sicilian Nero d’Avola and you get a dish your taste buds will thank you for.
  • Granita: This authentic Sicilian twist to gelato, with coffee, pistachio, and lemon as base flavors is best enjoyed during breakfast partnered with brioche roll with whipped cream.
  • Cannoli: These shell-shaped fried, sweet ricotta-filled pastries are one of the foods you need to try in Sicily. Popular toppings include chocolate chips, orange peel candy, and pistachio.
  • Gelato: The star of all food in Sicily, their pistachio and Fichi d’India flavors are some of their bestsellers and are worth a try. Grown organically infertile and volcanic soils, you are sure to taste the freshest ingredients in every scoop.
  • Zibibbo and Amaro: A type of dessert wine, the Zibibbo is for those who want something to lengthen the mealtime without the buzz. Made from Mt. Edna’s roots and herbs, the Amaro di Sicilia is a liquor that boasts local and authentic Sicilian flavors in every sip.
  • Blood Orange Juice and Espresso: Blood orange juice is a refreshing and non-alcoholic drink that originates from the citrus groves of Sicily. Espresso in Sicily on the other hand is a popular drink for locals and travelers alike and can be enjoyed during breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner.

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