Flying is serious business! This explains the extra caution airline companies take and the rules passengers are always faced with during flights. In-flight phone restriction - a very important airline rule is also the most controversial one. This rule has been in the talks for a long time and still has no end to it. Even though the rule is still backed by science and law, it’s difficult to keep it active. It all comes down to safety; the use of phones and other electronic devices is a threat to the smooth operation of the airplane which (obviously) is a threat to safety. Some passengers want to be able to use their phones during flights but fear the risk it poses. Airlines wish to allow the use of phones but flight safety still remains the priority here.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a ban on cell phone use during flights but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) only has restrictions regarding phone use during flights rather than having a total ban in place, which now leaves the decision to Airlines. While some Airlines allow in-flight phone use, others prohibit it. With the lifting of the ban on in-flight phone use by the European Union Aviation Safety Association, the debate has only become more intense.

An increased number of people now insist that the use of phones should be allowed as there has not been news of any plane crashing in Europe because of the use of phones during flights since 2014 when normal phone use was allowed during flights. With all the controversy and the concerns regarding this matter, these tips will help passengers who are worried about phone use during flights.

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8 It Should Be On Airplane Mode

Electromagnetic interference remains one of the biggest reasons why phones need to be turned off during flights. The cellular radio on electronic devices such as phones affects the stability of important airplane instruments, which may lead to difficult situations that nobody wants to be in. Therefore, passengers need to stick to this rule at least until more technological advancements can allow free use of phones during flights. Several reports have been released by NASA regarding the dangers electronic devices pose to airplanes and in most cases, just a single device did the damage so imagine how dangerous of a situation it would be if every passenger on the plane turned on their phones and start making calls or surfing the net. By the way, the majority of passengers do not want to be stuck in a limited space (on air) listening to people making calls throughout the flight - they want peace.

7 Text And Chat Only With Airline Wi-Fi

It is prohibited to text with cellular networks during flights but to give a little more freedom, some airlines now offer Wi-Fi services to allow passengers to text and chat with their device (which should remain in airplane mode). Those who want this value-add should be sure their airline offers it before booking the flight.

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6 Use Headphones or Earphones To Listen To Audio And Video

It's easy - other passengers may not be in the mood to listen and get their ears filled with some sounds. These gadgets not only offer privacy to other passengers, but it also helps the listener enjoy their music or video better without the surrounding noise so get plugged in.

5 Stock Up On Entertainment Before The Flight

It's a restriction on phone calls and text, not phones entirely which means the device can still be used during the flight. To avoid getting ruined by boredom, an alternative is needed to occupy the mind especially when it's going to be a long flight. Offline entertainment content such as - games, podcasts, movies, and books are some things to help fill up all that time of no internet access.

4 Try To Keep It Simple With Phone Use And Stay At Alert

Flying is thrilling and peaceful but emergencies sometimes occur during flights therefore passengers have to always be alert to be able to respond swiftly in such situations. This can also be one of the reasons why phone in-flight use is restricted and passengers should also keep it this way by reducing the amount of time they spend on their phones during the flights. In the case of emergencies, passengers must remember the safety instructions and it is almost likely that unlimited use of phones during the flight will cause passengers to forget these instructions thereby leading to tragic incidents. Besides, the flight is probably not going to last for days so it's better to be safe than entertained.

3 Do Not Argue With Flights Attendants About Phone Use During Flights

In the NASA publication about passenger electronic devices, the organization cited arguments between passengers and flight attendants regarding phone use. This can result in a chaotic situation that is capable of ruining the peace of the entire plane hence passengers should always comply with the instructions of these fine professionals.

2 Keep Others In Mind When Using A Phone

Remember that there are other passengers on the plane too and every action made can easily affect the next person. Play games with reduced volumes and take pictures without causing inconvenience to others.

1 Turn Off Flashlight And Take Pictures Of Personal Experiences Only

Pictures are allowed to be taken in during flight but they also come with some little challenges. Some passengers have been asked by flight attendants to delete photos from their devices. This can be an embarrassing situation for passengers. The guidance regarding this issue is that passengers can take pictures of their personal experience but they are not allowed to take pictures of other passengers or airline personnel without their permission. Sometimes the phone flashlight can draw the attention of flight attendants therefore it is better to turn that off as well.

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