Shopping malls give people access to a variety of stores, all at once, but sometimes, they can offer so much more than just shopping; there are larger-than-life buildings out there that also house hotels, casinos, lakes, museums, aquariums, themed areas and even amusement parks. Imagine walking around, looking at windows filled with clothing items, and then seeing a roller coaster, a life-size pirate ship or a school of fish!

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Yes, the 10 malls that are listed out down below certainly have enough stores to please one and all… but they have other attractions and appeals, as well, making them premier travel destinations that everyone should add to their bucket lists!

11 Puerto Venecia In Zaragoza, Spain

The Puerto Venecia Shopping Resort is located in the city of Zaragoza, in Spain. It is divided up into sections, such as the Plaza, the Boulevard, the Gallery and the Lake and Terraces.

There are more than 150 shops and 45 restaurants, as well as activities like go-karts, movie theaters, lakes with real boats on them and Dock39, which produces a surf wave for people to enjoy. In the wintertime, there is a natural ice-skating rink, and there are regular shows aimed at families, like the Lighting of Christmas Lights that marks the beginning of the holiday season.

10 Aventura Mall In Aventura, Florida

The second-biggest shopping mall in the U.S. can be found in Florida: the Aventura Mall. It has and always has had the normal department stores, such as Nordstrom, Macy's, Bloomingdale’s and JCPenney, and in all, there are about 300 stores and 50 restaurants.

At one point, a three-story atrium was added, which had an AMC Theatres multiplex cinema. At another point, an additional three-level expansion was added in, with new stores and restaurants, as well as interactive art pieces, like the Aventura Slide Tower, which is 93 feet tall; the Arts Aventura Mall program allows people to enjoy 20 museum-quality pieces.

9 Persian Gulf Complex In Shiraz, Iran

In Shiraz, Iran, the Persian Gulf Complex can be found. This is one of the biggest malls on the planet, with 2,500 stores, a hotel, an indoor swimming pool, a tennis court, a cinema, a convention center, an outdoor swimming pool and a helipad.

There are also two amusement parks; outside is Iran Land, and inside is a park that features a bowling alley, video games and a three-story billiard hall. When entering the mall, visitors pass by giant pillars, like those of the Persepolis World Collection. These help prepare everyone for all the elegant and unique things they are about to experience!

8 Isfahan City Center In Isfahan, Iran


Also in Iran is the Isfahan City Center, which is one of the biggest malls that also has a museum in it. It is over five million square feet, giving it plenty of space to hold and show off over 750 stores, a five-star hotel, a hypermarket, restaurants, an international financial center, a world trade center and a museum.

There is also an indoor amusement park that has rides like a roller coaster and bumper cars, and there is an entertainment center that has seven movie theater screens and a fair complex. Located in Isfahan, Iran, this is another spectacular shopping mall to see.

7 Mall of the Emirates In Dubai

Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates has tons of stores, more than 100 restaurants and so much more. There is Ski Dubai, which is an indoor ski facility where people can ski, snowboard and play. It is the first indoor ski facility in the Middle East, and it is the biggest indoor snow park on the planet.

There is also Magic Planet, a family entertainment center with a bowling alley, billiard tables, video games and rides such as bumper cars, a carousel, the RoboCoaster and XD Dark Ride, a 7D adventure.

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6 West Edmonton Mall In Alberta, Canada

West Edmonton Mall, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is a record-setting mall on several different levels. It is the biggest mall in North America, with more than 800 stores and 100 restaurants. It has the second-biggest indoor theme park on the planet, as well as the planet’s biggest indoor triple loop roller coaster.

It has the second-biggest indoor waterpark on the planet and the planet’s biggest indoor wave pool. There is also an ice hockey rink, miniature golf, an indoor shooting range, a 24-hour gym, themed areas like Chinatown, Europa Boulevard & Bourbon Street and a replica of one of Christopher Columbus’ ships.

5 Sunway Pyramid In Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Sunway Pyramid is a themed shopping and entertainment mall in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. It has an Egyptian theme, complete with pharaoh statues, a lion sculpture and domes (an orange one that represents the sun god Ra and a blue one that represents the Nile River.

There are also more than 900 stores in sections called Fashion Central, Marrakesh, Oasis Boulevard and Asian Avenue, as well as a movie theater, a karaoke club, a nightclub, an indoor archery range, an ice-skating rink, an escape retailing area, a swim school, laser tag and an indoor playground, which is called The Parenthood, where parents can drop off their kids.

4 Grand Indonesia Shopping Town In Central Jakarta, Indonesia

In Central Jakarta, Indonesia, the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town can be found. It has stores, along with an office tower, a residential tower and a five-star hotel. The mall itself is divided into two sections, the West Mall and East Mall, which are connected by a multi-level bridge.

Instead of a normal movie theater, this spot also has a Sphere X studio, which is the biggest on the planet; its curved screen is the size of a basketball court! There is also a Magic Fountain Show, with dancing, singing and colorful lights.

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3 Festival Alabang In The Philippines


The Festival Alabang, which is located in Alabang, Muntinlupa, in the Philippines, is another impressive mall. It has a water garden, a supermarket, two indoor theme parks, and eight cinemas.

An art deco building, the Department of Health's Biological Production Service research, became part of the mall a few years ago, as well, and this building is almost 100 years old. There is a replica statue, too, of The Triumph of Science Over Death, and these two features help make the entrance of the mall as thrilling as the inside.

2 Morocco Mall In Casablanca, Morocco

Morocco Mall, in Casablanca, Morocco, is one of the biggest malls in Africa, and its main attraction is a giant aquarium that has more than 40 different species of fish. Called Aquadream, this aquarium is so big that visitors can ride down through the middle of its cylinder shape, in order to get a 360-degree view of the fish, or they can go scuba diving in it!

This mall also offers up a 6D universe, an IMAX 3D movie theater, a Musical Fountain and an amusement park; Adventureland has attractions, video games and an ice rink.

1 The Mall of America In Bloomington, Minnesota

And, of course, there is The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. This is the biggest mall in the U.S., and it has some very cool attractions. First up, there is Nickelodeon Universe, an indoor theme park (the biggest of its kind in the nation) with roller coasters and other rides.

Then, there is the Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium, which allows people to go through a 300-foot-long tunnel through 14 feet of water, in order to see 4,500 sea creatures. And even though there are sharks and stingrays in this area, visitors are allowed to scuba dive and snorkel. This mall also offers the Crayola Experience, FlyOver America and miniature golf.

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